Fx Trading Corp Review – Ponzi Scheme Exposed?

Hello guys,hope you all are doing good.Welcome to my Fx Trading corp review.

In this in depth review,we are going to talk about each and every aspect of fx trading corp.

Whether it is a legit way to make money,or can you really make money with  fx trading corp or not?

I want to congratulate you for taking time and reading this review.

First thing first,I am not associated with fx trading corp by any means and will not try to pitch you this company in this revieew.And for this,it is going to be unbiased and third party review.

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Fx Trading Corp Review

Fx trading is an multi level marketing company which is based in South korea.It is a very unique mlm that I reviewed till date.

This is because it is the only mlm in the world which is in the currency trading niche.

They focus on trading currencies and providing education about it to people who enroll in it.

The reason why I am saying it is unique is that I have reviewed over 300+ mlm companies and  not a single one of them focuses on currency trading.

The owners of fx trading are Young Min Oh(CEO),Joon Park(CEO) and Yang Jae Seok(CEO).

Now,before doing a review of any mlm company,I do all research on every aspect of that mlm company.

But the most important thing I want to search is the owner’s background.

This is because owners of some of the MLMs I reviewed had a very bad past.

Their companies have gone bankrupt like imarketslive, Kannaway,It works,Norwex and Isagenix.

This helps people to find out the credibility of the owner.

Now,after spending a fair amount of time on fx trading and owners of this company I have founded nothing about them.

Nothing on the internet about them,their past,where they came from,nothing.Now,let’s move to our next topic.

Is Fx Trading A Pyramid Scheme or Ponzi?

No,fx trading is not a pyramid scheme,but it is a ponzi scheme.Because it has some features of a pyramid scheme involved.

And there is no physical product involved,this is why it is an outright ponzi scheme.

Where you have to just recruit members without selling them a physical product.

Most of the time people when listens about MLMs,they without a second thought relate it to pyramid schemes.

This is because they think that the only way to make money from it is to recruit others.But in Fx trading,they are also giving you education and option to recruit others.

It is a ponzi scheme,because company only gives you commissions whenever you recruits a member in the company.

I have seen most of the people complaining about fx trading because of the commission structure.

I named it the outright pyramid scheme,because of this reason.

People are going to recruit people for commissions in fx trading which is in marketing language known as pyramid scheme.

As a result of this,top 1% end up making most money from mlms.

Nothing different with fx trading.Most of the people that are making money from fx trading are the top 1%.

Now,here is the main thing that you have to notice here.I said that it is a ponzi scheme,Right?

But do you know that ponzi schemes are illegal in USA and all other countries?

Yes,it is illegal and most of the time it is headed by scammers.Whenever noticed,FTC bans them and shut down for life.

I have just came to know another ponzi scheme,onebitcoin,in which owner Dr,Ruja made $22 billions in a record time and she is the most wanted criminal in the world right now.Because after scamming 2 million people,she hide herself somewhere.

So,ponzi schemes makes billions in a very short period and when people realize it is actually a ponzi scheme,it is too late!

Don’t fall for them!!

Success Rate At Fx Trading Corp

Success is are here.

I am not just talking about fx trading Corp,overall multi level marketing companies in general.

Failure ratios in mlm companies are very high.

Most of the studies showed that 73 to 99% people that join mlms like fx trading end up losing their money.

Why?because they are completely new to marketing and do not have an existing audience to promote their products.

At the result of this,they end up reaching out to their friends and family members and try to sell them these mlms.

This can be a reason you are reading this review(;

Now,what happens is that most of the time friends and family members say yes to your offer just to get you back off from their backs.

I do not want to irritate my friends and family members,so personally this company is not for me.

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Fx trading Corp Compensation plan

Now,usually mlm has a very complicated compensation plan.

Most of the time they make their compensation plan so complex that people after earning commission do not know where it came from.

Or maybe they do it purposely?

Nothing new with fx trading,they have a very complex compensation plan.

Question is how can you start making money with fx trading corp?

Now in mlm’s there are two ways to make money online.

Retail commissions and residual commissions.

Retail commission means the commission you are going to make when you sell someone a physical product.

Which in fx trading corp case did not even exist.

Second traditional way is residual commissions.

When you make a downline and recruit partners under you then you are going to make residual commissions.

Now,fx trading corp gives you two more ways to make money from them,apart from these two.

Which is usually a very new concept in my opinion.

Third way to make money from fx trading is ROI commission and fourth one is matching commissions.We will talk about all of them in detail.

ROI Commissions

First thing first,to start making money with forex trading you must have to invest $300.This means that you will need 300 bucks to start with this so-called business.Cost to join fx trading corp is $300.

ROI means return of investment and these commissions are fixed by the company itself.

They are saying that these are the commissions that you are going to earn after investing into fx trading corp.

I do not know whether their claim is legit or not,but this looks like fake income claims to me.

Why?Because the main question is from where they are going to give you commissions?

Nobody knows.And they are not going to give you money from their own pockets!!!Here is a complete breakdown of the fx trading corp compensation plan.

  • BOT 300 LEVEL -This level will require investment of $300 and this is minimum amount of money that you are going to invest(;
  • BOT 500 LEVEL – This level is going to cost you $500 to join.
  • 1000 LEVEL BOT – This level needs an investment of $1000 to join fx trading corp.
  • BOT 3000 LEVEL – Again as clear from the name,this level is going to cost you $3000 to join.The prices are getting higher and higher.
  • 5000 LEVEL BOT – $5000 to join this level and start making money from forax trading without doing anything.Lol?
  • 10,000 LEVEl BOT – This level is going to cost you $10k.
  • 20,000 LEVEL BOT – $20K for this level.WOOW!
  • 30,000 LEVEL BOT – This level is for $30k one time payment.
  • BOT 40,000 LEVEL – This level is for $40k to join.
  • BOT 50,000 LEVEL – This is going to cost you a mind boggling.

This seems to be a big investment.And when you know that is a ponzi scheme,A SCAM!

Now,depending on the level of investment you are making,they are saying you can earn 2.5% on that within 200 days.HOW?

Residual Commissions(Binary)

These are the commissions that you are going to make from your downline.

They are also giving commissions on any investment your downline makes.

This makes them a pyramid scheme.

Good thing is that they are paying these commissions with daily payouts.

Not like mlms where you have to wait for 3 months like Isagenix.

Here is the quick breakdown of their compensation plan.

  • Binarys have two legs.
  • Each of them will be counted separately and have different commissions.
  • Each one of them can be infinite.I am talking about the downline.
  • Filling the levels will come from any sales you make.
  • They are going to give you commissions where the member you recruited makes less sales.For example you have two legs.One will make sales worth $1000 and other one makes $100.You are going to get commissions from the second one.They offer 10% commissions on your weaker leg.
  • You will make 6% from a personal sponsored member.For each member,no matter right leg or left leg,you will have to make a personal sponsored investment.

Now let’s move forward.

Matching Bonus Commissions

These are the commissions that you are going to make when a member from your downline makes investment.

There are two factors that are included when it comes to making a commission from this rank.

The first factor that the commission is based on which leg makes investment.Second factor is that which rank you are in.

Higher rank you are in,more commissions you are going to make.Their matching bonus copies unilevel based commissions.

They have 10 ranks from which you are going to make commissions.Which are as follows..

  • First start pack – You are going to make unilevel commissions when your weaker leg makes investment of $1000 or more.
  • Second start pack – You are going to make a unilevel commission on the second star pack when your weaker leg makes investment of more than $4000.
  • Third Star Pack –  Wow.When your weaker leg makes an investment of more than $20k,then you will be able to make a unilevel commision on third rank.
  • Four star pack – When your weaker binary leg makes investment worth of $50k,you will make unilevel commissions on star 4 rank.
  • 5 star rank – When your weaker binary leg makes investment of sales volume upto $200,000 then you are going to make unilevel commissions on it.
  • Six star rank – When someone on your downline which is your weaker leg,or makes less sales then the other leg, makes an investment worth $500,000 then you are going to earn unilevel commissions on it.
  • 7 Star Rank – When you generate $1,500,000 on your weaker leg then you are going to be able to make unilevel commissions on it.
  • 8 star rank – Rank you will achieve and make unilevel commissions on it when someone makes an investment worth of 3,000,000 or more.
  • 9 star rank – When your weaker binary leg makes an investment of $5,000,000 or more then you will be able to make unilevel commissions on this rank.
  • 10 star rank – $10,000,000 is what you have to get from your weaker binary leg to invest if you want to get unilevel commissions on 10 star rank.

Ahh.That is very near to impossible.Most of the people that join fx trading do not even make it to second rank.

I do not know how people can achieve these ranks,and reaching second or third rank seems to be impossible.

Do you know how you can reach third star rank?

Anyways let’s move to our next topic.

Rank Achievement bonuses

They will also give you bonuses on the ranks that you have achieved.Here is the breakdown of rank achievement bonuses you are going to reach..

They are not giving any rank achievement award to the first 5 ranks.

When you reach 6 rank then you will be able to make rank achievement bonuses.The bonus structure is as follows’

  • 6 star rank – First you have to achieve this rank and after that you have to refer 2 more star one ranked members.By completing this task you will be able to win a rolex watch.
  • 7 star rank – First qualify for 7 star rank and after this you have to personally refer 2 star 2 ranked members into it.By completing this task you are going to win an international trip anywhere in the world you want.
  • 8 star rank – In this you can win a Toyota CamryTo finish this task and make yourself eligible for these commissions,you will have to personally refer two star rank 3 members and also achieve rank 8 yourself.
  • 9 star rank – Win a mercedes benz.To complete and finish this task you will have to achieve this rank yourself first.After this refer 2 star rank fours in it.
  • 10 star rank – First achieve this rank yourself and then refer 2 star rank 5 in it.You can win lamborghini.Lol

There is no way that you can achieve second and third  rank.

So,I do not want you to think bigger and straight away jump into five or six ranks.

Now,let’s talk about the things which I liked in fx trading and the things which I did not like in fx trading.

Well,first let’s talk about the things that I liked in fx trading corp..

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Things I Liked In Fx trading Corp

There is nothing much that I liked in fx trading corp.

This is because it is almost a ponzi scheme and I bet you that in no time the FTC is going to ban this company.

If you want to trade then there are many better options for you.

And if you want to make money online then I have something really good for you.

Stick with this review until my final verdict of fx trading corp,whether you should join fx trading corp or not.Stick with me..

Things I Did not Liked In Fx Trading Corp

There are many things that I did not liked about fx trading corp.

Let’s talk about them one by one.


No one knows the history of fx trading corp owners.

There is nothing on the internet that is going to show you that the owners of fx trading are scammers or legit people.

No one’s know their background.They seems to be a night fly!


They have got warnings from some big federations from many countries.

Now,just the FTC needs to give it a look.Many company warns them to stop this ponzi scheme,almost ponzi scheme.

Here is the spanish company which warns fx trading to stop this bullshit and stop trapping people into this so called mlm company.

Now what is a ponzi scheme?

Ponzi means that this company is not giving anything to you on their own.

They are giving you money from the sales you are making.

It is behaving as a broker between you and your customers.

No Refunds

They have no refunds.When this company was first launched,they have laws related to their refund policy.

For example if you are not happy,you can refund within 30 days.

No more!

I read many reviews of many people who regret investing their money into fx trading corp.

Expensive To Start

You are investing 300 bucks for nothing.What are you going to get?

Nothing.Instead this is a very high price,very less mlms I reviewed have this pricey enrollment fee.

Instead,this company is not selling any physical products like other mlm companies.

It works like that,if you want to make money with mlms then you have to buy that product yourself first before start pushing it to others.

Scalable Business

While going into any business,you have to check one thing.

Whether that business is scalable or not.And can you make money from it or not?

The biggest things I want to know before I start pushing something to my audience is whether the product I am promoting is giving transition to people.

Can it change people’s lives.

Does this program has enough value that my audience can learn a solid skill to make $10k/month.

If your answer is yes then you can join fx trading corp,if not here is my final verdict

10 Shocking MLM Statistics That You Need To Know!

  • Almost 99% participants of all multi level marketing companies lose money,According to the FTC.
  • There are 38% more chances of you profiting from your own any kind of small business  than joining these mlms.
  • Success Rate of online business,which will give you financial and time freedom,is 20% more than joining mlms for making money.
  • The odds of you winning a lottery worth $10k among 10,000 people is 300 times higher than actually making money from mlms.
  • According to the AARP foundation,47% distributors of all mlms lose their money,apart from this 27% do not make a single penny.
  • Remaining 26% that actually make money,53% of them make less than $5000/year.
  • 39% among those 53%,who are making $5000/year quit because recruiting and selling crappy products to friends and family members jeopardized their relationships.
  • Forget about building a long term business with mlm,because 50% of all mlms participants quit within one year.
  • 75% people that join mlms say that they will never ever join any kind of mlm.
  • A poll was conducted in 2018 among 1050 mlms distributors and it was found that most of them makes 70 cents an hour and 20% of them did not make a sale.60% of them makes less than $500 in sales over the past 5 years and 32% of them acquired credit card debt to finance their mlms involvements.


Is Fx Trading Corp A Scam?

Fx trading is a scam and this is a ponzi scheme.Ponzi schemes are illegal in the USA and around the globe.

It is surely going to be banned by FTC in near future.The biggest question is whether you should join Fx trading or not?

Well.I highly recommend you to not join fx trading corp.It is a scam to make money from you.You know who makes money in Fx trading corp?It’s the owner of the company himself,you are company’s best customer.

Whenever you lose money,company will make money.Simple is that!

Why join these ponzi schemes when there are better business models out there?

With them you are going nowhere.Here is a better business model for you lead generation.

It is long term,scalable,sustainable business model.In this you have to generate leads for business owners.

Whenever they makes money,you will make money.

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That;s it for today’s review.

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