Expert ADHD Coaching Review – Scam Or Legit?

Are you curious about the Expert ADHD program, but unsure if it’s going to work for you? Then this Expert ADHD coaching review is for you.

From 2015 until now, around 7.2% of children worldwide have been diagnosed with ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder). And from those numbers, 9.4% of them are American children.

While the numbers seem small, it’s actually an increase from the previous years, which can be alarming for some. Furthermore, the reason for the increase in ADHD cases is still quite unclear, as it can be caused by several factors.

While ADHD is commonly diagnosed in children, its condition can also be carried into adulthood. It may be more manageable at this point than if they were children, but it can still be a hindrance to everyday life if not diagnosed properly.

Fortunately, there’s also a niche of professional coaching that is intended to guide individuals who struggle with ADHD. And this is where Shanna Pearson’s Expert ADHD coaching comes into play.

So how does this so-called “expert ADHD coaching” stand up to the others? If you’re someone who is diagnosed with ADHD, is availing of their services something that you should spend on?

This Expert ADHD coaching review will give you some insights.

As a disclaimer, this is a completely unbiased Expert ADHD coaching review. And it’s based on information publicly available, as well as my own thoughts and opinions.

Furthermore, I’m not affiliated with Shanna Pearson or any of the Expert ADHD personnel in any form.

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What Is An ADHD Coach And Why You May Need One?

Expert ADHD Coaching - Coach

An ADHD coach is an expert that’s trained to assist individuals with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) in better managing their lives. It’s basically a life coach that’s specialized in handling ADHD cases.

As it’s also a life coach, they’re also subject to certification if they want to make this a full-time career. There are some institutions that provide that, such as iPEC. But this isn’t really the scope of this article.

An ADHD coach may be needed for many ADHD patients, aside from their medication. That’s because they can help them regain their focus and reduce, if not eliminate, their anxiety issues, which happen plenty of times in ADHD patients.

For example, ADHD patients are known for their disorganization, which at times, can hinder their work. Yet even some ADHD patients fail to complete the tasks in front of them (whether it’s at school or work) because of their condition.

Normally, these habits can easily be corrected. But if the patient with ADHD continues to suffer from these habits to the point that it’s now becoming a total hindrance to their everyday life, then an ADHD coach may be needed to set things right.

Due to its niche nature, the number of ADHD coaches around can be fewer than general life coaches. And this is what Expert ADHD Coaching fills in.

What Is Expert ADHD Coaching?

Expert ADHD Coaching Logo

Expert ADHD Coaching is a company that provides life coaching services to individuals with ADHD. Their aim is to help ADHD patients make their lives more productive and organized, despite their neurodevelopmental disorder.

According to the website, Expert ADHD Coaching isn’t all just about sitting down, talking, and learning about the ADHD management strategies that will work for you. Expert ADHD Coaching won’t just rely on theories and concepts and other related things.

Instead, Expert ADHD Coaching will be all about action. They will tell you about their ADHD management strategies, but they will also help you take action and start implementing those strategies in real life.

The coach will give you certain tasks to help you manage your ADHD, and you will continuously practice them with their guidance. There are also several follow-up sessions with your coach during the session period, and even after it ends.

Essentially, Expert ADHD Coaching isn’t just about sitting you down and doing counseling sessions. Instead, you and your coach will help each other formulate a plan, monitor your actions to ensure that you’re following it, and will support you even when the coaching sessions are over.

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The People Behind Expert ADHD Coaching

Expert ADHD Coaching is founded by Shanna Pearson, who also serves as its current president and head coach.

Shanna Pearson

Expert ADHD Coaching - Shanna Pearson

For 7 years, Shanna has built his coaching company from the ground up, until it’s now one of, if not the, largest ADHD coaching company in North America.

She has made a career out of pioneering Focus and Goal achievement programs for 120 public and private organizations for over 23 years. In addition, she has held several coaching and leading seminars that have helped thousands of adults across North America drastically improve their lives.

Shanna Pearson also has plenty of credentials that further solidify her legitimacy as an ADHD coach. In addition to earning a Masters Degree in Psychology, she has also done post-graduate work in Experiential Education, and has won a variety of international Leadership awards.

But more arguably, her most important and relevant achievement is being able to master her own ADHD condition so that it doesn’t hinder her daily life. Which has become the very foundation of the Expert ADHD Coaching company.

How Much Does Expert ADHD Coaching Cost?

Unfortunately, there’s very little information as to how much the coaching sessions from Expert ADHD Coaching cost. Like most other programs, it’s only revealed to you if you book a session call with the team first.

However, based on what I’ve seen from outside sources, the price range for Expert ADHD Coaching can range from $159 per weekly session to $2,100 for their 12 or 13-week (3 month) minimum commitment.

They also offer weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, or all-at-once payment options. But they don’t offer any kind of discount offers for specialized personnel, and the coaching is not eligible to be covered by your health insurance (it even says so on the checkbox when you book a session.)

All of these factors make the cost of Expert ADHD Coaching quite expensive and inaccessible to anyone who needs it. Nevertheless, some say that the coaching quality is well worth the price.

But for me, you have to think twice first before availing yourself of this coaching service if you’re an ADHD patient. While you may think that your options are limited because of their niche type, there are actually some choices that you can consider instead.

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Is Expert ADHD Coaching Worth It?

As this deals with a specialized area of coaching, it’s obvious that not everyone is going to need this type of coaching. So it’s going to be a bit hard for me to determine if this is worth the money or not.

In my opinion, though, since specialized coaching services like Expert ADHD Coaching are few and far between, it’s always a good idea to have plenty of options. Thus, for me, if you’re someone who suffers from ADHD symptoms and it’s affecting their daily life, then Expert ADHD Coaching is something that you’ll need.

The only hindering factor about this coaching program is the rather high price. Not everyone can easily afford it, yet it is understandable, though.

Furthermore, the fact that coaching services aren’t really covered by any health insurance or work benefits means you have to pay the full price for this. Which makes it a bit disappointing for me.

But it’s not at a total loss, however. If you can’t afford coaching programs like this, it’s a wise decision to consult a therapist first. Not only are most of them better-equipped to deal with ADHD cases, but may provide better advice than any ADHD life coach there.

Because here’s the thing: Aside from the founder, Shanna Pearson herself, the coaches of Expert ADHD Coaching don’t even have any degree in psychology or any other relevant degree. They are fully-licensed life coaches by the ICF, though.

But overall, it’s still good that there are specialized coaching services like these as an option. As there aren’t really a lot of similar services that are readily available for people to check out.

Expert ADHD Coaching Review: Final Thoughts

To close off this Expert ADHD Coaching review…

I think specialized coaching services are great for the people who need them. There should be a lot more of them that are as easily accessible like Expert ADHD Coaching.

Sometimes, having a semblance of choice is a good thing. If the things that one service aren’t what you were looking for, it’s great to have an alternative to it. It’s hard sometimes to find services like these.

As I said previously, Expert ADHD Coaching could be a program worth looking into if you need to improve the quality of your life as an ADHD patient. But if you find the price quite expensive, then consulting a good therapist may still work for you. And did I mention that therapist consultations are covered by health insurance, so you can save even more money?

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