Flipper University Review – Scam Or Legit?

Today, we are going to talk about Flipper University. Is it legit? Find out more in this review.

A lot of people are often on the lookout for bargains. It doesn’t matter what kind of item it is. If it has a low enough price, somebody is probably going to buy it. Sometimes finding a bargain leads to some opportunities to earn money.

Bargain hunting has been a thing for a while. There are times when people are trying to declutter. So they would often sell items that they don’t use that often at places like a garage sale or a flea market. Some even just throw those items out to the curb. Organizing a garage sale takes a lot of work, okay? At least you know that the garbage collector is gonna pick up whatever you threw away.

But it seems that the saying “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure” is really accurate. What somebody considers junk that they don’t need might be considered an income opportunity by somebody else. And people are often on the lookout to earn a quick buck. Why not sell stuff you find out on the curb of somebody’s house?

So when I heard about the Flipper University course from Rob and Melissa Stephenson, I was kind of intrigued. I had heard the term “flipping” multiple times before. But it’s often in the context of real estate. So when I heard that you could earn a decent amount of money from flipping more reasonable items, I was curious to learn more about it. Can you actually make flipping an consistent way to earn money? Are you better off seeing it as just a side hustle?

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Flipper University Review: Quick Details

  • Name: Flipper University
  • Founders: Robert and Melissa Stephenson
  • Website: https://fleamarketflipper.com/
  • Socials: Facebook, Instagram, YouTube
  • Type: Training program
  • Niche: Product flipping
  • Recommendation: While it’s possible to earn some money from product flipping, I don’t highly recommend it as something that you could consistently do. It’s hard to source items that you could make a profit from. You could earn a decent amount of money from the items that you sell. But it’s not guaranteed that you will be earning high amounts each time.

Who Are Robert and Melissa Stephenson?

Flipper University co-creators Robert Stephenson and Melissa Stephenson

Robert and Melissa Stephenson are the co-founders of Flea Market Flipper, a website that teaches people strategies and tips that they could use in the product flipping  space.

It seems that Robert Stephenson had the most experience in product flipping between the two of them. Rob had grown up in a pretty big family. It was mentioned that he six older female siblings. But there wasn’t mentioned whether or not he had other siblings aside from his older sisters. And because they were a large family, they didn’t really have a lot of money to buy new clothes or toys. So they would often go to garage sales or thrift stores to buy stuff second-hand. That was pretty much Rob’s exposure to the world of product flipping.

It wasn’t really until he was 16 years old when he started getting into product flipping for himself. He didn’t really do it full-time. But he was earning a good amount of money here and there for the items that he flipped. The internet at that time was still relatively new. But it was a bit more commonplace for households to have a computer that they all shared. And Robert sold most of the stuff he was selling on eBay.

Robert didn’t really stop this side hustle of his as he continued into adulthood. At some point, he had met Melissa. They had gotten married. Then they had children. Melissa was kind of roped into this whole community of flippers. And she seemed to have enjoyed it. The two of them were basically a team at this point. And they both enjoyed spending time together while also earning money in the process.

By 2015, Robert created the Flea Market Flipper website. It was pretty much just a blog where he wrote flips that he and Melissa had done. It slowly managed to get an audience. And that lead them to create a course that would help people the basics of product flipping.

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What Is Flipper University?

Flipping University is an online training program that teaches people the ins and outs of product flipping and reselling. In case you weren’t aware, the term flipping refers to a method wherein you buy an item, often secondhand, for cheap and then you resell it for more than what you bought it for. Often the term is used a lot in real estate. The meaning still applies even in real estate. You buy a property that’s often rundown for a cheaper price. Then you renovate it. After that, you sell it for more than what it costs to purchase and renovate that property. You then use some of the money to buy another property. It’s cyclical, basically.

With Flipping University, you’re going to learn a lot on how to carefully assess and source products that could have a good resale value. Initially, I thought that it would be relatively easy to do product flipping. But it’s actually an art in and of itself. There’s a lot that you actually have to do in order to make in the product flipping scene.

Looking at the breakdown of the course, there is actually a lot things that they discuss through each module. The first few modules focus on the basics of the reselling business. You are introduced to the world of reselling in the first module. Then you’re taught how to set up an account on eBay where you will sell those products as well as setting up an account on PayPal so that you could accept payments.

The first chunk of the course gives you a good overview on how and where to find products. As well as how to effectively run your store on eBay. It’s not surprising that they hammer on the idea that this has the potential to actually be a full-time business. They even devote a few units on which courier is best to use when delivering packages.

It Gets A Lot More Technical

Flipper University co-creators Robert Stephenson and Melissa Stephenson

The next few sections of the course focus heavily on the business side of running the store. You would think that the first few modules were enough to give you some insight on how to run resale store. But the succeeding chapters really focus on how to effectively run it. There are modules dedicated to search engine optimization, customer service and taxation.

There’s an entire section that’s just devoted to freight shipping. FREIGHT SHIPPING. What kind of items would you need freight shipping for? Is there an item that you’re going to sell that ordinary modes of delivery isn’t enough? It’s a really surprisingly well-thought out course, for the most part. I shouldn’t have underestimated it.

With regards to the pricing, there are two different tiers that you could avail. The most basic one is the standard Pro Flipper package which costs $597, or $497 if you use the code on the sale funnel page for the course. That package includes lifetime access to the Beginner and Intermediate courses as well as a bunch of other freebies.

The more expensive tier is the Pro Flipper Plus package which costs $997 or $897 if you use the code to avail it. It has everything included in the standard package. But you also get access to the Freight Shipping course as well as a month’s worth of mentorship, a freight training bootcamp and a walkthrough on freight shipping.

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Flipper University Review – Final Verdict

There’s nothing particular different to how the Flipper University’s courses are priced compared to other online training programs out there. Unfortunately, they don’t really have an option for installments within their platform. You have to sign up for PayPal’s credit service in order to lessen the burden of having to pay almost $1000 for the course.

While they mention that you could potentially earn at least $500 a month, it’s not guaranteed that you’ll able to earn that amount regularly. The Flipper University’s courses are definitely well thought out especially within this space. But it’s not really something that you should heavily rely on. It’s difficult to make this your permanent source of income.

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That’s it for my review of Flipping University. I hope you enjoyed reading it.

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