Freedom Farmers Microgreens Review – Scam Or Legit?

Today, we are going to talk about the Freedom Farmers Microgreens Business course. Is it legit? Find out more in this review.

There are a lot of ways that people could go about when it comes to starting a small business. Almost anything can be monetized in a way. You would be surprised that there is often a market for products or services that you might sell. It may not be a big market. But at least it exists regardless of the size.

One of the more common niches that people get into when starting a small business is ecommerce. Not everybody has the capacity to run a business through a physical location. So being able to run a business from the comfort of your home is often seen as a benefit to going the ecommerce route. I have reviewed a ton of different platforms that have their own online course devoted to ecommerce. For the most part, a lot of them are worth the try.

There are also a handful of companies that offer their own programs for those that want to run their own vending machine business or ATM business. (Yeah, somehow, people can run their own ATMs. Who knew?) You can never really run out of ideas for a small business.

So when I learned about the Freedom Farmers Microgreens Business course, I was kind of curious. I have never really an online course that’s focus is an agricultural business. People buy a lot of herbs from the supermarket or their local farmer’s market. So there’s already people who are willing to buy the product that you might sell. A lot of people buy fresh produce. But is the course actually worth the money? Or are you better off learning things on your own? That’s what we’re going to find out.

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Freedom Farmers Microgreens Review: Quick Details

  • Name: Freedom Farmers Microgreens
  • Founder: Curtis Stone and Jonah Krochmalnek
  • Website:
  • Socials: Facebook, Instagram, YouTube
  • Type Training program
  • Niche: Small business, urban farming
  • Recommendation: This is one of the better online courses that I have reviewed. There are a lot of skills that you might learn from it. But I do have to note that it’s not guaranteed that you will find immediate success in running a microgreens business. It’s possible, but be aware that it’s not going to be quick.

Who Are Curtis Stone and Jonah Krochmalnek?

Freedom Farmers Microgreens founder Curtis Stone

There are two people involved with regards to the creation of the Freedom Farmers Microgreens Business course. Those are Curtis Stone and Jonah Krochmalnek.

Curtis Stone is a lot of things. He is primarily a farmer. But he is also an author of a book titled “The Urban Farmer.” As the name suggests, it’s a book about urban farming. But it took a while before Curtis Stone became the personality that he is.

Based on an interview that he did for his book, Curtis started out as a musician. He was working as a musician in Toronto. There’s not really much else that he said about his previous background. But he mentioned that at some point during that part of his career, he had gotten burnt out from being a musician. There wasn’t really anything that stopped him from leaving that career. Considering that he wasn’t really earning enough money from it to make a living. This was in the late 2000s from what I could gather.

The main reason why he got into urban farming was because there weren’t a lot of fresh produce coming into the supermarkets in the area that he was living in due to the weather. Apparently, trucks weren’t able to traverse the area since it was cold out and the roads might get slippery and all that. That was the moment when he realized that life was too fragile in a sense. If there were no fresh produce arriving in stores, people wouldn’t really be able to eat. Especially those that don’t really eat meat.

He took a bit of break and went down the West Coast to Mexico to explore the communities there. That was kind of where he sort started to see the vision come together. When he came back to Canada after three months in Mexico, Curtis just wanted to do something. And that was when he really started to get into Urban Farming. Almost a decade later, he had grown his small urban farm into an actual business. And it didn’t really stop at just stop there. He also managed to build his own streaming service and educational platform.

Then There’s Jonah…

Jonah Krochmalnek, on the other hand, had a more simple path towards start his own agriculture business. Apparently, his dad grew different types of vegetables when he was a kid. And that was kind of how the seed was planted for him.

He studied finance in college. Graduated and went on to work a little bit in a corporate setting. Eventually, he decided to volunteer at an urban farm facility. And that was when he decided to actually pursue a career in farming. That was how Living Earth Farms came to be. He managed to grow his business within a decade to become one of the largest microgreen farms in Canada. Because of his notoriety in that business, I guess that’s how Jonah and Curtis met. Soon after, with the launch of Freedom Farmers, Curtis joined in to teach one of the courses.

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What Is Freedom Farmers?

Freedom Farmers is a platform that’s focused on teaching people how to get into urban farming. The creation for that platform started probably because Curtis Stone was offering a microgreens course through The Urban Farmer website. It’s not unusual for something to become bigger than what it originally was. Sometimes when you have a fairly successful thing, you might want to expand your horizons a little bit. That was kind of what Curtis Stone set out to do. He decided to involve a few other people he knew to talk about other topics regarding farming. And one of those people was Jonah Krochmalnek. Even though both of them have their own microgreens-related course, we are primarily going to talk about the Freedom Farmers Microgreens course that Jonah teaches.

What Is The Freedom Farmers Microgreens Business Course?

Freedom Farmers Microgreens instructor Jonah Krochmalnek

The official title for Jonah Krochmalnek’s Freedom Farmers Microgreens course is “Start a Microgreens Business from Scratch.” As the name suggests, you’re going to learn how to start running a business selling microgreens from your home. There’s not really much else to the course. It does exactly what it advertises it would do.

There are total of ten modules in the course. Each module will go through everything you need to when it comes the basics of running your own farm in some part of your house, as well as the basics of running an actual business selling microgreens. For the most part, I commend that they really focus on both aspects of running a business like that. You could easily just focus more on the urban farming aspect of it if you want to. The business aspect of it can be applied to other types of businesses. But it is specifically dedicated to selling microgreens.

Aside from the course, you also get access to a few bonuses. You get access to Vertigrow, a management software that includes grow recipes that Jonah created. One of the other bonuses is access to a website builder so that you can easily put out a website for your business. It also included a template so you don’t have to worry about creating something from scratch. You also get access to discounted on seeds and other farming supplies. There’s a surprising amount of tools that they included for this course.

The cost for the course is a one-time payment worth $997.

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Final Verdict – Freedom Farmers Microgreens Review

This is one of the better online course that I have reviewed so far. As I have mention in the previous section, you could easily just focus more on the urban farming part more than the business part of the course. Who wouldn’t want to be able to grow their own herbs and greens right from the comfort of their own home? But most people are more interested in the income potential of it all. And that’s fine. It does seem that this is one of the more profitable ways people could earn money. Because you’re selling actual produce. A lot of people eat greens or use herbs in cooking dishes. So it’s not like you’re not going to have a market for your products.

That being said, you shouldn’t expect that you immediately find success in running a business once you finish this course. It’s possible that you would. But it’s not going to be easy or immediate. The cost for the course is definitely within range of some of the other online courses that I’ve reviewed. So it might be affordable to a lot of people.

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That’s it for my review of the Freedom Farmers Microgreens Business course. I hope you enjoyed reading it.

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