FBA Mastermind Course Review – Scam Or Legit?

Today we will be reviewing a program known as FBA Mastermind Course. Is it legit? Find out in this FBA Mastermind Course review.

DISCLAIMER: This is a fully independent review. I’m not affiliated with FBA Mastermind Course in any shape or form whatsoever.

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FBA Mastermind Course Overview: Quick Details

  • Name: FBA Mastermind Course
  • Founders: Pat Harris
  • Website: https://fbamastermindcourse.podia.com
  • Socials: Facebook
  • Type: Training program
  • Niche: Amazon FBA
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What is FBA Mastermind Course?

FBA Mastermind Course Review - Pat Harris

Pat Harris spearheads the FBA Mastermind Course, a transformative Amazon FBA training endeavor aimed at novices entering the realm of online selling. This meticulously crafted course serves as a guiding beacon, specifically designed to educate beginners on leveraging the private label method within Amazon’s platform while steering clear of common pitfalls.

Central to this program is Pat’s invaluable mentorship, offering firsthand insights derived from his triumphant journey in achieving a remarkable $100,000 per month through Amazon FBA products.

A distinguishing feature of this course is its universality, allowing individuals from any corner of the globe to engage in selling on various Amazon markets.

This FBA Mastermind Course review delves into the essence of this program, unraveling its intricacies and operational mechanisms, offering prospective participants a comprehensive understanding of its offerings and methodologies.

Who is Pat Harris?

FBA Mastermind Course Review - Pat Harris 2

Pat Harris assumes the role of the primary mentor within the FBA Mastermind Course, an individual who soared to prominence through the dissemination of options trading and Amazon FBA content across various social media platforms. Since 2019, Pat has been actively engaged in the realm of Amazon FBA, showcasing his prowess in navigating this domain.

In parallel, his foray into options trading commenced in 2021 through Robinhood, complementing his multifaceted business endeavors. Notably, he delves into affiliate marketing, endorsing the software and tools integral to his Amazon business operations.

Harnessing the positive reception garnered by his video content, Pat initiated a product validation service. This service involved the creation of meticulously detailed 5–10 page reports scrutinizing selected products, aiming to forecast their potential success within the market. As a testament to his growing influence, Pat’s social media following burgeoned, boasting more than 300K followers on Instagram, 200K on TikTok, and 120K on YouTube.

This escalating influence and a receptive audience paved the way for Pat to conceive and launch his FBA Mastermind Course in 2020, marking the culmination of his expertise and experience, encapsulated within an educational framework for aspiring entrepreneurs.

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FBA Mastermind Course Overview

FBA Mastermind Course Review - Pat Harris 3

Designed to cater to global audiences aspiring to generate income through the sale of private label products on the US Amazon marketplace, this course offers a comprehensive blueprint for online profitability.

Geared predominantly towards novices venturing into Amazon FBA selling, its primary focus is to guide and nurture individuals taking their first steps into this lucrative sphere.

Beyond its foundational training, the mentorship aspect of this program holds immense value, particularly for existing sellers aiming to enhance and refine their business strategies. Pat’s direct involvement in mentoring within the coaching program underscores his reputation as a seasoned and knowledgeable figure within the Amazon FBA community.

His hands-on guidance promises invaluable insights, potentially aiding current sellers in optimizing their operational approaches and elevating their business acumen.

Course Overview

Regularly refreshed training materials form the cornerstone of this program, ensuring continual relevance and utility through daily uploads of new videos. Moreover, participants gain a month-long entrance to the exclusive private community discord, fostering an environment conducive to learning and collaboration.

As an added advantage, individuals receive exclusive discounts for essential tools like Helium 10, Jungle Scout, and Viral Launch, augmenting their toolkit for successful Amazon FBA ventures.

The training regimen unfolds systematically across nine meticulously structured sections, each housing specialized video tutorials coupled with comprehensive PDF guides. This multifaceted approach aims to cater to various learning styles, offering a comprehensive understanding of the intricacies involved.

Additionally, access to downloadable templates further enriches the learning experience, providing practical tools to implement the acquired knowledge effectively.

Section 1: From the Beginning

Within this segment, participants gain access to an array of resources encompassing six videos and supplementary links that delve into the critical aspects of safeguarding your brand, products, and business.

The focal point revolves around a comprehensive lesson outlining the pivotal elements vital when embarking on your Amazon business journey.

These resources shed light on five indispensable factors imperative for a robust start in the Amazon marketplace:

  • Trademark protection emerges as a pivotal element ensuring the safeguarding of your brand’s integrity and uniqueness within the competitive market landscape.
  • Brand Registry serves as a crucial tool facilitating brand control and enhanced visibility on the platform.
  • Understanding the nuances of setting up an LLC (Limited Liability Company) provides a shield for your business, safeguarding personal assets.
  • Hijackers, a common concern for Amazon sellers, are addressed, offering strategies to combat unauthorized entities attempting to infringe upon your listings.
  • Lastly, the lesson covers the fundamentals of establishing a strong brand name, emphasizing its significance in forging a distinct identity and market presence. These resources offer a comprehensive understanding of the pivotal components essential for safeguarding and fortifying your Amazon business from inception.

Section 2: Product Research

Section 2 stands as an expansive repository, housing over 14 videos alongside a comprehensive PDF guide, designed to illuminate six indispensable techniques for identifying lucrative products poised for successful sale within the Amazon marketplace.

Preceding the exploration of product identification, participants immerse themselves in invaluable insights into navigating restricted products, categories, and requisite certifications integral to Amazon’s selling guidelines.

The crux of this section revolves around mastering the art of uncovering profitable products through an intricate exploration of six diverse techniques, encompassing both paid and unpaid methodologies. The curriculum delves deep into the process of sourcing primary keywords essential for product research, listing optimization, and crafting effective advertising campaigns.

Moreover, participants acquire the skill set to discern if a product holds a patent or trademark, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of legal aspects concerning product selection.

Concluding this extensive segment, participants are treated to an illuminating lesson offering an overview on leveraging Helium 10, acclaimed as the recommended tool for robust and efficient product research endeavors.

This comprehensive section acts as a pivotal compass, equipping aspiring Amazon sellers with a diverse arsenal of techniques and insights crucial for identifying, evaluating, and optimizing products for lucrative ventures within the platform’s competitive landscape.

Section 3: How to find a supplier and ship from China to Amazon

The significance of proficient product sourcing cannot be overstated, particularly when aiming for top-notch quality in your private label offerings. This section serves as a comprehensive guide, navigating pivotal techniques essential for sourcing impeccable suppliers to procure your products, extensively exploring platforms like Alibaba or Thomas.net.

Within this segment, participants delve into indispensable methodologies concerning supplier selection, mastering the art of adeptly approaching and negotiating with potential suppliers.

The curriculum emphasizes the crucial nuances of cultivating effective communication strategies vital for forging productive partnerships. Additionally, participants gain insight into the intricacies of payment arrangements, ensuring a seamless and secure transactional process.

By assimilating the expertise offered in this section, individuals acquire the requisite skills to navigate the supplier landscape adeptly, laying the groundwork for securing high-quality products integral to fostering a successful private label enterprise.

Section 4: FNSKU / Carton Labels / UPC Barcodes

In this succinct yet pivotal segment, participants are equipped with comprehensive knowledge encompassing the intricacies of crafting an efficient shipping plan, an essential component in the logistical landscape of Amazon FBA.

The curriculum delves into the intricacies of generating the FNSKU barcode, pivotal for product identification, alongside instructive guidance on creating carton labels essential for dispatching items to suppliers.

Beyond these fundamentals, the section expands its purview to include detailed insights into UPC barcodes, offering comprehensive instruction on their acquisition, elucidating the process and sources for obtaining these crucial identifiers.

Moreover, participants benefit from invaluable updates on tracking information, indispensable for efficient shipment handling, ensuring they remain updated with the requisite data for their deliveries.

This comprehensive section serves as a vital compass, guiding participants through the intricate steps of creating and executing a robust shipping strategy, ensuring compliance with Amazon’s stringent requirements and fostering seamless logistics in their FBA endeavors.

Section 5: Setting up your listing

Comprising a sequence of four instructional videos, section 5 serves as a comprehensive guide, delineating a meticulous step-by-step process for crafting listings within the seller central platform.

Participants embark on an educational journey that unravels the nuances of listing creation, covering crucial aspects such as the incorporation of variations into listings, the implementation of coupons, and the strategic execution of a strike-through on the sale price.

The curriculum further extends its purview by providing supplementary links, offering comprehensive guidance on the holistic optimization of listings. These additional resources serve as invaluable aides, equipping participants with advanced strategies aimed at enhancing listing visibility and optimizing their chances of securing the coveted buy box.

Through this multifaceted section, individuals are empowered with the requisite skills and insights essential for crafting compelling and competitive listings within the Amazon marketplace.

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Section 6: PPC | Amazon Ads

Within this segment, participants gain access to a series of four instructive training videos meticulously designed to illuminate the intricacies of setting up four distinct types of campaigns. The curriculum delves into comprehensive coverage of the following campaign types:

  1. Broad Match
  2. Phrase Match
  3. Auto Campaigns
  4. Exact Match

Through these comprehensive tutorials, participants garner expertise in campaign structuring and strategic setup tailored for distinct advertising approaches. Beyond campaign establishment, the curriculum delves into the vital realm of ad optimization, offering insights and techniques to maximize Return on Investment (ROI).

Additionally, participants are furnished with invaluable strategies to effectively estimate PPC (Pay-Per-Click) bids, ensuring a judicious allocation of advertising budget.

Moreover, Pat imparts his tried-and-tested PPC launch strategy, providing a blueprint for a successful campaign initiation.

By assimilating these methodologies, individuals acquire the skills and insights necessary to orchestrate targeted and efficient advertising campaigns within the Amazon landscape, fostering heightened visibility and profitability for their products.

Section 7: How To Get Reviews & Increase Sales

Within this instructional segment, participants delve into a comprehensive exploration of five distinct techniques designed to amplify the prospects of garnering reviews, thereby enhancing the likelihood of securing the coveted Amazon buy box. The curriculum elucidates the following five techniques:

1. Vine Program
2. Leveraging Micro-Influencers
3. Soliciting Reviews
4. Harnessing Discord
5. Implementing Product Inserts

These methodologies serve as instrumental tools for participants seeking to augment their product visibility and credibility on the Amazon platform.

The curriculum navigates through multifaceted approaches, from leveraging Amazon’s Vine Program—a platform for product reviews facilitated by trusted reviewers—to harnessing the power of micro-influencers in promoting products and soliciting genuine feedback.

Moreover, participants gain insights into proactive strategies for requesting reviews directly from customers and leveraging platforms like Discord for community engagement and feedback acquisition. Additionally, the section offers insights into the effective utilization of product inserts, providing guidelines on leveraging physical materials to prompt and facilitate reviews.

By assimilating these varied techniques, individuals augment their capacity to curate a robust review strategy, amplifying the visibility and desirability of their products on the Amazon platform.

Section 8: How to fulfill your Etsy, Shopify, Ebay orders using Amazon

Pat advocates for diversifying sales across platforms like Etsy and Shopify to optimize revenue. This segment focuses on instructing participants on utilizing Amazon’s fulfillment services to fulfill orders from these alternate sales channels efficiently.

Section 9: Advertising

The final module introduces Pat’s tried-and-tested approach for launching targeted Facebook/Instagram ads aimed at specific niche audiences.

Participants delve into understanding the nuances between group and page targeting strategies, gaining insights into optimizing ad campaigns for maximum audience engagement and conversion within their respective niches.


Priced at a one-time fee of $1,497, this exclusive mentorship package offers an identical nine-section training program while granting lifelong access to the exclusive mastermind group on Discord.

In addition, participants receive a complimentary benefit of up to five product analysis reports from Pat, each valued at $349 separately. A key highlight of this mentorship opportunity is the direct tutelage provided by Pat Harris himself.

Given the personalized guidance and limited availability, securing a slot in this mentorship program provides an exclusive opportunity to glean insights and knowledge directly from Pat, enhancing the learning experience and potential success in the Amazon FBA arena.

Final Verdict – FBA Mastermind Course Review

As we conclude this review of the FBA Mastermind Course, it’s essential to approach this program with a cautious eye. While the course professes to offer comprehensive insights into the realm of Amazon FBA, it’s prudent to consider certain aspects before committing to this endeavor.

While Pat Harris’s accomplishments and the course’s content are highlighted, the efficacy and applicability of the strategies presented may vary based on individual circumstances. The limited information on the course’s effectiveness for diverse learners or businesses from varied backgrounds raises concerns about its universal applicability.

Additionally, the mentorship package’s high price point of $1,497, albeit inclusive of numerous benefits, might deter individuals seeking more affordable yet equally enriching alternatives in the Amazon FBA education space.

Furthermore, the lack of comprehensive testimonials or diverse user experiences limits the comprehensive understanding of the course’s impact on different learners, potentially hindering informed decision-making.

Lastly, the scarcity of in-depth insights into advanced strategies or tactics within the Amazon FBA domain could leave experienced sellers wanting more nuanced and intricate methodologies.

In essence, while the FBA Mastermind Course may present a curated educational platform, prospective participants must critically assess their needs, budget constraints, and long-term goals before enrolling.

Conducting thorough research, seeking comprehensive testimonials, and evaluating personal objectives will be pivotal in making an informed decision about the course’s alignment with individual aspirations in the dynamic realm of Amazon FBA.

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