Freedom Era Review – Scam Or Legit?

Today we will be reviewing an MLM opportunity known as Freedom Era. Is it legit? Find out in this Freedom Era review.

I like looking for new trends in making money online. That is why I started this blog, after all. In my years of reviewing courses, programs, and gurus, I believe that I have seen my fair share of MLM companies.

When it comes to MLMs, I only have one stance: I am steadfastly against them. They are predatory companies that have no empathy for the people they are preying on and manipulate them into thinking that their “business opportunity” is something worth spending money on.

Freedom Era seems like one of those MLMs claiming that they have your back, even if that is one big fat lie. Are they worth giving a chance or not?

Before you decide to sign up for this program, you should read this Freedom Era review first.

DISCLAIMER: This is a fully independent review. I’m not affiliated with Freedom Era in any shape or form whatsoever.

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Freedom Era Review: Quick Details

  • Name: Freedom Era
  • Founder: N/A
  • Website:
  • Socials: Facebook
  • Type: Training and business opportunity
  • Niche: Multi-level marketing
  • Recommendation: I will never recommend that you join any MLM.

What is Freedom Era?

Freedom Era Review - Logo

Freedom Era’s training platform emerges as a questionable venture, promising to educate you on establishing an online business, but it entangles you in the web of marketing and selling expensive Kangen Enagic water filtration systems and somewhat questionable turmeric supplements.

To even contemplate delving into this “business opportunity”, you’re required to assume the title of distributor, a dubious distinction that demands a significant financial sacrifice.

This undertaking entails not only surrendering your hard-earned cash to purchase the system but also embarking on the daunting task of recruiting others who will embark on this financially draining “opportunity of a lifetime”.

The monetary requirement is staggering, with costs ranging from an eye-watering $4,000 to a jaw-dropping $12,000, leaving you grappling with the weight of your decision.

Should you decide against becoming a distributor but opt for the lesser role of an affiliate, be prepared to face severe limitations.

Your earning potential is strangled, and your access to essential tools on this multi-level marketing (MLM) platform is systematically restricted. You’re essentially relegated to the status of an underling, with scant room for growth and prosperity.

The opportunity to partake in Freedom Era requires that you either possess innate sales acumen or be willing to undergo the grueling transformation into one.

Yet, the admission fee is nothing short of exorbitant, demanding a substantial capital injection with no assurances of success. The constant pressure to recruit others into this enigmatic system further exacerbates the inherent financial risks.

In the merciless world of MLMs, Freedom Era fails to distinguish itself as a credible or ethical player. There exist far more viable alternatives that offer superior programs, more effective training, and platforms that don’t leave you second-guessing your involvement.

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Freedom Era Overview

The Freedom Era, while not fitting the strict definition of a pyramid scheme, exudes an unsettling aura.

This purported educational program disguises its core purpose: instructing individuals in the art of selling Enagic’s overpriced products through channels like social media, paid ads, attraction marketing, and funnels.

Freedom Era Review - Enagic

It’s essential to clarify that, on paper, Enagic doesn’t qualify as a pyramid scheme either.

Nevertheless, both Freedom Era and Enagic bear the conspicuous hallmarks of pyramid schemes, a fact that has not gone unnoticed. The very structure and operation of these programs raise suspicions and leave a sour taste in one’s mouth.

In light of this, it’s challenging to muster any enthusiasm for these programs or any others that operate on the same premise of luring unsuspecting individuals into selling exorbitant goods. The resemblance to a pyramid scheme is difficult to overlook.

A pyramid scheme, by definition, thrives on recruiting new members rather than selling legitimate products or services. Such an arrangement is fundamentally flawed and inherently unprofitable. Pyramid schemes are universally condemned and illegal in most countries worldwide.

While Enagic does offer tangible products and The Freedom Era purports to sell training applicable to various online businesses, it’s a stretch to categorically classify them as pyramid schemes.

Nevertheless, the predominant emphasis on recruiting new members in both programs is enough to cast a shadow of doubt and raise concerns.

The financial model employed by Freedom Era compounds the unease. Offering a 25% commission for each recruit enticed into the program, it incentivizes recruitment over any other meaningful activity.

Enagic’s compensation structure is similarly skewed, only releasing earnings once you’ve built a downline of recruits. The unmistakable emphasis on recruitment is the crux of why these programs often find themselves likened to pyramid schemes.

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Is Freedom Era Legit?

The debate on whether The Freedom Era can be definitively labeled as a scam is subjective, with opinions varying depending on who you consult. However, our perspective leans toward skepticism, as this program raises multiple red flags.

While it ostensibly presents the concept of “attraction marketing” via social media and advertisements as a means to sell their water filtration machines and recruit new members, the exorbitant costs involved and the relentless financial demands imposed once you’re ensnared in this venture are causes for concern.

The program’s steep expenses seem never-ending, placing a heavy financial burden on its participants.

One prominent reason that fuels the perception of a potential scam is the initial information provided, which paints an unrealistic and rosy picture that doesn’t align with the actual experiences of those who dive in.

This lack of transparency and the absence of clear and freely given disclaimers can be perceived as manipulative and misleading.

Given the program’s heavy emphasis on recruitment, its legitimacy is brought into question. The core focus on drawing new members into the fold raises doubts and prompts us to delve deeper into this review to uncover answers.

For individuals with limited experience or those new to the world of online business, this training program is unlikely to be a helpful resource. In fact, it might have the adverse effect of creating confusion and bewilderment.

What further exacerbates our skepticism is the dubious marketing tactics employed by recruiters associated with Freedom Era.

These tactics are designed to entice unsuspecting newcomers with minimal or no prior experience, casting a shadow of unethical behavior over the entire operation.

Final Verdict – Freedom Era Review

It’s crucial to emphasize that, when it comes to MLMs, we maintain an unwavering stance against them. These predatory entities show no empathy for the individuals they ensnare and manipulate, convincing them that their “business opportunity” is worth the substantial financial investment required.

Freedom Era, unfortunately, fits the mold of an MLM claiming to have your best interests at heart, a facade that quickly crumbles upon closer examination. Are they worthy of your trust or consideration? Our conclusion leans heavily towards skepticism.

This purported educational program disguises its true intention beneath a veneer of “attraction marketing” through channels like social media and paid ads. Yet, the excessive costs associated with this endeavor, coupled with the relentless financial demands that persist, are ample cause for concern.

The financial burden this program places on its participants is staggering, creating an ongoing source of financial stress.

One major red flag contributing to the perception of a potential scam is the initial information provided, which paints an idealized and unrealistic picture that starkly contrasts with the actual experiences of those ensnared in the program.

This lack of transparency and the failure to provide clear, freely given disclaimers are indicative of manipulative and misleading tactics.

Freedom Era’s dubious marketing tactics add another layer of skepticism. Recruiters employ questionable tactics to lure unsuspecting individuals, often with minimal or no prior experience, casting a shadow of unethical behavior over the entire operation.

Such practices further reinforce our reservations about the legitimacy of this program.

While Freedom Era might not meet the strict definition of a pyramid scheme, it undeniably exhibits unsettling characteristics reminiscent of one. The inherent emphasis on recruiting new members, coupled with the program’s financially oppressive model, heightens doubts about its authenticity.

In the world of MLMs, this venture fails to distinguish itself as a credible or ethical player.

There are far more viable alternatives that offer superior programs, more effective training, and platforms that don’t leave you questioning your choices and financial well-being.

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