FBA Boss Academy Review – Kevin Pak and Kevin Kunze Scam?

Today we will be reviewing a program known as FBA Boss Academy. Is the program legit? Find out in this FBA Boss Academy review.

The owner of FBA Boss Academy says that they will aid you in making an additional $2,000 to $10,000 in profit each month by selling merchandise on Amazon.

In addition to this, they will offer support in identifying such things and training in the process of building up your FBA (Fulfilled By Amazon) business.

The potential for a passive income is a desirable additional benefit, after all.

Shipping and packaging will be taken care of for you by your supplier as well as the largest retail platform in the globe. It would appear that they have been doing this for some time and that they have gained experience as a result of their mistakes.

So, what precisely is the catch, if there even is one? To participate in their program, you will need to shell over approximately $5,000, plus an additional $5,000 to cover inventory and other start-up fees, and you will also need to keep your fingers crossed that everything will work out.

Before you decide to sign up for this program, you should read this FBA Boss Academy review first.

DISCLAIMER: This is a fully independent review. I’m not affiliated with FBA Boss Academy in any shape or form whatsoever.

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FBA Boss Academy Review: Quick Details

  • Name: FBA Boss Academy
  • Owner: Kevin Pak and Kevin Kunze
  • Website: https://www.fbabossacademy.com/
  • Socials: Instagram
  • Type: Training course
  • Niche: eCommerce
  • Recommended?: FBA can be profitable in the past, but now, there is market saturation. I don’t think you need to pay for a program that will tell you what to do when there is no way to profit on FBA anymore, unless you quit your career and dedicate all of your time to it.

What is FBA Boss Academy?

FBA Boss Academy Review - Logo

The training program known as the FBA Boss Academy is comprised of a total of sixteen individual lessons.

You will learn the principles of the business model, as well as the processes to properly apply it, from each of these options.

The course offers a comprehensive, step-by-step overview of the foundations for individuals who do not have any prior knowledge.

In contrast to other educational institutions, in which teams of trained experts are in charge of aiding students, the founders of this school provide their individual assistance to pupils.

This situation is likely to develop in the event that the duo is successful in recruiting a sufficient number of clients.

There is a private Facebook network that is reserved solely for them. Sharing of information and the cultivation of professional relationships are both facilitated as a result of this.

The cost of attending the FBA Boss Academy will range from $2,500 and $7,000. Every single one of our clients who contacts us to have a discussion with one of our sales professionals is given a unique price estimate.

During the application process, you will be asked a number of questions to establish whether or not you are a good fit for the program and how much of an investment you are willing to make in the program.

It is important to raise a total of $2,500, yet if it is not enough, then more money will have to be collected.

This is how the great majority of systems that allow users to “schedule a call to learn more” operate. Everything else remains the same with this one.

Who created FBA Boss Academy?

Since before 10 years ago, Kevin Pak and Kevin Kunze and have been successfully making money through their use of Amazon. They have achieved a total combined revenue of more than fifty million dollars, and they have decided to reveal their trade secrets to the general public.

Kevin Pak was employed as a fitness coach and made approximately $4,000 per month. He worked a standard shift of 12 hours and brought in this amount.

Even while he enjoyed it, he was aware that in order to gain genuine freedom, he would have to establish his own business. He investigated the opportunities available on the internet and eventually came upon the Amazon FBA concept.

At first, he was inspired to do so by a self-proclaimed “wealth generation guru” who promoted a training program for which he was not directly responsible for sales.

After coming to the conclusion that he wanted to gain knowledge about the field from a somebody who was always current on its developments, he sought the advice of a different individual.

After that, he started to really let go and get crazy. Just a few more months had passed, and his monthly earnings had nearly reached the sum of $100,000.

Central Mining is a cloud mining service for various digital currencies that was founded by Kevin Kunze. The prospect of seeing other people achieve their professional goals is what keeps him going.

To put it another way, not everyone should pursue cryptography. Because of this, he decided to sign up for the FBA program offered by Amazon; he was fully aware of the advantages offered by the program.

It’s probable that his experience in door-to-door sales gave him the courage to give something he had no prior experience with a shot.

Within a short period of time, he has established a successful business and developed an extensive education program to assist others in following in his footsteps and achieving similar levels of achievement.

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Is FBA Boss Academy Legit?

Kevin Pak, who was one of the founders of the company, is still an active seller on Amazon. As a result, he is familiar with the dynamic nature of the sector and how to adapt to it.

Because he is so confident in his ability to guide you to success, he will not only reimburse you for the cost of the course but will also pay you an additional $2,000 out of his own money if you follow the instructions and don’t make at least one sale.

If you devote the necessary amount of time and effort to following the instruction, I have no doubt that you will find some level of success in the form of closed sales. That is to say, in its simplest form.

The most difficult component of managing a company is keeping track of and getting a handle on the plethora of fees and supplementary charges that spring up at various points along the process.

Many people who sell their products on Amazon have found that developing a strategy like this can be profitable. However, a significant number of them are unable to support themselves solely through their salary.

This program is like Amazon FBA Ninja, FBA Academy, and Master FBA.

Is Amazon FBA Worth It?

According to what I’ve been able to gather, the typical profit margin for sellers on Amazon is somewhere around 10%.

Several of Walmart’s suppliers assert that their profit margins are significantly higher than what Walmart reports, but Walmart has not validated these claims.

To put it another way, when you are initially starting off, it is not a significant amount of money.

Because there is already a lot of competition, you will need to be patient and persistent if you want to differentiate yourself from the rest of the throng and stand out from the crowd. Even when the concept of “automation” is considered, the answer is still no.

Saturated Market

Before you ever make the decision to sell on Amazon, there are already a great number of other vendors on the market who provide the same or comparable goods and services.

It is essential to run a sale anytime a competitor does so that you can both compete with them and keep your profit margin at a healthy level.

You should be aware, however, that moving forward with this plan will result in a considerable reduction in the income you earn.

It is imperative that you reduce your operating costs if you wish to maintain your current level of profitability.

The more you attempt to cut costs, the greater the likelihood that you will end up selling a product of lesser quality, which will lead to an increase in the number of dissatisfied customers who will lodge complaints about it.

Walmart has a smaller number of retailers than Amazon does, which is apparently why this isn’t as big of a concern on Walmart as it is on Amazon.

This is a drawback because it lessens the site’s potential for producing money, which is a possible upside.

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High Capital Required

In order to sell on marketplaces such as Amazon or Walmart, you are required to have cash on hand. It’s possible that you’ll need to spend upwards of $40,000 in order to take full benefit of everything that automation platforms have to offer.

Buying some inventory and possibly even conducting some preliminary production runs of the item will set you back some cash. Calculation of all costs, such as those associated with shipping, advertising, and handling, is required.

It is realistic to anticipate that the cost of product listing will be greater than $15,000. That is an unimaginably large amount of money.

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