FunnelZPro Review: Is This A Money-Making Scam?

Today, we’re going to take a look at FunnelZPro, another money-making app. Read on this FunnelZPro review to determine for yourself if this is another scam.

The online affiliate marketing industry has become a rather tough and grueling competition of sorts nowadays. And this is because most entrepreneurs are now seeing how profitable it can be when they bring their business online.

Due to this, you now need two things to truly succeed in affiliate marketing. First, the technical knowledge on how to make your sales website more competitive and marketable to customers. And second, the proper software to aid you in your marketing campaigns.

FunnelZPro is a tool that aims to do just that. It’s a website and e-mail autoresponder builder that creates a fully monetized affiliate website that’s fully usable and DFY (Done-For-You). And you can do all of this with just a few simple clicks, with no technical knowledge needed.

So, is FunnelZPro the software that you need? Will you really be able to generate a large number of commissions with sites created by this app? To find out for yourself, read this FunnelZPro review until the end, and make your own judgment.

DISCLAIMER: This is a fully independent FunnelZPro review. I’m not affiliated with FunnelZPro, or any other product, in any way.

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Significance Of The Word “Funnel” In Affiliate Marketing

You might notice that the word “funnel” constantly appears in topics and products related to marketing, include online and affiliate marketing. So before we start our FunneZPro review, let’s talk about what “funnel” is, and why it’s so important to know.

A sales funnel, also called an affiliate marketing funnel, is a model used by businesses to collect prospects, in the hope that it’ll eventually turn them into buyers.

The model usually follows the AIDA stage, in which it can be defined as…


The model is best illustrated as something like this…

FunnelZPro Review - Sales Funnel

The analogy of a funnel is used because while many visitors may develop an awareness of a certain brand, only a handful of them would eventually become customers.

In some models, another stage after “Action” is defined. “Retention”, which is the process of keeping your customers happy and interested in your brand.

The main purpose of a good sales funnel is to collect visitors and convert them into leads, and eventually, customers.

Here’s a video about sales funnels if you want to know more:

What Is FunnelZPro?

FunnelZPro Mockup

Funnelz2Pro is a 2-in-1 internet-based solution that lets you build marketing websites, complete with landing pages, and sends any number of emails to your subscribers in seconds.

The software consists of two parts:

  1. FunnelZPro Website Builder
  2. FunnelZPro Mailer

FunnezZPro is developed by Rick Nguyen, an expert digital entrepreneur. He’s also the developer behind Contentify, MultiSociFit, FunnelChief, WP ProfiTent, and others.

Rick Nguyen

FunnelZPro Features In Detail

As stated on the official sales page, FunnelZPro offers these features.

FunnelzPro Website Builder

  • 65+ website templates in different niches
  • High converting Ad creative
  • Pro designed Ad banner
  • Product Ad videos
  • One-click upsell
  • Email Automation (Both the seller and the buyer will instantly receive email notifications of purchase with transaction details)
  • Accept major payment gateways (Payment on Delivery, Paypal, Stripe)
  • Pop-up feature for lead generation
  • Easy drag and drop page builder 
  • All funnel pages pre-hosted (NO domain or hosting required)
  • Done for you high converting sales copy written by a professional copywriter.
  • Done for you thank you page design.
  • SEO optimized funnels
  • Pro Traffic and Conversation Training webinars
  • Facebook Marketing training (exclusive to FunnelZPro Advanced members only)

FunnelzPro Mailer:

  • Import unlimited subscribers
  • Send unlimited e-mails
  • Easily integrate with any SMTP server
  • 100% responsive
  • Automatic bounce processing, Blacklisting Engine
  • Smart and easy to use Template Editor
  • E-mail lists management
  • E-mail blacklist
  • Suppression lists
  • Campaigns management
  • Email templates
  • Delivery servers
  • Bounce servers
  • Email box monitors
  • Sending domains
  • Surveys
  • Tracking domains
  • API keys

If you want to see for yourself how FunnelZPro works, or how it looks like, here’s a demo video:

FunnelZPro Additional One-Time Offers

FunnelZPro is already good and usable enough as it is. However, there’s also an option to upgrade your subscription to FunnelZPro and add more features:

Frontend: FunnelzPro ($14-$17)

This is the main app. You’ll need to have this first before availing of any of the upsells below.

OTO 1: FunnelzPro Unlimited $39

All the features of the frontend product are included here, plus:

  • Extra 10+ website templates
  • Unlimited website creation
  • Unlimited subscribers
  • Pop-up feature for lead generation
  • Easy drag and drop page builder 
  • All pages pre-hosted (NO domain or hosting required)
  • DFY product research
  • Done-For-You high converting sales copy written by a professional copywriter.
  • DFY Thank You page design.
  • Done-For-You competitors spy
  • DFY Trusted Supplier links

OTO 2: FunnelzPro Advanced $47

All the features of the frontend product+OTO 1 are included here, plus:

  • Custom domain integration
  • Customer can embed Facebook Pixel 
  • Customer can integrate live chat on all pages
  • SEO optimized funnels
  • Exclusive Facebook training

OTO 3: FunnelzPro Done-For-You $97-$127

  • 10 Done-For-You funnel with Done-For-You marketing assets
  • We will help our customers set up the whole system without them touching anything.

OTO 4: FunnelzPro Agency $47-$127

You can use your own FunnelzPro agency dashboard to create accounts for your clients.

You can also get our DFY Agency which includes… 

  • Professional Agency Website
  • Fiverr Sales Kit 
  • DFY Email Templates
  • Done-For-You Social Marketing Suite
  • DFY Video Sales Letter
  • Done-For-You Client Contract Template
  • Business Card Template
  • Exclusive Client Landing Training

OTO 5: FunnelzPro Club $39

  • 4 Ground-breaking Apps + Weekly Internal Training + Brand New Apps

OTO 6: FunnelzPro Reseller $67

Re-sell FunnelzPro and keep 100% of the profits.

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Would You Recommend FunnelZPro?

At first glance, FunnelZPro may seem to be a fantastic product for affiliate marketers. Given that its claims of being easy-to-use, yet powerful enough to earn a healthy number of commissions.

However, as with other software similar to this, there are quite a number of red flags that one should be aware of before purchasing this product.

Lack Of Authority

First of all, let’s take a look at the opening statement that you’ll see at the top of the sales page.

Bold Claims

The app boldly compared itself to big names like ClickFunnels and iPage. It claims to be a cheap alternative to them.

Now it may sound rather attractive, especially when it claims to be a “cheap alternative” to them. But by running the sales page through WHOIS, reveals some unsurprising statistics.

FunnelZPro WHOIS Check

It clearly shows that the website (and by extension, the app itself) was only made a few days ago. The lack of authority of this app should already convince most people to be suspicious. How can you trust an app that hasn’t even garnered good feedback from independent reviews, like this FunnelZPro review right here? While there are a number of “good” reviews for this product when you search for it, you can easily see that most of them are sponsored. Thus, it doesn’t give most users a clear and accurate description of the quality of the product.

Poor Quality Web Pages

The quality of your web pages is also important for your online marketing campaigns, especially for your SEO rankings.

FunnelZPro also offers several web page templates for its DFY websites, which you can view here:


While the templates for these websites are indeed professional-looking, the real problem lies with how much they are used. If they’re really “proven and tested to convert website visitors into commissions”, then everyone who ordered this product will also use it. This could severely impact the SEO rankings of your website negatively, especially if they detect what would they perceive as “multiple copies” sharing the same template.

Also, some of these templates can actually be gotten from some other websites that offer them. Most of them are free, and SOME of them can actually look better than the templates offered here.

False Claims

Let’s take a look at the “free traffic” that FunnelZPro claims that it provides.

FunnelZPro Traffic Sources

As you can see, you’re simply sharing your website to several social media sites. It would be effective if you have a good amount of following on the social media of your choice, but it’s definitely not foolproof. Unless you have an effective social media marketing campaign already going on, this won’t give you an effective source of traffic.

My Favorite Program

Unreliable Money-Back Guarantee

Finally, while they do provide their contact information for their money-back guarantee, there are already reports of people not being able to avail of it.

This is usually the case as the usual excuse for their customer service is, they will only send your money back IF AND ONLY IF the software isn’t working like it’s supposed to (that’s a big loophole right there). If the software is working well AND you’re not getting those large profits as they claim on the sales pages, it’s not going to be their problem anymore. You’ll have a better chance of the money-back guarantee when you use PayPal as your mode of payment, though. As you can simply file a dispute against FunnelZPro.

FunnelZPro Review Final Verdict: NOT RECOMMENDED

If there are any good points that we should note about FunnelZPro, aside from its ease of use, it would be that they don’t use any fancy words to market their product. It’s direct to the point, with no “shiny” descriptions to attract you. However, it still falls victim to showing rather unrealistic claims to the user.

Is it a scam? Not really. But given that the software is literally just a few days old, it’s quite hard to determine how long this can last. Because it’s the usual case with these kinds of software sold on WarriorPlus. They release a subpar quality product, and when it gets bad feedback from customers, they drop support from it. And most of the time, they release ANOTHER product that, upon closer inspection, is only a rebranded version of the previous one. FunnelZPro is no exception.

Always check on independent reviews like this FunnelZPro review before purchasing a product like this. Don’t rely on sponsored reviews that usually just repeat what the sales page says.

However, if you want to know a REAL method to make money online, with no fake claims and results, keep on reading.

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