Free House Formula Review – Cody Sperber Scam?

Today we will be reviewing Cody Sperber’s program known as Free House Formula. Is Free House Formula legit? Find out in this Free House Formula review.

There is a widespread belief, according to Cody Sperber, that in order to get started in real estate, one needs a significant amount of capital. It goes without saying that one needs money in order to make money, but I’m sure you’ve heard that a lot already.

You probably heard about Cody from an internet guru, or you probably saw one of his ads online. Either way, you are here today to find out whether his course is the real deal or not.

Cody, however, asserts that one does not require a significant amount of money or good credit in order to invest in real estate. He claims that if you want to get started, you don’t require anything more but his Free House Formula program.

If this is the case, you could be able to become the proud owner of a property in as little as a month, and you wouldn’t have to pay a single cent to do it. A pretty bold claim, considering how the prices of properties just keep rising.

So, do you believe whatever this guy is claiming so far? I am not.

However, I decided that we can give Cody the opportunity to defend his claims. My thoughts on the Free House Formula are outlined in the review, so make sure you read the entirety of it.

Before you decide to sign up for this program, you should read this Free House Formula review first.

DISCLAIMER: This is a fully independent review. I’m not affiliated with Cody Sperber in any shape or form whatsoever.

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Free House Formula Review: Quick Details

  • Name: Free House Formula
  • Owner: Cody Sperber
  • Website:
  • Socials: LinkedIn, Twitter
  • Type: Training program
  • Niche: Real estate investing
  • Recommended?: Real estate investing requires a lot of money and resources to be successful. Because of that, I don’t recommend getting into a real estate business. Instead, it is much better to look for a better opportunity which does not require much money and resources from you.

What is Free House Formula?

Investing in real estate is the focus of the Free House Formula. This course will likely introduce you to the “Big 3” investment types, namely buy, hold, and sell. Investing in real estate has a lot of possibilities, regardless of whatever route you choose to take. It is, after all, the world’s oldest source of riches.

However, before signing up for the Free House Formula, you may want to question yourself. If you’re thinking about getting into real estate investment, is now going to be the best time to do so?

No matter how you look at it, real estate investing is either enormously capital- or labor-intensive.

Real estate investment may not be the greatest fit for you if you just have an hour or two a day or if your savings account is a few zeroes short of what you’d want. After all, money is going to be what can make or break your dream business.

An easy-to-understand idea underpins the Free House Formula. Problem and solution are equivalent in terms of profit. Lyle, Cody’s mentor, told him that homeownership was viewed as an issue back in the day by many people.

Sometimes, the best option is to give you the house for nothing. Termology is everything. When it comes to negotiating win-win transactions, Cody utilizes three methods.

In order to discover motivated vendors, he will provide you with the tools and training. He’ll even explain why homeowners should hand up their homes to you for nothing.

You’ll also get access to the largest dealer network in the United States. In his Pro Community, Cody says that he has hundreds and thousands of real estate investors that would love to do deals with you. He seems to be confident with the potential business brought about by his connections.

It’s not money that is the problem for most real estate investors; rather, it’s a lack of imagination. The inventive ideas you need to clinch these agreements are provided by program. At least, that is what Cody wants you to believe.

You might potentially your first free property in as short as thirty days if you follow his strategy. Thus, you can have more free residences are at your disposal. And there are many more residences that are completely free if you know where to look.

Then you can earn instant gains by swiftly flipping the transactions; you can make even more profits if you remodel and sell the houses; or you can do what Cody recommends: rent out the houses to produce monthly cash flow.

Who is Cody Sperber?
Free House Formula Review - Cody Sperber

Cody Sperber is a Mesa, Arizona native. He graduated from Arizona State University with a business degree. Finance and real estate were two of his majors. When he was still in college, he started investing in real estate.

He began flipping houses full-time two years after graduating. Previously, he was a bookkeeper. In the 1980s, real estate guru Jack Miller gave a class to Cody Sperber that changed his life.

Lyle became a mentor to Cody Sperber when they met at that event. Cody’s mentor helped him revamp the processes for his real estate ventures with the help of his mentor.

Real estate training company Clever Investor was started by Cody Sperber. He makes the claim that he can help others become real estate investors. The firm is his major source of income at the time.

He has become one of the biggest names in real estate education. After all, he’s made more than $200 million by completing over a thousand deals in his career.

He has accomplished a wide range of transactions, including short sales, multi-unit and subject-to deals, lease options and his own patented investment method known as the “reverse short sale.”

As a friend and colleague put it, Sperber is known as “The Smart Investor.” This is the name of his website. This moniker was inspired by his unique techniques, the capacity to think outside the box, and the ability to create leads that seemed to produce great results.

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More About Cody

Sperber grew up in the state of Arizona. While still in elementary school, he’d dreamed of one day teaching ninth grade math. When he realized how much money math instructors made each year, he pushed hard to achieve this objective. In the wake of this, he decided to enroll in the US Navy instead of pursuing his dream of becoming a teacher.

Leadership skills, personal integrity, and devotion to duty were all developed throughout Cody’s time in the Navy. Before he was discharged, he was awarded the Navy’s highest decoration, the Navy Achievement Medal, for his leadership and team-building skills. For his post-military education, Sperber attended Arizona State University, where he earned a bachelor’s degree in finance.

During his time at Arizona State, Sperber witnessed a friend make a tidy profit selling a property for more than $80,000. The fact that his friend, who had no particular training or means, was able to pull off such a feat left him in awe. For him, this seemed like a no-brainer, and he set out to learn the ropes of real estate investment on his own.

The potential in real estate piqued his interest, so he decided to make it his full-time profession. After a year of trying and failing, he decided to give up on his goal and become an accountant instead. His position as a bookkeeper was not one he looked forward to going to each day. The idea of investing in real estate drew him in time and time again, since he was confident that it could be done.

In the end, Sperber attended a meeting with other real estate speculators. He was motivated by both the course material and the individuals he met there. At the gathering, he also met a mentor. The mentor’s name was Lyle. He helped Sperber reorganize his real estate investment firm and generate high-quality leads for many weeks.

Over the course of the next year, Sperber sold over 50 homes. He then moved on to wholesale, where he became an expert. There have been many real estate closings and success stories with Sperber. He’s still doing 7 to 15 deals a month.

Since then, his efforts and enthusiasm for real estate have been directed into educating others how to do the same. He’s developed a number of tools, including lectures, products, and a mentorship program of his own. Meanwhile, he’s still buying, selling, and renting out homes in the real estate market on a practically daily basis.

Is Cody Sperber Legit?

In my perspective, Cody Sperber is not a charlatan or a swindler. Or, at the very least, I don’t believe he is. Code Sperber’s course is a fantastic resource for real estate education. This guy knows what he’s doing.

Cody Sperber’s course, on the other hand, may not be suitable for those with limited financial resources. It’s impossible to get his course because of the exorbitant prices. Investing in physical real estate requires a large amount of funds. Your business may require money to acquire premises, advertise your company, and engage experts like attorneys.

Investment in real estate has historically had a lower return on investment (ROI) than other types of investments.

After all, investing big sums of money in an area with minimal liquidity is just as dangerous as trading stocks. If you don’t have an emergency fund, you’ll be in serious difficulty.

Because of the risk involved, not many people look into real estate investing.

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Final Verdict – Free House Formula Review

Real estate investing

Before I end this Free House Formula review, I would like to share a few more insights that could help you.

According to my previous statements, the real estate sector is not as simple as you may think. This is going to require a lot of time and work to be successful, not to mention a lot of money and resources.

You’re mostly concerned with closing the deal. To put it another way, you should be able to persuade your vendors as well as potential purchasers.

On top of all of this, you can’t accomplish it all on your own. In order to deal with the numerous facets of your business, you’ll want the assistance of a group.

You must be dedicated to your goals if you want to be successful in this highly competitive sector. Rookie mistakes may cost you a lot of money, so learning the ropes is an investment in both time and money.

It’s a good idea to start a side company if you can’t afford it. It’s a good thing I’m here, since I can share something that’s worked successfully for me.

Continue reading this Free House Formula review for more information if you’re interested.

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