Fortune Builders Review: Scam Or Legit?

Today, we’re going to talk about the Fortune Builders educational system. Find out in this Fortune Builders review if this will work for you.

Real estate is considered to be one of the most recommended assets to invest in. Whether it’s a piece of land title, a farm lot, or even a house, it’s already viable.

That’s because no matter what, the value of your real estate investment is always expected to go up as time passes. While its appreciation timeframe is slow compared to others, you can be ensured that it’s very stable, and rarely goes down.

Furthermore, there are plenty of ways in which one can earn a good amount of money in real estate. From buying a lot to add to their investment portfolio, to even “flipping” them.

Thus, it’s no wonder that some people, particularly investors, find the real estate industry quite attractive.

But real estate flipping, like any other online business, can still pose quite a challenge. And this is where programs like Fortune Builders come into the scene.

Fortune Builders is an online educational program that teaches users everything they need to earn money in real estate.

But before you decide to join this educational program, it’s much better if you read this Fortune Builders review first. And hopefully, this can help you decide if this is the right opportunity for you, or not.

Note that this is a fully independent Fortune Builders review. I’m not affiliated with Fortune Builders in any way or form whatsoever.

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What Is Fortune Builders?

Fortune Builders Logo

Fortune Builders claims to be a premier real estate education company in the country.

They claim to have developed plenty of material to help out new and existing real estate investor businesses. From various systems, tools, educational platforms, and coaching programs.

Real estate is arguably one of the more popular industries today. As a testament to it, in the U.S. alone, there are already 2 million real estate agents around. And their numbers just keep on increasing.

This is a clear testament to the demand of this industry. Even the current COVID-19 pandemic doesn’t detract some people from investing in their own property.

But learning the real estate industry can be quite overwhelming for some. It’s almost impossible to learn everything at once. Learning everything would take a long time before you could even sell your first house.

Thus, Fortune Builders aims to be the most complete and comprehensive real estate educational program for those who want to take up real estate investing. Though it’s primarily aimed at beginners, they say that even advanced real estate investors may benefit a lot from this program.

As interesting as it may seem, the hard truth is that working in real estate isn’t really for everyone. You not only have to put up a good amount of hard workload to succeed, but you also have to prepare a huge amount of capital to start.

And if you’re able to put with that expected workload, you might as well just start a system that ACTUALLY lets you earn money directly.

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The People Behind Fortune Builders

Fortune Builders is founded by a team of successful real estate entrepreneurs and investors. They’re also part of the Board of Directors of this company.

Fortune Builders - Founders


Than Merill is one of the most successful people in the field of real estate. He’s a sought-after public speaker who started his speaking engagement career back in 2006 in front of the members of the Real Estate Investment Association (REIA). 

He’s also an Amazon best-selling author for his books about real estate. Including “The Real Estate Wholesaling Bible”, and “E-Myth Real Estate Investor”, which he co-wrote with Michael Gerber.

Paul Esajian is a degree holder in Economics from the University of California. Aside from Fortune Builders, he’s also the CFO of other two multimillion-dollar companies, namely, CT Homes, and Grand Coast Capital Group. 

Like Merill, he also wrote a book entitled “The Real Estate Rehab Investing Bible”, published by Wiley Publishing.

JD Esajian is the current president of CT Homes, LLC, and he oversees all the deals and rehabs for the company. Unlike Paul and Than, he does not have his own book, but he is regularly involved with the Fortune Builders’ charitable initiatives.

Konrad Sopielnikow is a graduate of Yale University and is the man behind the technology, innovation, and legal systems for the CT Homes and Fortune Builders. His expertise in business systems and technology-enabled him to expand the company’s online presence.

These people claimed to have found success in the real estate industry in various ways. As of late, they have collectively invested over $1billion dollars in residential and commercial real estate, acquired over 1,000 properties, and are currently managing between 25 to 40 ongoing real estate projects.

They collectively also have a decade of experience in coaching out real estate investors.


How Does Fortune Builders Work?

The Fortune Builders program consists of several steps. This is done to give newcomers an idea of what they can expect before they present you with the full program.

Though it also acts as a sales funnel to get you interested on their courses, each step also provides some good real estate information.

Step 1: Free Webinar

The first thing they’ll do is that they’ll offer you first to join a Zoom webinar. As the title says, it’s absolutely free to join, and its schedule may vary.

Inside, you’ll be greeted by one of their trainers. You’ll be taught by this trainer a ton of valid, valuable, and relevant information regarding real estate.

If you’re a beginner in real estate, you may find everything that they teach here quite useful. If you’re already an experienced real estate investor, however, some of the information presented here may not apply, depending on your market. But they may still have some degree of relevance.

Keep note that this doesn’t constitute the full training. This is basically just a sales pitch to get you to warm on the course eventually, while still offering some degree of education.

Some even said that the trainer in this webinar may also engage in some form of “hard selling” to its webinar participants. But it could depend on the trainer, so it may not be that much of a big issue.

At the end of this webinar, you’ll then be offered to “upgrade” to their weekend boot camp (or workshop, whichever you prefer it to be called).

Step 2: 3-Day Workshop

An invitation to their so-called workshop will then be presented once you finish their webinar. While the webinar is totally free, joining the workshop this time requires you to pay a small amount.

The workshop lasts a total of three days, and covers a broad range of relevant and updated topics around real estate investing. Among the topics being discussed can include how to loan money for investing, wholesaling, various investing strategies, and how to work with contractors, real estate agents, etc.

At the end of this weekend workshop, you’ll then be offered what they call the Mastery Program.

Step 3: Fortune Builders Mastery Program

After you finished the workshop, you’ll then be offered further real estate training, by enrolling in their so-called mastery program.

You can also directly apply to this program without going through any of their webinars or workshops. However, you still need to go through their “1-on-1 consultation” first.

This is considered to be their flagship program. Thus, you can expect that you’ll get the most comprehensive, complete, and detailed real estate training that you’ll need from here.

It contains the usual things that you can expect from a training course. This includes a full curriculum, access to several live coaching sessions (1-on-1, group), plus several relevant tools.

These are the things that you’ll get when you join the mastery program.

  • One-On-One Mentoring & Support (On-Demand Coaching System, Email Support & One-On-One Coaching Appointments, Customized Business Plan Creation, etc.)
  • Weekly Live Training & Coaching Webinar Classes (Group Coaching Calls, Business Building & Business Growth Coaching Calls, “Case Study” Training Classes)
  • Online Learning Center (Customized Online Curriculum, Intermediate & Advanced Investor Training Classes)
  • Action Plans & System Implementation (Weekly Action Plans, Action Plan Video + Implementation Checklist)
  • Foundational Systems & Course Materials
  • Mastery Business Management System (Fully-Customized Backend Office System)

Other Courses

Aside from the main Mastery Program, Fortune Builders also offers online courses that focus on a certain subject about real estate investing.

These courses are headlined by one of the founders of Fortune Builders, and can be joined anytime if one wishes to.

These courses are…

  • Marketing For Deals – Headlined by Than Merrill. Focuses on strategies and systems to effectively market and generate leads to acquiring deals.
  • Rehabbing and Maximizing Profits – Headlined by Paul Esajian. Focuses on rehabilitating houses for flipping. This teaches students how to evaluate houses, quickly determine repair costs, save on construction materials and manage contractors,
  • Wholesaling for Quick Cash – Focuses on real estate wholesaling.
  • Fortune Builders Tax Lien & Deed Online Training – Focuses on tax liens and tax deeds, and how you can use it in real estate investing.

How Much Do You Need To Spend On Fortune Builders?

How much do you need to spend on the various programs of Fortune Builder depends on how far you’ve been into the program.

As stated before, the webinar is totally free. While it offers some useful information about real estate, it’s going to be not enough. Which is normal because it’s only a big sales pitch to promote its other programs, anyway.

Joining the 3-day boot camp now costs a bit of money. How much you need to pay may vary. But according to some sources, it can range from around $200 to $300.

Finally, there’s the Mastery Program. The price for joining the Master Program depends on which tier you want to avail from it. And currently, it has three pricing tiers.

  1. Platinum – $30,000 (Includes 6 months of education)
  2. Diamond – $35,000 (Includes 12 months of education)
  3. Inner Circle – $50,000 (Includes 12 months of education, one-on-one coaching, and marketing services)

It’s also priced separately from the other courses Fortune Builders offer, which are at different individual prices.

  • Marketing For Deals – $1,197.00
  • Rehabbing and Maximizing Profits – $1,197.00
  • Wholesaling for Quick Cash – $1,197.00
  • Fortune Builders Tax Lien & Deed Online Training – $397.00

As you can see, the mastery is extremely expensive. It’s actually several times more expensive than most of the real estate courses out there. The individual courses aren’t as expensive, however.

The justification given by those who promote this program is that you get what you pay for. And I somewhat agree. If the credentials of the founders are saying something, it’s to assure you that you’ll get a very good value for this real estate training program.

But the fact is, it greatly limits its accessibility because of its price.

Pros And Cons Of Fortune Builders


  • It’s one of the most complete and comprehensive real estate education out there.
  • The founders, and the coaches in it, are all complete real estate professionals. Therefore, it’s safe to say that they’re quite legitimate.
  • Unlike some online courses out there, you can actually choose your mentor for the mastery course.


  • It’s extremely expensive. Hence, not everyone who wants to get into the real estate industry can afford it.

Is Real Estate Really For Everyone?

Real Estate

In this section of this Fortune Builders review, I’ll be telling here to you why I think real estate, and by extension, this program, may not work for everyone.

Buying and selling real estate is not for the faint of heart. You can’t just decide to pursue a career in real estate on the spur of the moment. Making judgments about a real estate-related business is a serious matter.

Many reality television shows romanticize the process of buying and selling real estate, as if it were simple. This industry isn’t as straightforward as it appears on television.

Understanding the real estate market and investing in homes is only the first step. It’s a long road ahead of you, and it doesn’t get any easier.

If you want to succeed in real estate, you need capital. If you do not have capital, then I suggest looking for another business to get into. Properties are not cheap at all.

More than just a sharp eye for possible homes and some bargaining skills are required to succeed in this market.

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Fortune Builders Review: Final Verdict


Let me close this Fortune Builders review, by giving my own personal verdict about this course.

I seriously think Fortune Builders is still a great real estate educational program to get into. It basically has almost everything that you’ll need to get started in the real estate industry. Whether you’re an investor or not.

If you’re someone who plans to go full-time into the real estate industry, then I highly recommend this program for you.

But personally, it’s not really that ideal, especially for a beginner. The amount of capital that you’ll need to successfully establish a business like this isn’t something you can achieve in mere days.

In fact, you may not get the return of investment that you need to cover up the costs of this program in a short time. If you enrolled in Fortune Builders using something like a loan or credit to pay for it, then it can spell a bit of trouble for you.

Sure. It’s an investment that always appreciates, thus increasing its value. But the hard work that you’re going to put up with this may not be worth it.

In fact, when it comes to real estate, digital real estate is so much better today. It’s much less of a hassle to set up a related business like domain flipping and even lead generation if you wish.

If you ask me, I would just stick to what business method works for me. But you’re also free to try it for yourself. After all, it’s my #1 recommendation for you if you wish to make money online.

If you want to find out more about it, keep on reading beyond this Fortune Builders review.

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