Fully Booked VA Review – Gina Horkey Virtual Assistant Course Worth Buying?

Today, we are going to talk about Fully Booked VA. Is it legit? Find out more in this review.

For somebody who has written a lot of reviews, it feels like I have a good grip on what certain training programs have to offer. It doesn’t matter what niche it is—be it e-commerce, or digital marketing—they have similar things to offer. There’s not really a lot of ways that you can deviate when it comes to those niches. Sure, a few things may be different. Mostly in the approach. But you’re using the same foundational information as the rest of them.

So whenever I come across a new training program, I have an idea of what to look out for. Sometimes, certain training programs are amalgamations of what the creator learned from other training programs and resources. It doesn’t happen that often. But certain people would say that they didn’t really get a lot out of the programs they previously paid for. That’s why, after years of experience, they are able to share their knowledge and expertise to other people.

That’s basically how most virtual assistance-related training programs, like Fully Booked VA from Gina Horkey, started. Nowadays, it feels like there’s so many different programs out there. It’s hard to choose which one is the right one for you. But I’m hoping with this review, you will get a sense of what makes Fully Booked VA different from the rest of the pack.

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Fully Booked VA Review: Quick Details

  • Name: Fully Booked VA
  • Founder: Gina Horkey
  • Website: https://fullybookedva.com/
  • Socials: Facebook, Instagram, YouTube
  • Type: Training program
  • Niche: Virtual assistance
  • Recommendation: Compared to other virtual assistance companies out there, Fully Booked VA is one of those companies that offer different programs that focus on different industries and niches. You’ll likely get a lot out of any of the courses if you are somebody who wants to become a VA or wants to scale up your own VA business. The courses seem well-thought out, for the most part. Though, pricing might not be as accessible for beginners.

Who Is Gina Horkey?

Fully Booked VA creator Gina Horkey

One of the hardest things whenever I write reviews such as this one is finding information about the people who created these programs. Most of the time, I am able to find articles about them or videos where they talk about their beginnings. But sometimes, there are instances where there’s very little information about them. You can’t expect everything to be easily available to you all the time.

In the case of Fully Booked VA and its founder Gina Horkey, there were a few interviews she has done over the years. It seems that her career as a freelancer started in 2010. She started to do a bit of blogging during the early years. But she wasn’t really getting paid for it until four years later. Before that, her actual job was as a financial advisor.

It seems that there’s often a throughline with people getting into the world of freelance work or virtual assistance. People like Gina Horkey have gotten tired of the job that they were doing. Not that the job was all that bad. It’s just that there wasn’t really anything going for them doing a desk job.

So that was when Gina started to find other types of jobs that she could do with her skills. And that was when she got into freelance writing. It pretty much snowballed into the thing that she does now.

It’s not surprising that such a small thing would turn into something huge like a virtual assistance training program. Especially when not a lot of people know that you could earn money for being online most of the time.

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What Is Fully Booked VA?

Fully Booked VA is the brand that Gina Horkey uses to different courses related to virtual assistance. Prior to this, it was called the Horkey Handbook. It doesn’t really seem to be any different from the other VA-related companies that I have reviewed.

There’s definitely a lot more courses that Fully Booked VA offers compared to other companies. Though, there are other companies that offer similar skill-based courses aside from their flagship VA courses.

This time around we’re going to talk about two of their courses. The VA Foundations course and the Fully Booked VA program. One thing to note is that you can actually get the VA Foundations course when you sign up for the Fully Booked VA program.

As the name suggests, the VA Foundations course is focused more on the basics of being a virtual assistant. It mostly talks about what you can do to start your own VA business. The good thing about being a virtual assistant is that it’s not just a cookie cutter job that you can do online.

Sure, a lot of virtual assistant jobs that you can find online may require certain administrative skills. But it’s not the end all, be all of the job. Sometimes having different skills like graphic design or project management is a value that not every virtual assistant has. You can tailor your skills to the audience that you want to attract. It’s basically just marketing yourself to other people.

This is not the first VA program I have reviewed, In fact I have reviewed many virtual assistant courses before on this website, some of them are as below:

What Do You Get From the Fully Booked VA Program?

The Fully Booked VA program is pretty much an extension of the VA Foundations course. Once you’ve finished the VA Foundations, you can basically do work as a virtual assistant. There’s nothing else you have to do after that. You could still be working a full-time job elsewhere while you take on VA jobs during the weekends.

But sometimes, people want to commit to running their own VA business full-time. And that’s what the Fully Booked VA program is about. It’s basically going to help you scale up your business and reach a lot more people than you would have before.

You pretty much get the rest of the other courses that Gina Horkey and her team provides individually if you pay for the Fully Booked VA program. That includes the skill-based courses and the Virtual Assistant Agency course.

The cost of all of the programs combined, if you buy it individually, is about $2500. But if you choose to buy the bundle, it will only cost you $997. Of course it’s going to be cheaper when you purchase a bundle. But you’re getting lifetime access to the courses and all of the related resources that come with it. So you’re definitely getting your money’s worth in a way.

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Final Verdict – Fully Booked VA Review

You’re definitely going to get a lot from the Fully Booked VA program. But you’re also paying a lot of money in order to access all of the courses. You’re definitely paying a lot less that you would if you bought access to each course individually. Thankfully, it seems that they offer installment plans in case you don’t have the money to pay for it in full.

There’s not really a lot of differences to the main course that Fully Booked VA provides compared to the other VA courses out there. Though you shouldn’t really expect that there would be. Since, there is a foundation to what being a virtual assistant is. And the skills you have or will have is what makes you different to other VAs.

Compared to other online jobs, being a virtual assistant is definitely a lot easier to become. You can teach yourself new skills that may attract more clients and get you more money. But usually the skills that you already have might suffice. It’s good to have a lot of different skills. Sometimes being able to handle a lot of things can be good. But you should always know your limits.

And considering some VA jobs last for a few weeks or months, you should definitely put some in time for rest. That’s the kind of flexibility that being a virtual assistant gives a lot of people. It makes why people are suddenly becoming more interested in becoming one.

Other then this I want to talk about another aspect of becoming virtual assistant.The basic course costs 997 bucks inside fully booked VA. I have a question in my mind to the people reading this.You are paying one grand to a course which is teaching you to be a SLAVE?

Working for someone is the worst thing you can do.I can’t imagine getting paid for the time I have sell to someone.This is the worst you can do for yourself in 2024 and moving forward.This is why rich becomes richer and poor remains poor.

There are people , willing to pay VA whatever they want to buy their time and keep you poor.Then there are people who decide to not work for anyone else no matter how much they are getting paid and willing to take risks and start their own business.

I wish you are the second person.VA is like waiting for jobs on freelancing sites until you are getting lucky and gets your first order.NOT something I would recommend you.

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