Fast Fortune Club Review – Is Tom Gentile Scam?


Hello and welcome to my fortune club review,by a famous trader Tom Gentile.

Few days back I reviewed another newsletters which was infinite income,Ted bauman and Profits unlimited.

So what’s different in fast fortune club?

We will talk each and every single thing related to this newletter.

$1000+ rich with every 15 seconds?Does it even makes sense in online field or not?

First thing first,by any means I am not associated with Fast fortune club and will not try to sell you in this review.

This review is going to be completely unbiased and from a third party.So,let’s talk about it.

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What is Fast Fortune Club!

Fast fortune club is a money making educational paltform.It is an Investment Advice Newsletter product.The owner of fast fortune club is tom gentile.

TOM GENTILE is number one self claimed trader.The reason why I am saying proclaimed is that there is nothing on google that second his claim.

Yes,it is true that tom gentile is an experienced investor and trader.And he also turned into a millionaire by doing this.But Let me elaborate the main factors when it comes to trading and investing in stokes.

You know every one in this world want to be financially free and millionaire?

For this they start looking at these kinds of make money online stuff.

But its sad that only few of them succeed.Because if it was that easy to make money online then every one would be a millionaire.

Hundreds and thousands of people trying their luck with trading.But only 1% of them taste success.This is the reason why 99% of people end up losing their money.

This is because there is huge risk involved in that!

Is Fast Fortune Club LEGIT!

Yes it’s legit!

But there are a lot of cons and pros of the fast fortune club which we are going to discuss in detail.

The self proclaimed owner of fast fortune club claims that 905 of his students enrolling with fast fortune club are successful!

Sounds extra ordinary.RIGHT?

Wait! If the success percentage is that high,this means that your chance of success in trading is 90%.

Their main sales page is full of hype and BS.

I think it is because we all fell for shiny object syndrome!

Very huge prediction is going on their sales page about our future.
They are claiming that you can easily make $5k,$10k or even more.

These numbers are just for bragging us.

First of all it is very risky to invest as what they teach you in fast fortune club! OK let?s talk in detail what you will get in the program!

Inside Fast Fortune Club!

Inside fast fortune club there are valuable videos.

Plus the community is also very supported.Yes, it can or maybe a good investment.But once a legend said..

Always put your money where your mouth is.

First let’s talk about the value and things which you are going to have in it.

I just reviewed online scams recenlty in which people lost $$$ trading.



This is one of the only two things I liked in the fast fortune club.


If you enroll in the fast fortune club,they will give you access to private members area.

In this members area you are free to interact with anyone and ask as many questions as you want!

Why I am giving preference to networking is basically that there will be times that a person wants to give up!

Then the community comes in to play.When they saw others that are succeeding with the program then they got motivated too!

I don’t know why but I think it plays a great role in mindset..


After each and every week they will give you a progress report.

In this progress report,you will be told that how much money you have made this week!

And more importantly they will give you the recommendations to improve those digits?


The owner of fast fortune club,TOM GENTILE organize a summit every year to get different mindset under one building and share knowledge.

This is good!


An online and live chat with tom gentile where he gives answer to every single question being asked!


Every sinlge week TOM GENTILE arranges a podcast.Where he shares with members his upcomming plans for the week.He also shares the success that he had this week and future plans!


When ever there will be a change in the stoke market,you will get a notificaton straight into your mobile!

And that notification is from FFC?


A video which consists of seven parts,shows people how to set up AN ACCOUNT.And more basic training and education.


You will get access to the different trading tips and tricks in million dollar masterclass.

In this masterclass there will be provided all the secrets and techniques of the trading you need to know!


TOM GENTILE shows you that how to predict the future of trading.And how to invest being 100% confidently.


They will provide you every week with tips and tricks on what is going on in the market.

So,being reading about this,you must be thinking that is it legit or a scam?No need to worry.We are going to talk about it i n a very responsible way!

Let’s dive into this

Is Fast Fortune Club Legit?

There is no question about it.Whether it is legit or not.

Of course,fast fortune club is legit,but I will not recommend it to my readers.

If it was that easy to trade and invest in stokes market than everybody will be doing it.

They are not rich and you know the reason why.

Ok,I am not recommending it to you because there are lots of things that I did not liked in fast fortune club..

Let’s talk about it in detail?

First we are going to talk about the things that I disliked in it and then we are going to talk about the things that I liked!!!!

The things I disliked

There are four to five things that I did not liked in this program and we are going to talk about this step by step,


Fast fortune club subscription costs $599 a year.Which is way to high I think.

Plus there is no proven way that you will be successful or not after investing your hard earned money.

It’s all about luck.There are lots of cases of people that loose their money in these kinds of programs.

In addition to this,if you want to invest in tom gentile’s program than you have to be rich.

You can not expect to make profits and start until you have 10,000 dollars to invest.And there are lots of upsells in the system too.

Every coach has it?s own price and they will charge you money with every tip that they will provide you!!

So,it?s too pricy I think to enroll with them.Including risk,which is another big factor.

I said earlier that if it was that easy to invest in stome then everybody will be doing it.

And investing this kind of money on any program without any guarantee or proven marketing tactics,SORRY I am OUT!!!

Investing Have Risks!

You know what,there are 99% in this world who are in trading and stokes are not successful.Being in the top 1% requires luck and hard work.Same goes with the trade marketing.

For going and starting with fast fortune club,you have to prepare your mind for lose!

And aside form the subscription fees, you need to have around about $10k in our bank account.

So,lots of risk and very less chances of success as they claim.They claim that success rate is 90% which is complete lie.

Get Rich Quick!

It shows themselves and this program as a get rich quick scheme.

Not such things,just tactics.You have to work hard.


So,there claims are not legit.Because If the owner of the platform making big money then why he is making this program,fast fortune club to make money!

It?s not more than shiny object syndrome to me!!

About the Owner!

The owner of the fast fortune club,TOM GENTILE.He is caliming that he is number one trader and stoke investor in the world.

fast fortune club

This claim is absolute fake!!!

I searched everywhere,no one is declaring him number one,I mean big sites like forbes etc.


There are lots of complain about the people that have lost all their money.Because as I told you earlier that it?s risky to go with fast fortune club.

Some of them even end up loosing $10k.This is beacuse there are not proven strategies that you will be successful.

tom gentile

I do not know about you but if you ask about me,my answer is just a big NOO!!!

The things I liked!

Having said the things which I will also like to talk about the two things which are good.


Yes in the system there a lot of videos that are valueable!And this is the thing that is appreciatable.


They have a private area where everyone who are in fast fortune club share their experience.And this is another thing that i accept that it is pretty good.

Recommended Or Not

No,I will not recommend it to you because there are huge chances that you will end up loosing your money.

fast fortune club

There is lots of things to look before joining a program.And one of them is your future.Will your investment is profitable or not?

But as I said that in fast fortune club you can not say this until you are running with some serious luck and money.

So,my final verdict is that no,I will not recommend it to you.

And my biggest reason is that you have to be a risk taker for joining fast fortune club.

That’s it for this review.

If you want to learn then checkout my #1 recommendation to make money online.

The system is based on proven marketing strategies that will help you to make $50,$100,$1000,$10,000,$100,000.


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11 Replies to “Fast Fortune Club Review – Is Tom Gentile Scam?

  1. I am a teacher. I appreciate your keeping my mind straight on the Fast Fortune Club. I knew it had to be more involved and expensive. So thank you for that.
    BUT… as a teacher, I want you to be aware that there are many errors in spelling and sentence structure which makes you look less reliable and smart. I hate when I see a big advertisement and they misspelled a word. That means that this company’s quality control isn’t very good. Because they didn’t have an expert PROOF READ the advertisement. For example, you use the term LOOSE but it should be LOSE. LOOSE is the opposite of tight, right? So there are many of these type of issues in your review. If it is due to the fact that you are not fluent in English because you are from another country, then it is understandable but still bad in a way that you may not be the best person to go to for advice. So, if you don’t have a Proofreader, I am an expert. I’d be happy to help you out. But this should be done by your people.
    So I certainly don’t mean to insult you, I just wanted to be helpful. My name and email are below. So please let me know that you read this. OK? Thanks.

    1. Hello Mark,

      Great point in regards how “Smart” you sound when it comes to spelling and sentence structure. I do agree with you but at the same time you cannot judge someone just by gramma and sentence structure. I know it is your first impression what counts but I think this review is very valuable.
      Tom Gentile might have a great product and good intentions to help people make money but his sale video where he shows 10 years history are old. Tom’s researcher is from 2007 to 2017, what happened with 2018, 2019, and 2020? This is the reason why I’m not to convince.

  2. please learn how to spell english. It is annoying when you are reading about the “stoke market”. It makes the reader wince. Again, PLEASE learn how to spell or get a good proofreader.

  3. His program Fast Fortunes is a scam as I watched this same offer over a year ago and he still claims you?d be a founding member in his program. How can you be a founding member when he offered this same deal a year or two ago. He?s a huge ?FAKE?.

  4. Agree with the above comments regarding the written content of this ?review? – too many grammatical & syntax mistakes.

    It makes me wonder if he just read the ?about the program? and summarized it. It doesn?t say anything if he actually worked the program and made/lost money.

    As most reviews I?ve read elsewhere, it?s downplaying a program and then at the bottom it?s a redirect to: ?Click here to the #1 program I recommend?

    1. The dude doesn’t get enough sleep, it’s pretty obvious. Look at the mans’ eyes. He’s very excited about his work and hasn’t slept since he found out about cryptos and the possibility of life changing gains for himself and hopefully his readers too! So it’s probably been 7-10 years since he’s had a rem cycle at all. Work and $ is great but we mustn’t (shouldn’t) sacrifice to the point of jeopardizing our health cause we only get one bod ‘n’ brain to work with!

  5. Thank you for the review. It is full of misspelled words and lots of grammar mistakes but oh well that can happen when you are writing a book. What I mean is a very long article. Tom Gentile has many bad reviews about him and his expensive programs. He is not a legit person! Here is my take. He puts out these videos: He is making trades and options buys and making a ton of money from them and everyone can to just buy his program and he will show you how. He makes it look like a cakewalk. Not true at all. There is not a legit program out there that will help you get a ton of money. Most of the people out there are just good sales men. All those programs are not legit. Just only to take your money. If they were well off rich people then why are they selling a get rich trading program! They do not exist. You have to do things yourself and know someone on the inside that will not charge you money for helpful tips on which stock to buy or which option to get. It is that straight forward. So bottom line do not waste your money on those programs from anyone. They are not real or legit. Maybe you can get lucky and meet someone who is legit and can help you out for free with good tips so you do not lose your money! I hope this helps you out. Be aware of all the sales men out there trying to get your money. Have a good one and good luck everyone.

  6. I appreciate all of the comments. The only questions I have is… Is the information true? Can a person use these techniques to make money? Are the Strategies legit? Everything else is not important! Some will Some won’t…

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