Falcon FX Review – Mark Hutchinson Scam?

Today, we are going to talk about Falcon FX. Is it legit? Find out more in this review.

Let me be honest. I’m actually getting tired of writing about the online training programs that exist within the trading space. It doesn’t matter if it’s about stock trading, forex trading or crypto trading. I have just gotten tired of writing reviews about these programs back to back. You may be saying, “Then why don’t you try to write about a different niche then?” Well, I have. But I have already written all of the reviews for those other niches a day or so ago. Most of what’s left for me to write is about forex trading-focused online training programs.

I’m aware that starting off a review like that makes it seem like that I don’t like doing what I do. Well, maybe a little bit. But it more has to do with how I start off these reviews. When you write about something over and over again, you’re going to struggle with how you express your thoughts. Like, this isn’t even the first time that I have written a rant at the start of a review. I have done something similar in the past for another niche that I had written multiple times within a week. There’s only so many ways that you could approach a review like this.

That’s kind of the same when it comes to all of the online training programs that exist within the forex trading niche. How exactly would you differentiate one program from another considering that you’re working with roughly the same information as the rest. Often, the main difference is how the creators of those programs approach the information that people could easily find elsewhere online. Usually, they use their own experience within that niche in order to shape what their training programs are going to be like.

But is the training program being offered by Mark Hutchinson at Falcon FX worth the trouble? We are going to find out together in this review.

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Falcon FX Review: Quick Details

  • Name: Falcon FX
  • Founder/Creator: Mark Hutchinson
  • Website: https://falconfx.com/
  • Socials: Facebook, Instagram, YouTube
  • Type: Membership program, online trading program
  • Niche: Foreign exchange trading
  • Recommendation: This is one of the more well-thought out programs that I have reviewed so far. While you are going to be able to use what you learn from their courses, it is not guaranteed that you will find immediate success in forex trading.

Who Is Mark Hutchinson?

Falcon FX founder Mark Hutchinson

Mark Hutchinson is a foreign exchange trader and the founder of Falcon FX.

There’s not really a lot to talk about with regards to Mark’s early life. Sometimes, when I write this section of the review, I am often on the look out for any kind interview or writeup about personality who created a particular training program. Certain personalities have made it a point to use the services of press release distribution platforms to make it seem that they have been featured in a seemingly well-known publication or website. Think, Forbes, Inc or even HuffPost. I have seen quite a number of different people who often include the logos of those publications on their personal websites. It gives them a sense of legitimacy.

But often, those kinds of press releases actually contain certain tidbits that I could use in order to form a story about them. Bear in mind, those press releases also have their own narratives. It is meant to familiarize these personalities to those that would see those press releases on those websites.

Sometimes, those tidbits actually give an insight on why certain people get into the path that they are currently on. Sure, it almost always leads to them selling you their services. But at least you have an idea on why they have this service in the first place. Sometimes certain personalities would just put their life story on their about page. Of course, they have already made a narrative for themselves by the time that that page is published.

So, About Mark…

Mark Hutchinson started his journey as a trader during the recession in 2008. It’s definitely a weird time to get into trading. Since the market crashed and all that. He was mostly focused on stocks at the time. He wasn’t even close to his current path as a trader. At the time, Mark was in college getting a degree in engineering. He juggled his career as a trader with his studies. Though he was kind of pressured into getting a degree because there were a lot more opportunities open for you if you have one.

Because of seeing the experience of people getting laid off at the job that Mark was working in, he decided to change his path. He used up all of his saving and spent it on these in-person trading and investing courses. That was kind of the moment where Mark kind of settled on the idea that this was something that he wanted to actually pursue.

There was point when Mark built up the money in his trading account. He was still kind of fine with losing a bit of money here and there. But, unfortunately, the brokerage firm that he was using went bankrupt. And he lost all of the money in that account. That was kind of a learning moment for him. He was able to be compensated three years after that happened but Mark was already earning more than what was given back to him. Though at that moment, Mark decided to do whatever he can to get himself back on track.

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What Is Falcon FX?

Falcon FX founder Mark Hutchinson

Falcon FX is an online platform that offers a training program that will help you start your journey into trading.

There’s not really a lot that you could look at on the website. It’s pretty much your standard sales funnel page. It gives you a bit of an overview of what you might be getting into. It features a variety of programs that are focused heavily on foreign exchange trading.

All of the things that you can get from Mark Hutchinson and the team at Falcon FX are only available through their Falcon Pro membership programs. You can’t really get anywhere on the platform without having paid for the membership. Usually, with platforms like this, they would offer a flagship training program. After that, they would offer a couple of other programs that focus on facets of the niche. But it’s interesting that they are putting everything into one simple bundle.

There are three payment options for the Falcon FX Pro membership program. It’s pretty much just a monthly, a quarterly or an annual subscription. The costs for each subscription is as follows: £97 for the monthly subscription, £247 for the quarterly subscription and £970 for the annual subscription.

All of those subscription tiers offer the same amount of stuff. You get the Falcon Foundation Series course as well as the Advanced Falcon Trader course. Aside from that, you get strategy handbook. There are also market breakdowns done every Sunday as well as midweek market reviews. You also get weekly trade recaps as well as frequent live webinars. There is so much stuff that you get from the membership program.

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Final Verdict – Falcon FX Review

It is interesting that Mark Hutchinson didn’t choose to offer the beginner and advanced courses separately. I have seen certain creators do that. While it’s not bad that the advanced course is a separate purchase, it definitely makes it harder for people to continue their studies in this particular niche. So putting it into a membership program was a good idea.

The cost for the membership program that Mark offers through Falcon FX is definitely a bit more affordable compared to purchased each course ala carte. That being said, it’s hard for me to recommend the membership program that Falcon FX offers. Getting into trading has a lot of risks involved with it. While the course that Falcon FX offers will be helpful for you in the long run, you should be somewhat cautious and only spend money that you are willing to part with.

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That’s it for my review of Falcon FX. I hope you enjoyed reading it.

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