Gano Excel MLM Review: Will This Opportunity Bring You Success?

Today we will be reviewing a company called Gano Excel. Is Gano Excel a scam? Find out in this Gano Excel MLM Review.

You are probably tired of having to spend days and even weeks in your own home. To be honest, I feel the same way as you do. Being trapped in the four corners of your room for an entire day is enough to make anyone lose their mind. It also seems like the pandemic shows no sign of slowing down, which accounts for the stress and anxiety.

That aside, you may be feeling quite a lot of uncertainties as well. That is probably because you held out hope that in a year, things would be better. They are not, though. So here you are trying your best to save up money, in case you are laid off from your job.

And that is how you found Gano Excel. You posted your grievances regarding the global situation on social media, and a hunbot decided to take advantage of your feelings. That is how they roll, pretty much. They said that they can help you out by providing you with this opportunity, but can you trust them?

Before we go further in this Gano Excel MLM review, I will define two terms first: MLM and pyramid scheme.

MLM members make money by selling products and recruiting new members. In pyramid schemes, members could only make money by recruiting people. Pyramid schemes are illegal and banned by the FTC.

As a disclaimer, I am not affiliated with Gano Excel in any way.

Hopefully this Gano Excel MLM review can help you decide whether you want to sign up for the company or not.

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What is Gano Excel?

Gano Excel MLM Review - Gano Excel intro

Gano Excel is a multi-level marketing company in the health and wellness niche. They primarily sell Ganoderma mushroom-based products. The company was founded in Malaysia on 1995. One of the co-founders, Leow Soon Seng, is the current president of the company. He is a mycologist.

Gano Excel has expanded their operations to more than 65 countries, including the USA, Australia, and Europe. Their USA operations are based in California.

You can learn more about the company by watching this quick video.

Gano Excel Products

Gano Excel MLM Review - Gano Excel products

Gano Excel sells products divided in the following categories:

  • Beverage products
  • Supplement products
  • Personal care products
  • NG Series products

To learn more about Gano Excel’s MLM opportunity, I recommend watching this video.

How Do MLMs Work?

You probably have no idea what an MLM is, until a hunbot tried to explain to you what their company does and failing to properly inform you of what an MLM is. To be honest, MLMs always try to deny that they are indeed MLMs, as there is always that negative connotation that comes with being one.

Also, hunbots are told not to share too much about the company, as the companies themselves are afraid that people would not want to be a part of them if they knew exactly how they work from behind the scenes. Hunbots are known for being pushy, yet when asked the most important questions, they refuse to give answers.

What ticks me off about MLMs is that they always insist that they empower people. I mean, there are different ways to empower a person, but I am sure that an MLM does none of that. For one, they say that they give people the opportunity to earn money without having to qualify, like in a professional job.

There is just so many wrong things going on with that statement. In an MLM, you can literally buy your way into the ranks. Even from the start, you need to buy your way in. You can notice a pattern there; that all you need to do is buy, buy, and buy in order to rank up and get the benefits they advertise.

There is also the matter of MLMs encouraging their members to quit their stable jobs in order to do the MLM full-time. That would be acceptable if they pay decent wages, but the problem is, they do not even pay wages. You can only earn money here through a commission basis, meaning that if you make no sales, you do not make money.

Is Gano Excel a Pyramid Scheme?

Since Gano Excel members earn money both by selling services and recruiting new members, then it is safe to say that Gano Excel is not a pyramid scheme.

However, since Gano Excel is still an MLM, do not expect to make money if you have no plans on recruiting people. Recruiting will earn you significantly more money than actual product selling, and is more encouraged.

This just makes Gano Excel look like a pyramid scheme in disguise, doesn’t it?

Like Dynamaxx, BellaHoot, and ForeverGreen International, Gano Excel is not a pyramid scheme.

Is Gano Excel a Scam?

No, Gano Excel is not a scam.

However, if you think this is enough for you to jump in Gano Excel’s so-called opportunity straight away, then I suggest that you hold your horses. This is just the most basic thing, so don’t go signing up for this company right away.

Before making your decision, I suggest that you do a thorough research on the MLM first. You can consult some of the sources I listed below. Take note that you can definitely consult any source you want to, but the sources I listed below are the best kinds to consult, for various reasons listed.

What Sources Should You Look For?

There are three kinds of sources that you can consult when it comes to researching MLMs. There are other kinds of sources, but I believe that these two sources will be of the most help to you.

Having to scour around the internet to find a great source for your research can be pretty exhausting at times. That is why you should be glad that you already found the best source available online. Yes, that is right. This Gano Excel MLM review is an example of a great source known as third-party reviews.

From the name itself, third-party reviews are posted by entities that have no connection whatsoever to any MLM. This gives them the freedom to tell the world the truth, without being shackled or silenced. Reviews like these undergo thorough research and fact-checking to ensure credibility.

Like the other reviews on this website, third-party reviews compile information from different sources and present it as a single source. This means that you no longer need to open separate tabs and search separately for topics that you may deem to be helpful, as they are already discussed in reviews.

However, this does not mean that third-party reviews are perfect. They still lack the option of being able to discuss your opinions freely with like-minded people. That is where forums come in.

The most active forum I could find that is dedicated to MLMs have thousands of members. The community is pretty active; the threads are updated regularly and discussions garner a lot of active participants within minutes. You can join the discussions and ask your own questions, and you can be assured that they will be answered.

You can also observe that some people in these forums were part of MLMs before. They share their experiences which you can view as credible insights. After all, they have come to a realization that MLMs cannot bring them success.

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How to Make Money from Gano Excel

Since Gano Excel is an MLM, there are only two ways to make money with the company. and these are:

  • Selling products
  • Recruiting members

Earning money in Gano Excel is no simple task. Before you can even start doing that, you need to pay a starter fee in order to get access to training materials and sample products. At least by signing up, you are entitled to receive discounts from buying products. You can then sell them for the retail price, and that is how you make profit.

You can also earn money through recruiting. This involves having to reach out to potential members through social media. You get perks from recruiting people. From every sale they make, you earn a commission, which means that more people you recruit, the more income you can make.

Remember that the MLM business model is not sustainable, so as time goes by, you will run out of people to recruit.

MLMs do not really care about how many products you sell. What they care about is how many you buy and how many people you can bring in.

How Much Can You Earn?

It seems like I was not successful in retrieving any information regarding Gano Excel online. I am not surprised that this company does not publish one, though. I have seen this coming from miles away. This is actually pretty normal for MLM, as they love pushing boundaries to see what they can get away with.

However, it is quite concerning that there is still no law that sanctions these companies for not being transparent towards their members. Majority of their income stems from them, yet their policies always seem to misalign with them.

What these companies need to do is that they have to be honest in terms of the financial issues. I mean, isn’t the main reason why people joined MLMs in the first place because they want to make money? If they cannot do that, then they should be allowed to leave without any problems.

But no, of course not. MLMs are known for manipulating people just so they can get every single cent possible from their savings accounts.

What I can advise to you is that you should not join one. Save yourself from all the stress. Stay in your current job.

Things I Like in Gano Excel

Established Company

Gano Excel has been in the MLM business for more than 10 years now. This means that they have proven that they have the ability to stay relevant in the market. In those 10 years, a lot of competitors have jumped in the market, so seeing how Gano Excel managed to continue surviving means that they are doing something right.

Wide Selection

Another good thing about Gano Excel is that they have opened their doors to cater to their customers’ needs. They sell products not only for those who love health drinks, but also for those who want to stay healthy with supplements alone. Their products are retail viable, as people who buy them tend to make repeat purchases.

Things I Dislike in Gano Excel

Lack of Information on Website

It seems like Gano Excel’s website does not really tell us any more information regarding the current company executives. Other than that, I also cannot find any product descriptions and prices in there. I think this is to encourage people to reach out to Gano Excel distributors instead.

However, the problem with this is not everyone is willing to talk to a stranger regarding something that they would not be interested in anyway. Having no income disclosure statement does not help their case either.

It is an MLM

This is an MLM, so it means that a lot of people definitely failed in this venture. In fact, 99% of people who join MLMs fail to make money, and they do not even earn back their initial investment.

Gano Excel Compensation Plan

You can view and access Gano Excel’s compensation plan through this link.

The ways to get paid in Gano Excel are as follows:

  • Retail Profit. This is what you can make through selling the products. Usually, the commission rate is no less than 30%.
  • Progressive Rebates. This rebate starts at 5%, which can go up to 44% as you climb the ranks.
  • Stairstep Differential Overrides. This is the difference of percentage to the commissionable value that has been generated by your team.

You can learn more about the compensation by watching this video.

10 Shocking MLM Statistics That You Need To Know!

MLM stats
  • Almost 99% participants of all multi-level marketing companies lose money, according to the FTC.
  • There are 38% more chances of you profiting from your own any kind of small business than joining these MLMs.
  • Success rate of an online business, which will give you financial and time freedom, is 20% more than joining MLMs for making money.
  • The odds of you winning a lottery worth $10k among 10,000 people is 300 times higher than actually making money from MLMs.
  • According to the AARP foundation, 47% distributors of all MLMs lose their money. Apart from this, 27% do not make a single penny.
  • In the remaining 26% that actually make money, 53% of them make less than $5000/year.
  • 39% of those 53%, who are making $5000/year quit because recruiting and selling crappy products to friends and family members jeopardized their relationships.
  • Forget about building a long term business with MLMs, because 50% of all MLMs participants quit within one year.
  • 75% people that joined MLMs say that they will never again join any kind of MLM.
  • A poll was conducted in 2018 among 1050 MLM distributors and it was concluded that most of them made 70 cents an hour and 20% of them did not make a sale. 60% of them made less than $500 in sales over the past 5 years and 32% of them acquired credit card debt to finance their MLM involvements.


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Final Verdict – Gano Excel

Before I end this Gano Excel MLM review, I would like to share a few more insights that could help you.

As you can see, I provided you with all the information I found regarding this MLM. I hope that I was able to get through to you, and that you decide that MLMs, not just this one, are simply not worth your time.

MLMs know what type of people they want. They pick out the ones who are gullible and that they can easily manipulate in order to push their agenda on them. They pick them because these are the people who are likely to obey their demands.

Take note again that MLMs do not pay wages. What they do is that they work you hard, and if you did not do what is expected of you (make sales and recruit people), you do not earn a single cent. Isn’t this unfair?

Well, a better opportunity lies in wait for you in the next section.

That’s it for my Gano Excel MLM review. Hopefully this Gano Excel MLM review helps with your decision.

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