Functional Nutrition Alliance Review – Scam Or Legit?

Today, we are going to talk about Functional Nutrition Alliance. Is it legit? Find out more in this review.

There are a lot of different online training programs being offered by different companies and individuals. It doesn’t matter what kind of expertise or topic it is. Somebody out there is offering a training program that teaches you about the intricacies of that expertise or topic.

Now, most of the online training programs that I have reviewed in the past have been focused on something like ecommerce or digital marketing. These specific niches are often the easiest for a lot of people to get into. Although there are certain skillsets that require additional study, you often would get the gist for niches like this one.

So I was pleasantly surprised when I first found out about Functional Nutrition Alliance. I haven’t really seen a lot of online training programs that focus on something like nutrition. There have been a couple of reviews that I have written that were about running an online fitness training business. But it’s often assumed that you have to at least have some level of expertise and knowledge when it comes to being a professional fitness trainer.

There were still a lot of questions I had about Functional Nutrition Alliance and the online training programs that they offer. And hopefully, by the end of this review, we get to the bottom of those questions. So sit tight and enjoy the review.

DISCLAIMER: I am in no way affiliated with Andrea Nakayama and Functional Nutrition Alliance in any way. This is just an independent review. You are still free to do whatever you want. But I hope that this review shapes your opinion on whether or not you should try this online training program out.

But before we get to the meat of the review…

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Functional Nutrition Alliance Review: Quick Details

  • Name: Functional Nutrition Alliance
  • Founder: Andrea Nakayama
  • Website:
  • Socials: Facebook, Instagram, YouTube
  • Type: Training program
  • Niche: Functional nutrition
  • Recommendation: The training program that Functional Nutrition Alliance is not meant for people who don’t have some kind of certification. And that’s mostly due to the subject matter at hand.

Who is Andrea Nakayama?

Functional Nutrition Alliance founder Andrea Nakayama

Andrea Nakayama is a functional nutritionist, educator, and speaker. She is also the founder of Functional Nutrition Alliance.

Her journey into becoming a functional nutritionist started when her husband was diagnosed with a brain tumor. At the time, Andrea was only a few weeks into her pregnancy with their only child. Her husband had be given about six months to live in the condition that he was in.

Seeing as she didn’t want to watch her husband fall ill to his diagnosis, Andrea tried to find ways of coping. So she decided to do some research on how to help her husband get through this time in their life. And that was kind of how Andrea got into learning about nutrition. Along with the treatments that her husband was going through, Andrea also treated the food that she was making and preparing for him as medicine.

Andrea’s husband Isamu was able to witness the birth of their son and was able to be with him for almost a year and half. Soon after, Isamu passed away. Andrea decided to continue her dive into the world of nutrition. She went through something called “post-traumatic growth.” But it seems that she didn’t let the death of her husband define the rest of her life. Studying nutrition was the first step in her growth as a person.

From what I could find, Andrea formally started her work as a functional nutritionist in 2009. It seemed that her work as a nutritionist sort of garnered the attention of other practitioners in the field. They were interested in learning more about the type of expertise that Andrea had. Similar to some of the other people whose training programs that I’ve reviewed in the past, Andrea decided to start her own training program called Full Body Systems. That particular training program was the tentpole for her creating what was then Replenish PDX. (PDX refers to Portland, Oregon. It’s the code used by Portland International Airport.)

The success of that particular training program lead Andrea to rebrand Replenish PDX into what is now the Functional Nutrition Alliance.

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What is Functional Nutrition Alliance?

Logo for the Functional Nutrition Alliance

Functional Nutrition Alliance is a company that offers resources and programs that are focused on functional nutrition.

If you don’t know what functional nutrition is, allow me to explain. It is basically a practice where a health practitioner, often a nutritionist, takes into consideration a person’s health, diet and lifestyle when it comes to giving recommendations to that person. Practitioners of functional nutrition often see symptoms as clues to a person’s underlying health issues. They try to see if your diet or lifestyle is contributing to those health problems.

Food is considered a big part of functional nutrition, unsurprisingly. Anything you eat affects your body in one way or another. So seeing as functional nutritionists take your entire medical history and lifestyle in consideration, they will try to formulate a diet that works to keep your body as healthy as possible. Often, the diets that they would recommend to you would often exclude the type of foods that may have been affecting your health or lifestyle.

But there are lot more to consider besides the food that you eat. Often how you interact with other people or when you sleep affects how you eat your food. They do seem to take a very holistic approach to how they recommend diets to you.

What Programs Does Functional Nutrition Alliance Offer?

As I have mentioned in a previous section, Functional Nutrition Alliance first started out as Replenish PDX. The main thing that Andrea Nakayama offered during that era of the company was Full Body Systems. Considering that Full Body Systems was the tentpole program that Andrea offered, it’s not surprise that she kept the program while transitioning into the name change. Why mess with something that isn’t broken, right?

Full Body Systems, from what I could gather, is a 7-part intensive online program that will help you go through everything that you need to learn about functional nutrition and how you can use that to build your practice. This particular online training program is meant for health practitioners or health coaches who want to use functional nutrition as an additional way of treating their patients. You could definitely use the information that you can get out of this training program for yourself.

Each module included in the Full Body Systems program goes through a specific system of one’s body. The first module focuses on digestive system. It makes sense why this is the focus of the first module in this program. Everything that you eat will go through the digestive system because that’s where most of the nutrients get broken down. And if you don’t talk about it first and foremost, there’s not really much of a point for the rest of the program.

The second module focuses on the immune system. You will be learning about how the immune system works, food sensitives and what type of food or supplements would work best at keeping your immune system at its strongest.

The third module focuses on the urinary tract. In this module, you will be learning how to reduce water retention and bloating. You will also be learning about how to prevent UTIs and the like through food and lifestyle changes.

The fourth module focuses on the cardiovascular system. In this module, you will be learning about what causes cardiovascular disease. There are also lessons regarding dietary fats and assessing cholesterol levels. The following modules focus on the endocrine system, the nervous system and the reproductive system. Every single part of our bodies affect our digestion in one form or the other.

The website for Functional Nutrition Alliance

How Much Does It Cost?

The Full Body Systems program can be taken at your own pace. There seems to be no specific period for how long the training program lasts. But, considering that there is a lot of information to take in, you are going to spend a few months studying every single course material included. You do only six months once the final exam becomes available to complete it in order to get a certification that you finished the course. If you want to, of course.

Unfortunately, there is no concrete information regarding the pricing for the Full Body Systems program. You will have to schedule a call in order to learn about pricing and other payment options. There are a lot of inclusions that come with the program. You will get 90-minute sessions with Andrea Nakayama as well as Q&A sessions with the rest of the Functional Nutrition Alliance team. There are also some done-for-you packages that you can use for your practice. You also get access to a special message board.

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My Favorite Program

Final Verdict – Functional Nutrition Alliance Review

The training program that Functional Nutrition Alliance offers isn’t something that I would highly recommend. Considering the topic that you might be studying, it’s not really something that could appeal to a lot of people. Especially since it talks about a subject manner that is highly specialized. The program is targeted more towards health practitioners and coaches rather than commonfolk.

It is interesting how the program kind of treats functional nutrition as something that these professionals can use as an additional way of getting clients to their practice. I mean, it makes sense. There is some potential of maintaining clients if you are able to adequately recommend dietary changes based on multiple factors about a patient. But as I have mentioned, you do need to have some kind of certification to do that sort of thing. And while you could get one from finishing and passing the final exam of the Full Body Systems program, you would still need more certification than that.

Before You Leave…

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