Facebook Ad Blaster Review: Is It Useful At All?

This time, we’ll be reviewing an online app called Facebook Ad Blaster. Is Facebook Ad Blaster a must-have? Find out in this Facebook Ad Blaster review.

Facebook has gone a long way since it was introduced to the internet in 2004. As of 2020-2021, nearly 2.8 billion people around the world use Facebook, and over 1.5 billion of them are active.

Due to this, it comes as no surprise that Facebook marketing has become an integral part of any business. Simply put, a lot of Facebook users mean a lot of potential leads and hopefully, buyers.

Facebook Ad Blaster takes full advantage of this, by sending an e-mail containing your business link to almost 50 million Facebook users from about the world.

But is Facebook Ad Blaster a scam? Will this be a great help in driving traffic and getting sales to your business webpage? This Facebook Ad Blaster review will help you decide.

DISCLAIMER: I’m not affiliated with Facebook Ad Blaster in any way.

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How Does Facebook Ad Blaster Work?

The premise of Facebook Ad Blaster is really simple. It sends over 50+ million Facebook users with a crafted e-mail that contains your website link. And it’s also simple to use.

Inside Facebook Ad Blaster, you’ll get a simple form that looks like this.

Facebook Ad Blaster Review - Menu

Simply enter your Facebook Ad Blaster username, your website link, and your own e-mail. And just submit it afterward, and that’s it.

The app also has a built-in click tracker, that provides detailed information on the links that you sent. You can view the time when your link was clicked, where it came from, and other detailed information.

Facebook Ad Blaster also guarantees that the traffic that gets sent to your website is of high quality and targeted. There’ll be no bot traffic coming into your website. Just clicks from people who saw your page, and are interested in viewing more.

Overall, the premise is extremely similar to another traffic generator, Blast4Traffic, in that it promotes your own website by sending an e-mail to millions of people around the world. The key difference is that Facebook Ad Blaster uses Facebook as their avenue for their traffic generation. As there are more than a billion Facebook users and is growing further, the changes of organic traffic coming into your website are very high.

Here’s a video about Facebook Ad Blaster if you still want to know more.


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Why Should You Use This App?

Facebook Ad Blaster Review - Logo

As previously mentioned in this Facebook Ad Blaster review, the main feature of this app is to send an e-mail containing your website link to millions of Facebook users. In theory, this could be a big boost to your Facebook marketing efforts. Increasing your online visibility can generate more leads to potential buyers, which translates to more commissions.

Sounds good in theory, right? Well, read on…

Why Should You NOT Use This App?

Just like a few other apps that make the same claim, Facebook Ad Blaster can safely be called a scam.

Just because your website is viewable now by over 50+ million Facebook users, doesn’t mean all of them are going to patronize what you’re offering. In fact, it may even be the reverse. They’re more like to just simply ignore your product. That’s because the method used by Facebook Ad Blaster is spam in nature.

Also, take a further look at this video…

Yes. Facebook Ad Blaster may guarantee to drive user traffic to your site. But mostly, that traffic is “unintentional”. People will most likely click on your sent e-mail link, not because they’re interested in the product, but because they accidentally clicked on it. And what’s the first thing you’ll do when you accidentally clicked on a link that looks spammy in nature? You’ll navigate away, of course.

Facebook Ad Blaster may grant you website traffic, but many of them won’t convert into sales, if any. In addition, the app claims that all traffic directed to your website will be targeted. Yet none of them will most likely be from your current niche.

Also, Facebook Ad Blaster DOES have a money-back guarantee, but there’s a catch. They’ll only give you a refund if, and ONLY IF, they fail to deliver the promised number of clicks, just like they stated.

Say, you used this app, and you got 5000+ clicks on your website as they promised. But NONE of them converted into sales. You’re still not eligible for a refund. Because technically, they still kept their guarantee of driving traffic to your website.  It’s unfair, yes. But it’s a technicality that they can exploit.

SUMMARY: Why Is Facebook Ad Blaster A Scam?

So to summarize, Facebook Ad Blaster is a scam and not worth the purchase because of…

  • “Blackhat” Methods of Driving Web Traffic
  • Unrealistic Sales Claims
  • Non-Convertible (To Sales) Traffic
  • Misleading Money Back Guarantee

Also, there’s no mention of who was the app’s developer, and the official website doesn’t exist anymore (it currently leads to a Chinese porn site).

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Are There Alternatives To This App?

After reading this Facebook Ad Blaster review, you’re probably thinking: Are there any other alternatives?

Well, the answer is NO. And you don’t need it.

Facebook nowadays has evolved to cater to the digital marketing trend. So all the tools that you’ll need are available on Facebook itself. So take advantage of them.

  • Start off by creating a Facebook page for your brand. Similar to a blog, this is where you’ll post the majority of your content. DON’T FORGET to add a link to your website on the page itself. Make sure that your page will be as present as you can. A professionally-made Facebook page will attract users more.
  • Use Facebook itself to promote your page. You can post in Facebook groups with similar interests, your personal acquaintances, etc. Get them to Like your page, BUT…
  • …DON’T BUY FACEBOOK LIKES. There are several websites out there that claim they can increase your Facebook Like count for a fee. Nevertheless, don’t even think about using them. Those “Likes” you’ll gain are surely from dummy Facebook accounts, and will not even engage with your content in any way. Keep in mind that Facebook’s algorithm looks at your engagement rates, not the number of your Likes. Thus, even though your Facebook Page has several thousands of Likes, your page and your content won’t even show up on Facebook’s News Feed if your engagement is low.
  • Create engaging content regularly. Make sure you cycle through different types of content on your posts to keep them fresh. Plain text posts can get overshadowed by picture and video posts in terms of engagement numbers, but they’re still useful when you want to start a conversation with your audience.
  • Facebook also has a feature that lets you stream LIVE videos. so from time to time, you can take advantage of that to connect more with your audience.

Remember that Facebook marketing also goes hand-in-hand with SEO and other types of social media marketing. All of them complement each other for your affiliate marketing efforts, so don’t neglect one for the other.

Bonus Tip:

Try to inject some humor into your content if you can. Based on recent observations, most of the viral marketing campaigns around are in the form of memes. So whenever you can, try to adopt the meme culture into some of your content to better relate to the younger generation. But don’t overdo it, as this might make your content unprofessional in some areas. Striking a balance of both generations and knowing your target niche is the key.

Final Thoughts – Facebook Ad Blaster

By reading this Facebook Ad Blaster review until the end, you’ll (hopefully) gain more insight on what you SHOULD NOT do in affiliate marketing.

Facebook Ad Blaster is one of those scammy tools that may sound good on paper, but in reality, they just don’t work. If you’re wondering why tools like this are still being made regularly, the answer is because they’re still beginner affiliate marketers, as well as greedy ones, who still believe that there are shortcuts to affiliate marketing.

Apps like Facebook Ad Blaster are just a scam. Don’t fall for it.

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