Footprints Floors Franchise Review – Scam or Legit?

Today we will be reviewing a business opportunity known as Footprints Floors Franchise. Is it legit? Find out in this Footprints Floors Franchise review.

Footprints Floors boasts a decade-long history of growth and achievement, backed by a distinct franchise model that remains unrivaled at the national level.

Their comprehensive range of services includes the installation of hardwood floors, carpets, tile floors, back splashes, and laminates.

The company’s business model has withstood the test of time, with over ten years of industry-leading unit economics validating its effectiveness.

The cornerstone of their success lies in a fundamental business objective: to provide exceptional customer service, a quality often lacking within the industry.

Is it worth getting a Footprints Floors Franchise or not? Find out in this review.

Before you decide to get this franchise, you should read this Footprints Floors Franchise review first. You should check if it is worth the time and money before you decide to commit to it.

DISCLAIMER: This is a fully independent review. I’m not affiliated with Footprints Floors Franchise in any shape or form whatsoever.

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Footprint Floors Franchise Review: Quick Details

  • Name: Footprint Floors Franchise
  • Founder: Bryan Park
  • Website:
  • Socials: N/A
  • Type: Franchise
  • Niche: Construction
  • Recommendation: I think there is money to be made here, but franchising is not that simple. It will require you a lot of capital.

How did Footprint Floors Start?

Footprints Floors Franchise Review - Logo

Bryan Park, CEO of Footprints Floors, saw a major problem in the flooring market after he and his family relocated to Littleton, Colorado. Bryan set out to change the industry standard for flooring repair and installation due to a lack of trust and transparency in the industry.

A need for reliable flooring in a high-traffic home grew into a mission to improve the industry as a whole by setting new standards for honesty and effectiveness.

In the previous ten years, Bryan has established a firm that is not only lucrative, but also well-organized and capable of rapid expansion. He is now resolved to disseminate his success formula to other would-be Franchise Owners all throughout the country.

Bryan saw personally how much wear and tear his wood floors took as a result of sharing his home with three active girls and three huge dogs.

After being disappointed by the unprofessionalism and lack of honesty he found when looking for flooring services, he decided to do something about it.

Bryan saw the potential and the calling to give clients with transparent and fair flooring solutions by revolutionizing the industry.

Bryan’s dedication to revolutionizing the flooring business over the past decade is unwavering. He took great care in developing a company plan that puts a premium on efficiency, scalability, and making a profit.

The beginning of Footprints Floors

The name Footprints Floors is now often associated with high-quality work and friendly, helpful service. Bryan’s commitment to quality has propelled the firm to new heights of success and raised the bar for the whole industry.

Bryan has recently developed an interest in serving as a business mentor. Many first-time Franchise Owners have followed his lead and achieved success they never thought imaginable.

Bryan is dedicated to growing the Footprints Floors brand by providing continuing assistance to new Franchise Owners around the country and imparting his experience and success strategies to them.

Now that Footprints Floors is doing well, Bryan feels compelled to help other ambitious business owners around the United States.

In 2018, he hopes to disseminate the Footprints’ winning formula, providing Franchise Owners with the knowledge, skills, and support they need to succeed in the cutthroat flooring business.

By expanding his company’s reach, Bryan hopes to attract like-minded people who are as committed to the company’s core values as he is: honesty, profitability, and superior service to customers.

The rise of Bryan Park from an upstart flooring company that recognized industry flaws to a dominant player in the industry is a testament to the transformational power of hard work and devotion to change.

Not only has Footprints Floors offered clients cutting-edge flooring options, but it has also given prospective business owners a shot at extraordinary success.

Bryan has a clear vision for the future: equip Franchise Owners all over the country with the tried-and-true Footprints’ model and unwavering support, and together they will transform the flooring business one footprint at a time.

How Do You Start a Footprint Floors Franchise?

Footprints Floors Franchise Review - Overview

You should look into starting a Footprints Floors Franchise thoroughly before deciding whether or not to do so.

Make sure you do your homework to evaluate if opening a Footprints Floors business in your region would be profitable.

Submitting an application for a Footprint Floors franchise is the first step toward launching a business in your area.

A representative from the franchise company will explain everything in detail and address any concerns you may have. A franchise agreement might be made if you and the franchisor agree that working together would be beneficial.

After committing to a franchise, you’ll put in time learning the ropes in a classroom setting and on the job.

With ongoing training, marketing, and community initiatives, Footprints Floors is committed to the success of your franchise.

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Is Footprint Floors Legit?

This is similar to Fit Body Boot Camp Franchise, Home Invest, and Shed Academy.

Many people have found success with a Footprints Floors franchise, and you may be one of them if you consider these benefits:

Strong partnership and support model.

Footprints Floors expects all of their new Franchise Owners to provide excellent service to their consumers. A dedicated call center handles all communication with customers, making this possible.

The call center takes messages, makes appointments, helps with time management, and routes calls to the correct Franchise Owners depending on the territories they cover.

Franchise Owners are able to put their attention where it belongs—on growing their businesses and satisfying their customers—thanks to the extensive assistance offered by Footprints Floors.

Successful franchise concept.

With a franchise strategy that hasn’t been replicated anywhere in the country and a history of development and success spanning a decade, Footprints Floors stands out from the competition.

Low cost of entry.

Footprints Floors is a leading franchise opportunity because its low initial investment yields high profits. Franchise owners typically invest around $74,000, but reap substantial financial rewards.

Footprints Floors is pleased to announce a fantastic 783% sales-to-investment ratio on average sales of $831,682.

This remarkable ratio shows the franchise’s profitability and the opportunity for high ROI. Franchise Owners may start a Footprints Floors business with the knowledge that they will likely see a healthy return on their initial investment.

Outstanding economics.

According to the verified information in the FDD, the average franchisee generates over $500,000 in revenue by the end of year two in operation. These franchisees have reached over $1 million in sales by the fourth year.

In addition, the typical net profit lies between the 25% to 30% range, which is detailed in item 19 of the FDD. Franchisees may expect solid financial performance and profit potential, as demonstrated by these numbers, if they work with us.

Freedom and flexibility.

The value of striking a good work-life balance is something that runs deep at Footprints Floors. Franchise Owners benefit greatly from the independence and adaptability afforded by our franchise system.

They may build a successful business while maintaining a schedule that works for them and their families.

We value time with family and friends and work hard to help Franchise Owners strike a balance between their work and personal lives so that they may achieve their full potential in both realms.

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Is Footprints Floors for Everyone?

Ideally, Footprints HQ would choose a Franchise Owner who is driven by their own ambitions, can think strategically, and can make snap judgments.

Candidates must not only have above-average communication abilities, but also show that they can handle problems effectively under pressure.

Franchise Owners must be well organized and have strong organizational skills in order to successfully manage the many tasks that fall within their purview.

While it’s conceivable that individual tasks are manageable, the stress of juggling several commitments might quickly become too much to bear.

Franchisees must have the organizational skills to stay on top of their most pressing tasks and the discipline to stick to the tried-and-true practices that have been shown to be essential to running profitable businesses.

Those interested in becoming Conversion Franchise Owners with Footprints HQ are urged to do so if they are currently engaged in the flooring sector through the operation of their own separate enterprises.

These people wish to escape the constraints of working for smaller companies, which limit their earning potential.

No prior experience is necessary for a Conversion Franchise Owner because Footprints HQ provides so much support in the areas of marketing and handling increased client loads.

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