Flourish and Thrive Academy Review – Scam Or Legit?

Today we will be reviewing a program known as Flourish and Thrive Academy. Is it legit? Find out in this Flourish and Thrive Academy review.

Are you a jewelry company owner seeking for this company’s reviews that are truthful?

Or perhaps you are interested in participating in one of their programs but are unsure if it would be a wise investment for you?

You will discover the advantages, costs, and every detail you want regarding this platform in this Flourish and Thrive Academy review.

Before you decide to sign up for this program, you should read this Flourish and Thrive Academy review first.

DISCLAIMER: This is a fully independent review. I’m not affiliated with Flourish and Thrive Academy in any shape or form whatsoever.

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Flourish and Thrive Review: Quick Details

  • Name: Flourish and Thrive
  • Founder: Tracey Matthews
  • Website: https://www.flourishthriveacademy.com/
  • Socials: Facebook
  • Type: Coaching program
  • Niche: Jewelry business
  • Recommendation: I do not recommend this program if you are not currently own or run a jewelry business.

What is Flourish and Thrive Academy?

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Online school Flourish and Thrive Academy provides a ton of tools and templates to assist jewelry and creative product manufacturers, designers, and merchants with tried-and-true marketing and e-commerce tactics to convert their enterprises into money machines (regardless of noise in the world).

Using effective marketing strategies, The Academy has assisted hundreds of jewelry designers, manufacturers, and retailers in moving their offline operations online.

Laying the Foundation Program

Flourish and Thrive Academy Review - Tracey Matthews

Laying The Foundation (also known as LTF) is a 12-week virtual course offered by Flourish and Thrive Academy that is designed to teach you the best strategies for creating demand for your jewelry company. It will show you how to get the appropriate attention and customers to advance your company.

The LTF program promises that it is for independent jewelry designers and makers who want to generate a yearly income of $5–$6 million, whether they do it part-time or full-time.

This program is made for you if your jewelry company’s yearly sales haven’t surpassed six figures and you want to use the internet to do so.

It’s a 12-week course, as I said previously. Every week, a brand-new module becomes available to you. Clean sheets, worksheets, audio, video, templates, tools, checklists, and a private community are used to provide the course materials.

To better comprehend how things function, you can put the principles you’ve learned into practice in your free time. To motivate you to act as you continue with the program, the course teacher also offers implementation weeks.

Additionally, the course is accessible to you forever, so you can always review it.

You will have access to the Diamond Insiders active community after you sign up for LTF and become an active member, where you may post queries and ask the coaches for assistance. For a whole year, you get free access to this group.

The group is actually very helpful. Every month, the coaches also conduct live training and assess websites to assist members in resolving problematic situations. Joining this program for the community alone is sufficient justification; they present themselves more like a family than a competition.

Module 1: Your Business Foundation

You will learn how to lay a solid foundation for your business in Module 1. It addresses business registration, various licenses, and the procedure for obtaining tax IDs.

Legal facets of websites, bookkeeping, and opening a company bank account will also be covered. You may learn a ton about various company models and income sources lot aid in your decision-making process right away.

Overall, this lesson guides you through laying the fundamental groundwork required to secure your company for long-term success.

Module 2: Your Brand Foundation

The preceding module is built upon in this one. Discovering your ideal brand is the key.

You’ll discover what makes your company special and what makes your brand appealing. You will learn from this module why your dream clients choose to do business with you. You may develop genuine sales techniques that work with this knowledge.

This lesson is more like identifying the problems your target customers have and using those problems to develop a brand that they will want.

Module 3: Your Beautiful Brand Story (& Voice)

For your company to appeal to your potential customers, you must have a compelling brand narrative. You will discover how to firmly establish your brand’s voice, style, and story in this module.

You will learn how to evaluate your narrative, consider how your Dream Client could respond to it, and incorporate it into your brand. You will learn how to build your brand’s creative elements, such as its fonts, colors, and language.

A brand guide will be created from all of these for you and your future team to use. A tutorial on how to write a about page that sells your narrative and turns people into buyers is also included.

Module 4: Collection Development, Pricing & Inventory

You start looking into your creative abilities as a jewelry maker and designer in module 4.

You’ll discover how to create jewelry collections, including how to pinpoint your market, specify your creative strategy, and produce unified designs. You will learn the value of having a distinctive style in this subject as well as how to build a successful brand.

The best part of all is that you will see some examples of people succeeding in the field and how to adapt and use their methods to succeed in business.

Module 5: Brand Assets

A company that delights its customers is one that will stand the test of time. This module will show you how to polish your brand assets to provide a satisfying user experience.

Every brand asset’s specifics, including photography, displays, lookbooks, unpacking, packaging, catalogs, and anything else you need to exhibit your brand properly, will be covered in detail.

It all comes down to wowing your consumers and winning them over to become fans.

Module 6: Websites That Sells

You need a website in order to develop a powerful brand.

You will learn how to build a website that functions as a continuous sales channel in this subject.

Additionally, you will learn about several website platforms and how to pick the ideal one. You will also learn how to design and build a website and how to get a lot of visitors.

If you didn’t know, your revenue will depend on how much traffic you can effectively direct to your website.

Module 7: Sales and Exceptional Customer Service

You will learn in this module how to improve your confidence, methods, and sales system from a point of service. Another lesson teaches you how to satisfy and please your clients so that they would enjoy and trust your company even more.

Additionally, you’ll discover how to develop objectives that align with your definition of success to stop spending time on pointless pursuits.

Module 8: Marketing Your Business

You will learn different marketing strategies in this module that you may use to accomplish your professional objective. You will learn how to utilize blogs and videos to draw in new customers, as well as email marketing, list development, and the Buyer Journey.

By the time you reach this module, you’ll have a better idea of the program’s worth. The game-changers that will propel your company to the moon are the marketing strategies you will discover.

Module 9: Building Your Audience

In this module, you’ll learn how to use social media, public relations, and social search to boost your company’s growth, reach, and clientele.

Additionally, you’ll discover how persuasive social proof, endorsements, and reviews are for boosting purchases. You will also be instructed on how to obtain and utilize them for your marketing in the best possible manner.


Two payment options are offered. The most flexible option is $199 in 12 monthly installments. With the exception of the Email That Sells On Auto-Pilot incentive, this grants you access to the program and all perks.

You may access the whole program and all extras, including the Email That Sell On Auto-Pilot feature, with the second plan, which requires a single payment of $1,995. So you may pick whatever one fits you the most.

A 21-day money-back guarantee is included with the payment plan. As a result, you have ample time to think things over.

Final Verdict – Flourish and Thrive Academy Review

After reading this Flourish and Thrive Academy reviews and testimonials from real students, you should be able to decide whether it’s a great fit for you.

Basically, the program is designed for you if you want to grow your Jewelry business to 5-6 figures revenue per year. All the tips and techniques you will learn there are what the program graduates are using to skyrocket their business to the moon.

In conclusion, after thoroughly reviewing Flourish and Thrive Academy, it’s clear that this program falls far short of its promises and hype. While it may present itself as a golden opportunity for jewelry business owners, the reality is quite different.

First and foremost, the exorbitant pricing for the program is a major red flag. Charging either $199 per month for 12 months or a lump sum of $1,995 is not a small investment, especially for small business owners who are likely struggling to make ends meet. The promise of a 21-day money-back guarantee might seem reassuring, but in practice, many users have reported difficulty in obtaining refunds, leaving them stuck with a hefty bill for a program that did not live up to expectations.

Furthermore, while the program claims to provide valuable insights and strategies for growing a jewelry business, the content is often generic and lacks depth. Many of the concepts covered can be found for free on the internet or in more comprehensive business courses that don’t come with the same hefty price tag.

The so-called “Diamond Insiders” community, which is touted as a major selling point of the program, often falls short of expectations. Some users have reported a lack of engagement and meaningful support from the coaches and fellow members, making it feel more like a marketing gimmick than a genuinely helpful resource.

Additionally, the program’s emphasis on marketing strategies is not unique or groundbreaking. Many of the techniques taught are standard practices in the e-commerce industry and can be learned elsewhere without the need to spend thousands of dollars.

In summary, Flourish and Thrive Academy appears to be more focused on generating profits for itself than genuinely helping jewelry business owners thrive. The high cost, lackluster content, and questionable community support make it a poor investment for anyone seeking to grow their jewelry business. There are more affordable and effective resources available for those looking to succeed in the world of e-commerce.

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