Filthy Rich Writer Review – Nicki Krawczyk Scam?

Today, we are going to talk about Filthy Rich Writer from Nicki Krawczyk? Is it legit? Find out more in this review.

Copywriting is one of those skills that opens up a lot of potential when it comes to earning money online. A lot of advertisements that you see online are written by copywriters. And seeing as there has been a big boom with regards to digital marketing within the last decade, copywriters provide an essential skill that a lot of people clamor. Because, let’s be honest, not everyone can do all of the work on their own. They will become burnt out by all of the work they’re supposed to be doing.

Some people have managed to make a name for themselves within this particular niche. One such person is Nicki Krawczyk. You may be aware of her name if you have read my previous review on her Comprehensive Copywriting Academy course a while back. But this time around, we are going to focus a bit more on the brand that Nicki created which is Filthy Rich Writer. Is this particular website of hers the best place to learn more about copywriting? Or are there other copywriting-related websites that are better suited for your resource needs? Well, we’re going to get that later on.

DISCLAIMER: I am in no way affiliated with Nick Krawczyk and Filthy Rich Writer in any way. This is just an independent review. You are still free to do whatever you want. But I hope that this review shapes your opinion on whether or not you should try this training program out.

But before we get to the meat of the review…

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Filthy Rich Writer Review: Quick Details

  • Name: Filthy Rich Writer
  • Founder: Nicki Krawczyk
  • Website:
  • Socials: FacebookInstagramYouTube
  • Type: Resource website
  • Niche: Copywriting
  • Recommendation: You could definitely get a lot out of the content that Nicki provides through this particular website. There is a lot of content that could give you an idea on what it takes to become a professional copywriter.

Who is Nicki Krawczyk?

Filthy Rich Writer founder Nicki Krawczyk

Nicki Krawczyk is a professional copywriter, entrepreneur, and the founder of the Filthy Rich Writer website.

It is interesting to note that Nicki’s interest in copywriting started around her teenage years. Her first was as a marketing director and he would often bring home some of his work with him. Considering her age, Nicki had decent skills as a writer. So her dad pretty much let her try a crack at writing copy based on the work that he was bringing home. And that was really the experience that made her pursue copywriting as a career.

Her journey to becoming a professional copywriter wasn’t really straightforward, in a sense. Nicki decided to take up a degree in public relations during college. It’s sort of adjacent to the career that she wanted to have. But it was safe enough that she could potentially get hired at a lot of different companies. Nicki didn’t really had any interest in working in that field.

One of Nicki’s first jobs after graduating was a managerial job at a local health club. (It’s a gym.) She was earning money from that job. But she realized that she does not care for that job at all. It wasn’t really until her mother gave her a book about writing when Nicki decide to actually try to become a copywriter.

She was able to find a job as a copywriter soon after. Nicki worked as a copywriter for a bunch of different companies as well as for a few business owners. At some point, she was tasked to create a team that would write copy for a brand that TripAdvisor was launching at the time. So she cobbled up a bunch of different people already working at the company. But she faced a bit of trouble early on. Not all of the people she got for her team were skilled at writing copy.

So Nicki pretty much started these training sessions throughout the week so that her team would be skilled at copywriting. This went on for a weeks. By the end of it, her team had the skills to write copy for the brand. That was the moment when Nicki realized that she could probably offer her knowledge to a lot more people. And that was how Filthy Rich Writer was born.

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What is Filthy Rich Writer?

The website for Filthy Rich Writer

Filthy Rich Writer is a website and brand that Nicki Krawczyk created where she offers resources about copywriting that a lot of aspiring copywriters can use. There is blog posts about basic terminology and tips on what you could do once you’ve begun your journey into copywriting. You could listen to over a hundred episodes of the “Build Your Copywriting Business” podcast.

There is not really much else Nicki Krawczyk offers through the Filthy Rich Writer website. What you see is what you get, for the most part. I think the main attraction with regards to what Filthy Rich Writer offers is the Comprehensive Copywriting Academy.

What is Comprehensive Copywriting Academy?

The Comprehensive Copywriting Academy is an online training program meant to help people start their career as freelance copywriters.

Similar to a lot of the other online training programs that I have reviewed in the past, there is a free online training video that they offer as a teaser for the paid program. In order to get access to that training video, you have to input your name and email address. This is pretty much standard stuff when it comes to these free training videos.

Most of the time, when you input your contact information, you will automatically be redirected to the training video. They will also give you a link that will show up on your inbox. There are some of those that offer the training video within a certain time frame. Some creators want to make it seem like the training video is done live. It’s really annoying that they do that. The free training video that Filthy Rich Writer falls a bit under that category. But this time around, you can only watch the training video within a certain amount of days.

(Note: You have to confirm first that the email address that you use is actually real in order to access the free training video. They will send a link that will then redirect to the training video. But, in my experience, it doesn’t refresh immediately. And if you want to unsubscribe from the mailing list, it’s going to be a pain in the butt to do so.)

Filthy Rich Writer founder Nicki Krawczyk

What Exactly Do You Get From The Comprehensive Copywriting Academy?

There’s not really anything different that this particular training program offers compared to some of the other freelance-related training programs already out there. It’s really just the stuff that pertains to being a copywriter that gives this particular training program its distinction. Even then, everything else can be found in other freelance-related online training courses out there.

Based on the product page for the program that is on the Filthy Rich Writer website, there are six modules included in the course. And there are more than a hundred video lessons within those six modules. There doesn’t really seem to be any complete breakdown of how many video lessons there are per module. Which is surprising, considering the amount of video lessons they mentioned.

The course does seem to go through over the entire process of being a copywriter as well as being a freelancer. Because it does seem that you could potentially use your experience from writing for clients that you have marketed to and use that to land a full-time copywriting job at an agency or company. They’re definitely making sure that the course is as comprehensive as possible.

Aside from the lifetime access to the course, you will also be getting live coaching calls with Nicki and her team as well as access to the students only group on Facebook. The cost for the course is not mentioned upfront in the product page. But it is available as a one-time payment worth $697 or as a three-part installment worth $257 per installment.

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My Favorite Program

Final Verdict – Filthy Rich Writer Review

Filthy Rich Writer is a pretty decent website when it comes to learning a lot about copywriting. You will definitely get a lot of information out of the blog posts or the podcast. It gives you a good insight on what you may do if you choose to start a career as one. The good thing is most of the information that’s available on the blog posts are up to date.

As for the Comprehensive Copywriting Academy course, it’s fine. It does seem that you might be getting a lot out of the course, for the most part. It’s definitely one of the more expensive training programs out there. But there is a potential for you to earn that money back once you get clients for your services. It takes a lot of time and effort to make any kind of freelance job profitable. You do have to market yourself well to the type of clients that you want to attract. But you also have to make sure that the work that you do for your client is good.

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