Freedom Mentor Review – Scam Or Legit?

Today we will be reviewing a mentoring program called Freedom Mentor. Is Freedom Mentor legit? Find out in this Freedom Mentor review.

Looks like it’s been another long workday. You’re under a lot of stress and have been contemplating resigning for a while. However, the fact that you have nothing to fall back on is the one thing that is holding you back.

Finding a new job is more difficult than before, since the epidemic has increased competition in the labor market. So, even if you dislike your current work, you have no choice but to stay if you want to eat three meals a day and pay your living expenses.

With this in mind, you decided to explore the internet for courses that would help you learn new abilities and start a side hustle. That is when you found Freedom Mentor.

Real estate, on the other hand, is not an easy business to get into. It’s impossible to learn everything at once. Learning everything would take a long time before you could even sell your first house.

Freedom Mentor, on the other hand, claims to be able to teach you all you need to know. Is the course going to be of any use to you?

Before you decide to pay for this mentoring program, you should read this Freedom Mentor review first. You should check if it is worth the money before you pay for it.

DISCLAIMER: This is a fully independent review. I’m not affiliated with Freedom Mentor in any shape or form whatsoever.

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What is Freedom Mentor?

Freedom Mentor Review - Freedom Mentor intro

Freedom Mentor is a mentoring program designed by Phil Pustejovsky. It is a program all about real estate investing.

The program makes money like this. It mentors real estate investors, and the profits are shared with the students in a 50/50 basis.

I am actually surprised with this, as this means that success is shared between the mentor and the students. I also don’t think I have heard of a program that does this before.

There are two programs encompassing Freedom Mentor: Creative Real Estate Investing and the Apprentice Program. I will be discussing both programs both programs in the sections below.

Freedom Mentor Cost

Unfortunately, the costs are not really publicly stated in the website. Well, that is to be expected. Most courses I know of do not really publicly disclose the cost of the courses they offer.

They do this so that they get your curiosity and give them your personal information, especially your email address. They will then send you emails, most of which is a little forceful so you will sign up for the course.

Even if that this the case, I managed to find some sources which was able to tell me how much the course actually is.

The pre-apprenticeship program is $997. This is fully refundable within three days. The apprenticeship program will then cost you $3,000, then an additional $197 per month. These costs are non-refundable, unlike the former.

Just like I mentioned earlier, every time the apprentice who signed up closes a deal in the program, the profit is split evenly between them and their mentor.

Who is Phil Pustejovsky?

Freedom Mentor Review - Freedom Mentor creator

Phil Pustejovsky is the one who created the training program. He is a real estate investor and a mentor.

His story is a rugs to riches one. He was homeless, but then, he found a great mentor who taught him about real estate. Since then, he decided to become a mentor himself in order to help out people who want to start investing.

Once he found success as a real estate investor, he began mentoring students. Freedom Mentor helped him gain a fortune, as it is one of the rules: to share the profit of their very first deals closed with his help as a mentor.

I think Phil’s story is inspiring, which just shows how one can achieve success even through adversities. Seems like he is doing significantly better now, too.

This means that his training program is doing more than well.

Freedom Mentor Overview

The information included in this section are taken from the website.

The process of joining the mentoring program is pretty straightforward. All you need to do is fill up a short form with your personal information such as your name, email, and contact number.

You will also be asked a few short questions in order to determine if you are suitable for the course. Once this is done, expect a call from them. That call will then convince you to sign up for the program.

Take note that this is a one-on-one mentorship program, meaning that your mentor will be solely focused on you the entire time. Use that to your advantage.

To help you with the training program, you are presented with some free tools and resources that are readily available in the website for free.

Free Book

Freedom Mentor Review - Freedom Mentor book

The website has some free resources for you to access if you want to try the program. You are given access to a book titled “How to Be a Real Estate Investor”. It is free here, but you can buy in on Amazon for $10.

The book is written by Phil Pustejovsky himself. Along with these book, you also get access for a series of short training videos which will guide you through every step of the way as a real estate investor.

Free Course

Actually, I suggest that you finish this free course first before applying for the apprenticeship program. These are also presented in video format, which contains some basic information regarding real estate investing.

This course is broken into sections, which I will briefly discuss below.

Getting Started

This section contains basic information, including the introduction to real estate investing, and what kind of mindset you need to have if you pursue this business. Some basic stuff, really.

Creative vs Traditional Real Estate Investing

This part debunks some common myths regarding the real estate business. It will also differentiate between creative and traditional methods in real estate investing.

You will be given tips as to how you can start buying your first property, and finding the right timing when it comes to investing.

Buying Real Estate without Cash or Credit (UCF Lecture)

This part of the course contains a lecture given by Phil. It is all about negotiating your deals in real estate. You will be given tips and presented with some terms you will encounter.

Step by Step Creative Real Estate Investing Formula

This is a step-by-step guide in negotiating with sellers. There are tips regarding what to do to sell your properties easier, how to convince your buyer, and how to evaluate good deals.

Interestingly, this module can help you whether you should close a deal or not. You will be guided as to what you should do in order to make the most profit as possible.

Flipping Houses Wisdom (What You Won’t See on TV)

This is all about the things you would not be seeing in reality TV. I am pretty sure that you have seen house flipping TV shows, but there is simply more to the business than just renovating and decorating houses.

You will also be given some advice regarding how you can get good deals and some secrets to house flipping. To be honest, I think those TV shows romanticize how the business really works. It seems easy when you watch them, but there is a lot of work that needs to be done behind the scenes.

Planning Your Future in Real Estate

This is more of a module that could help you plan out your investment journey. It is about how you get your financial freedom, your retirement, and some tips for investing during uncertain times.

I think you should have an exit plan when it comes to starting a business. You would not really want to work until you die, right?

What You Need to Know Before You Start Investing

This debunks some more myths regarding real estate investing. It will also give you some helpful financial information like the reasons why some investors fail, tips for buying land, finding great contractors, and so much more.

Overall, I think their free course is pretty spot-on and comprehensive, considering that the whole course is long. I would recommend it to you before you get on the apprenticeship program.

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My Favorite Program

Does Freedom Mentor Work?

This section of this Freedom Mentor review will answer the most important question: Will this training program work for you?

I have reviewed my fair share of courses and programs like this one. To be honest, I have doubts about them, considering how they all claim that they work. I mean, shouldn’t that be guaranteed, especially for expensive courses?

I think this program can work for you if you are serious about getting into real estate investing. As you can see from the free course, you need to learn a lot of whole new things.

Before you decide to pay money for the course, I suggest that you ask yourself this: Is this business worth it?

I don’t think that the course is a scam, since it does deliver what it promises. However, taking a course like this does not guarantee that you will be successful.

The techniques here worked for some people, but that doesn’t mean that it can work for you too. Take note that investment, in any form, is a gamble.

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Is Real Estate for Everyone?

Real Estate

In this section of the Freedom Mentor review, I will be revealing to you why I don’t think real estate can work for everyone.

Buying and selling real estate is not for the faint of heart. You can’t just decide to pursue a career in real estate on the spur of the moment. Making judgments about a real estate-related business is a serious matter.

Many reality television shows romanticize the process of buying and selling real estate, as if it were simple. This industry isn’t as straightforward as it appears on television.

Understanding the real estate market and investing in homes is only the first step. It’s a long road ahead of you, and it doesn’t get any easier.

If you want to succeed in real estate, you need capital. If you do not have capital, then I suggest looking for another business to get into. Properties are not cheap at all.

More than just a sharp eye for possible homes and some bargaining skills are required to succeed in this market.

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My Favorite Program

What I Like in Freedom Mentor

Free and Comprehensive Resources Available

Before deciding whether you should join the training program or not, you are given a few free options. This means that you get to know the basics first and decide whether or not this is the right business for you.

I am glad that the free course included is quite comprehensive, and is available for viewing for free. The book is also available for free for supplemental reading.

I think this means that the Phil really does want you to succeed.

What I Dislike in Freedom Mentor

Shared Profits

I don’t think this is good, considering that you will doing quite a lot of work before you can even close your first few deals. I don’t think a 50/50 profit sharing scheme is agreeable, as that is way too much.

In my opinion, isn’t it much better to enjoy your first profit all to yourself? After all, you will be doing all the work. Phil only guides you through it.

Missing Information on Website

What concerns me is that Phil does not really reveal what is included in the apprenticeship program. Will it really work for you? If the techniques he will be teaching really do work, then why are the details of the training program not available for viewing on the website?

I don’t think important details like this should be kept secret. After all, people are paying a lot of money just to get into the program.

Expensive Apprenticeship Program

You pay $3,000, then additional $197 monthly. Yeah, that is just way too much money. I mean, if you have that much money just lying around, then maybe you are considering the program.

For most people though that just wants to learn the basics, then I do not recommend this program at all. I think you can learn what you need from the free course.

Real Estate Does Not Work for Everyone

In my opinion, people who have become successful in real estate succeeded because they already have the capital to get started. If you do not have thousands or even millions stashed as capital, then do not expect to make any money.

Capital is everything when it comes to real estate investing. Only lose what you can lose. Do not bet all your money here right away, as investing is a gamble.

Final Verdict – Freedom Mentor

Before I end this Freedom Mentor review, I would like to share a few more insights that could help you.

Investing in real estate is not as straightforward as you may believe, as I have often stated. It will take a great deal of time, effort, money, and talent. You aren’t simply purchasing a home and doing whatever you want with it.

Your main objective is to make a sale. That is to say, what you are doing should be appealing to others.

Some people have attempted to work in real estate, but textbook knowledge is insufficient. You’ll need a team to help you with different areas of the business because you can’t possible do everything on your own.

If you want to succeed in this competitive industry, you must be dedicated. You must devote both time and money to learning the ropes, since being a novice will cost you a lot of money.

If you know you can’t afford it, I recommend looking for an alternative side business.

I know of a way to make money that does not require a lot of capital and is much easier to learn than real estate. More information will be provided in the next section.

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