Food Blogger Pro Review – Lindsay & Bjork Ostorm Scam?

Today, we are going to talk about Food Blogger Pro. Is it legit? Find out more in this review.

It’s always nice to see people’s efforts be rewarded. For the most part, I am talking about projects that these people have put their heart and soul into. It’s hard to make something like a blog or a YouTube channel successful. You don’t really know if there is someone out there who is interested to see what you make. But when you start to get a great response to a blog post or a video, it always feels like a dream.

With so many creators out there in whatever platform, it’s often hard to cultivate an audience for your work. Competition just exists wherever you go. Some people don’t really mind if they don’t get a lot of views on their content. They just want to create the kind of content that they personally want to see. But when your livelihood is creating content, there’s some expectation for your work to do well. Without it, almost everything else comes crashing.

So whenever I see people offering courses on how to start their own blog or YouTube channel, I am always a bit skeptical. It’s hard to replicate other people’s success in a platform. There’s no guarantee that if you use the methods that you’ll learn from the course you will be earning a lot of money. It’s possible. But you’re not going to reach that until a few years down the line.

But I am always willing to find out what makes something like Food Blogger Pro different from all of the other courses out there.

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Food Blogger Pro Review: Quick Details

  • Name: Food Blogger Pro
  • Founders: Lindsay Ostrom and Bjork Ostrom
  • Website:
  • Socials: Facebook, Instagram
  • Type: Training program
  • Niche: Content creation
  • Recommendation: It seems that you will learn a lot from the program. But it’s not guaranteed that you will find the same level of success as the other people who have tried out the program. While it’s possible to use the methods for other types of blogs, Food Blogger Pro is, unsurprisingly, more catered towards those who are running or are planning to run a food blog.

Who Are Lindsay and Bjork Ostrom?

A screenshot of a video featuring Food Blogger Pro co-founder Lindsay Ostrom

Lindsay and Bjork Ostrom are the founders of a little food blog called Pinch of Yum. There isn’t really much information about either Lindsay or Bjork before they started the blog. But in 2010, while Lindsay was still a teacher for fourth-grade students, she decided to start a blog just so she could share her recipes with friends and family. It was genuinely just a way for them to share with people closest to them. But considering that the blog was public, she start get a lot views on her website.

They hadn’t really monetized the website yet. But seeing as Bjork was getting into online marketing, they decided to add advertising banners on the blog. They also decided to start writing down how much they were earning from ads. The income they were getting was a few dollars here and there. Lindsay and Bjork decided to put out the income reports on the blog. Since Bjork was the one who was more knowledgeable about this, he was the one writing the reports on the blog. Their first month racked them about $21 in revenue. And that’s from about 40,000+ pageviews on the website.

As they tried to include other income streams like affiliate links, their income slowly grew. Lindsay was still working as a teacher during this whole period. But it came to a point where her blog was earning more money than what she was earning from her teaching job. And it was there that Lindsay and Bjork decided to pursue this whole blogging thing full-time

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What Is Food Blogger Pro?

As Bjork continued to write income reports every month, a lot of their readers were asking them how they could start to monetize their own blogs. By 2013, Food Blogger Pro was born. While Pinch of Yum was largely being handle by Lindsay, Food Blogger Pro was being handled by Bjork.

Food Blogger Pro is a membership program where you can learn how to start your own food blog. The cost for a membership is either an annual plan worth $350 or a quarterly plan worth $99. You pretty much get access to about 80 courses that will help you start and grow your own food blog. Most of what you can learn can be used for other blogs in other niches. But it’s really mostly focused on food.

It seems that they offer a free two-month trial to the program in case you want to check out the courses first. That is actually kind of unheard of for a trial period. Most of the other programs I have reviewed either only gone long as 7 days or doesn’t even offer a trial period. There have been programs with a month-long trial period. But that was the most they could do.

Considering that the blog is still up and running, it seems that they have been able to have a steady stream of income coming from their blog. The income they’re earning from this subscription service certainly helps as well. But with any kind of blog, you need to find as many income streams as you can. You can’t just expect for advertising to be the only thing you’ll rely on.

There’s So Much To Learn

A screenshot from an interview with Food Blogger Pro co-founder Bjork Ostrom

That’s why they have expanded the course to included other social media platforms like Instagram, YouTube and TikTok. Blogging requires a lot of skills nowadays. You can’t rely on your writing skills anymore. It still plays a large part in getting your content out there. But you also have to know where to reach as many people as you can.

It is interesting how large of a skillset bloggers need to have nowadays. You can’t just start a blog all willy-nilly anymore. There has to be a certain amount of research and skill-building needed to make it work. It’s just how the internet works nowadays. People might see that it’s a lot of work and bail the minute something doesn’t go right for them.

But the skills that you will learn through the courses in Food Blogger Pro can be used for other ventures. Most of them are still internet-related. But a lot of people are on the internet nowadays. These are stills that still work as far as I know. A lot of people are often on the lookout for people who know SEO or photo editing. Yeah, you can apparently learn how to color correct photos using Lightroom using their course. It makes sense that a course like that would exist. Aesthetics are often a big part of food photography. But it’s hard to present a dish when you know that the entire process is going to be messy.

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Final Verdict – Food Blogger Pro

You’re definitely going to learn a lot from the courses that you’ll get from Food Blogger Pro. But I can’t really recommend it all that much. There’s nothing really wrong with the content of the course. It seems that they put in a lot of effort to record videos for each lesson in the training program. The membership isn’t really for everybody.

There is just a lot of costs that you need to be aware of when you’re going to create your blog. Even though you can create a blog for free, you need to pay a decent amount of money to host the domain for it. I feel like you’ve already calculated the cost of ingredients for the recipes you’re going to make. But if you already have recipes in mind, it’s not much of a problem. Making a blog work in this day and age takes so much time, effort and money.

It’s not guaranteed that you’d be earning the same amount of money that other bloggers earn. That’s just what happens when you start something from scratch. But if you’re really keen on making it work, maybe the Food Blogger Pro membership is the right thing for you.

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