eSelling Machine Review – Too Much Saturated Business?

Today, we are going to talk about the eSelling Machine from Sophie Howard. Is it legit? Find out more in this review.

There are a lot of ways one could go about in order to earn money online. It’s surprising how relatively easy it is for somebody to make a living just by using a computer. I’m overselling it a little bit, I know. But you could easily learn how to earn money online without much trouble. A lot of the resources about it are free. Seriously.

Some people go towards the virtual assistant route, where they sell the skills that they already have to those that need people with those skills. It’s one of the more common paths for a lot of people because it doesn’t require a lot of new information. You do have to know how to market your self and your skills, though. But since you’re talking to people online, it shouldn’t be much of a problem.

But one of the paths that interests a lot of people is ecommerce. A lot of people buy so much stuff that they want online. Even if you have a niche audience for your products, somebody is going to buy them. There are staggering levels of success when it comes to ecommerce. Any kind of business has its risks. That’s just part of it. But once you get the hang of it, it’s easier to navigate the waters, in a sense.

We haven’t really talked about the elephant in the room though. It’s Amazon. With millions of people buying their products through Amazon’s website, it’s no wonder why there’s so many different online training programs that’s focused on this behemoth of a company. But we’re putting our focus on eSelling Machine from Sophie Howard. Let’s get started.

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eSelling Machine Review: Quick Details

  • Name: eSelling Machine
  • Founder/Creator: Sophie Howard
  • Website:
  • Socials: Facebook, YouTube
  • Type: Training program
  • Niche: Ecommerce, direct publishing
  • Recommendation: While there is a possibility to earn income passively from selling ebooks through Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing platform, it’s not guaranteed that you will earn decent amounts of money from it. The method that you might employ from taking this particular course does feel like you’re gaming the system a little bit.

Who Is Sophie Howard?

eSelling Machine creator Sophie Howard

Sophie Howard is the creator of eSelling Machine, an online training program focused on teaching you how to utilize Amazon’s Kindle platform to earn money. More on that in the next section of the review. But, first we’ll talk more about the beginnings of Sophie Howard in the world of ecommerce.

One thing that I noticed with some of the personalities that I write about is that they often worked a regular job. The more common ones are those that were working a full-time job at an office somewhere. Often in the narrative, they would say that they were doing a decent job, for the most part. But it wasn’t as fulfilling for them anymore. I sort of understand why that kind of narrative pulls a lot of people in. It’s really effective when you have something in common with the people you’re targeting for your program.

Sophie had gotten back to her job in the government shortly after giving birth to her second child. She had hired a nanny to take of both of her children. But whenever she came home, she didn’t have a ton of energy to be with her kids that much. Everything that she was doing was for her family. There’s no shame in that. But she was feeling a bit burnt out from all of it. Even though both her and her husband were working hard, it wasn’t really enough, since they were also paying for their mortgage.

So she was kind of debating whether or not to stay at her job or find something else that she could do where she could earn money. Considering how small the market is in New Zealand, running a small shop didn’t really seem like the right choice. So she set her sights into ways that you could earn money online.

And That’s How She Got Into Amazon

She went through all of the choices that were laid in front of her. None of the more common ones seemed like it would be a good fit for her. Some methods seem kind of sketchy. While others seemed like it would take too long before you see some level of income from it, like running a blog. Investing or trading stocks didn’t really seem to interest her that much as well, partly because of the innate risks that come with it. But what got her interest is selling on Amazon.

The reasoning for her on why it gained her interest is because you’re actual products to actual people. People are buying tangible thing off Amazon, for the most part. It also interests her because she could do a lot more with her time than just focusing solely on the business. The flexibility of it when it comes to managing your own storefront on Amazon was what really sealed the deal for her.

So she, like a lot of people, tried to find places where you can learn how to start selling on Amazon. And at that point, there’s a ton of them already out there. She got a lot of information out of the course. But certain tactics that were taught on that course weren’t something that Sophie followed to a T. She did import one of the first products she sold for cheap that she was able to sell for more than what it cost her to import. Within a year, she earned a million from that product.

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What is eSelling Machine?

eSelling Machine is an online training program created by Sophie Howard that is focused on Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing platform. If you don’t know what the Kindle Direct Publishing platform is, alone me to explain.

Kindle is a part of the Amazon ecosystem that’s geared towards selling you ebooks. That’s pretty much the gist of it. Every new book that gets published in physical formats is often also released through the Kindle ebook format that you could usually read on Amazon’s line of ebook readers or through desktop and mobile apps. This paragraph seems like I’m selling you the concept of the Kindle platform. And I sort of am. But that’s really most of what you need to know.

Kindle Direct Publishing is the platform where anybody can publish and sell their own books through Amazon. Self-publishing or direct publishing isn’t really a new concept. It’s been around for decades. But it’s one of the many ways you could earn money through Amazon that a lot of people have put a lot of focus on in recent years. And it’s understandable why. Compared to selling physical products through the Amazon Seller program, it’s a bit easier to put something out through the Kindle Direct Publishing platform. You don’t have to worry about restocking products on your storefront. Once you’ve uploaded the ebook file, you’re pretty much good to go.

There are many kindle publishing courses I have reviewed and written in the past on this website, some of them are as below:

What Exactly Are You Going to Learn From eSelling Machine?

eSelling Machine creator Sophie Howard

At the time of this writing, Sophie Howard is no longer offering the eSelling Machine program. You could still browse the website for the program and watch some of the videos that are available. But you could no longer buy access to the course.

There’s not really much to the contents of the actual training program. You’re going to learn the basics of how the Kindle Direct Publishing platform works, as well as how to go about actually selling ebooks through the platform. Usually, it’s going to be a mix of hiring freelancers to do most of the work for you. And that involves writing and editing the book, designing the layout for the ebook format, as well designing the cover art for it. Sophie Howard will also teach you how to use AI as part of that process.

The package also included access to their customer support team, a list of some of their tried and tested freelancer, and 12-months worth of group coaching. There’s also a bunch of other bonuses that come with it. The cost for the program is either a one-time purchase worth $2,497 or three payments worth $997 each. (The first payment will be charged immediately after you purchase access to the course.)

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Final Verdict – eSelling Machine Review

Considering that the actual course is no longer being offered by Sophie Howard, it’s easy to avoid eSelling Machine. There’s nothing particularly bad about from what you were going to learn from the course. It’s just that I don’t highly recommend this particular way of earning money through Amazon. I’m aware that there is a possibility of earning income passively from selling ebooks through the Kindle Direct Publishing platform. (Sidenote: God, I’ve mentioned that term so many times now.) But it’s not really something that I would highly recommend for those that are not going to take it seriously.

Sure, you can game the system since you might just use artificial intelligence tools to create the books for you. But it’s not really that great of an idea. People will buy stuff that they see online. But it’s probably a good idea if you put at least some effort into what you’re going to sell. Even if you manage to game the system, it’s not really guaranteed that you will earn a lot of money from it in the long run. People wouldn’t really waste their time recommending the books you sell if it’s not even any good.

Like Top G Andrew Tate says, books are slow.Rich people don’t have time to sit for hours and read books word by word.They know the value of their time.Gone are the days when people used to read books.

I am a millionaire, and I can talk for myself, I hate reading books.They are boring and waste of time.Yup, some of them are worth reading, but I can just watch that book’s summary on youtube inside 10 minutes.This kindle publishing business was hot in 2021 and that is the reason why hundreds of gurus jumped there and created their courses to help you escape 9-5.With the business model itself, everything is wrong.Let’s say you automate all things and spent money on outsourcing all the work on publishing books, what’s the guarantee it will sell?

Competition is getting tougher and tougher and this space is already saturated.Making one grand a month seems impossible in this business.I have talked about another hot online business, youtube automation and talked about why people should avoid spending money outsourcing and all.But this business ,of publishing books is worse then youtube automation.

Here is another aspect, barrier to entry in these kinds of businesses is so low that every other person from third world countries jumped into the opportunity,making the space super saturated.One grand a month for them, let’s say people in India ,is a serious deal.They will work 10x harder then you to attain that mark.While people in first world, a grand a month is not enough for them , so they end up quitting it way soon.I would never recommend this kind of publishing for anyone reading this review.Instead, start a business which is long term and don’t need third party support like amazon and youtube.In every business ,you should have to be the main character.I have the perfect business before you leave.

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