Genesis Investing System Review – Scam Or Legit?

Hello and welcome to my honest review about the genesis investing system.

So whether it’s scam or legit,let’s talk about it.

Genesis investing system is an online course that teaches you how to make money by investing in private companies.

The main aim of Genesis investments is to lower the barriers of entry that someone faces while investing in these companies.

Its name is genesis investment which is derived from the word as people can buy equity from private companies before they went public.

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Genesis Investing System Review

Genesis investing system is very similar to other make money online investing systems I reviewed like american superpower checks and profit point autonomy.

Their main page states that they were mentioned by forbes.

I searched and spent a good amount of time to see whether this claim is legit or not and came to know that it is not a big deal.Ever heard of SEO(search engine optimization).

It?s more likely that they bought link from forbes.The link from forbes will cost you around $7000,so not a big deal.Let?s move forward.

Although they provide some valuable instruments to people like us.Here is the list of them..

The Early Stage Playbook

Genesis investing system is a course that teaches people how to make money by investing money with less risks.They have 12 videos training modules.

Private Bond Opportunities

Genesis investment system introduces you the opportunities to get private bonds.

However they still carry risks more than government issued bonds.

Special Shark Tanks Reports

In this they will show you how this thing works.

Means that they will show you two real life examples on how other people invest their money with their guidance.

Well,it’s a good step by them.

60-Minute Angel Investor

A checklist for you to choose companies to invest your money without showing yourself to others.

49 Pre-iPO Investments

In this they will show you how to invest money with low risks.

They will be for new startups and the case studies that will go public for you.

So,as you can see, the main aim of the genesis investment system is to teach people how to invest in private companies with low risks.

Before this course was introduced,very few wealthy people had access to these case studies and investments opportunities.

Founder Of Genesis Investing System

The course was launched 7 years ago in 2013 by crowdability.It was founded by Matthew millner who is a successful genesis investor.

Before genesis investing he also invested in stocks.When investing in stocks he was a complete failure.

According to him he was a complete failure that is why he decided to come in genesis investments to make more money.

But by the great success in this business,he decided to share his story to the world.And it got viral.

That is the only reason he decided to make a course which will teach people how to invest money in stocks.

The course was first focused on how to invest money properly in any of the business but later dues to his expertise,it turns into genesis investment system.

The best part is that you don?t need millions to start investing and make money.

How Does Genesis Investing System Work?

The course takes through a three stage process and it’s called ASE.(Allocate,Screen,Evaluate)

1 – Allocate – In this you will learn how to determine the appropriate amount of money to invest in each stake.

2 – Screen – In this you will learn how to identify companies that worth your investments.Good?

3 – Evaluate – Learn how to evaluate loss and gains of a company.

Is Genesis Investments A Scam?

So,the main question is that is the Genesis investment system a scam?Well no it is not a scam.It is totally legit and yes you can have ideas on how to make money.

One thing I want to tell you is that it is not a get rich quick scheme.

One thing I liked about genesis investing is that they did not advertise as a get rich quick scheme.

Most of the owners do this tactic to increase their sales.It nis total legit and yes you can invest in it but don?t leave before reading my final verdict about genesis investing system.

As there a lots of pros with genesis investing system,it has cons also.We will talk about pros first..

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Pros Of Genesis Investing System

Here are the pros of this course,

1 – It is well researched and like all other online courses did not launch their course in the thin air.

In fact the course is very well structured and I like that it is from hard earned experience from lots of people like us.

2 – It is very detailed and comprehensive.I really liked how they covered each aspect of this system.

It covers key elements on how to invest in the genesis system.Which is like beginners dreams came true.

3 – Actionable – Like I said that it is not like some other online course launched in thin air.

In fact genesis investing system is a proven system that provides you actionable steps to make money while investing profitably.

4 – Inexpensive – It is less expensive as compared to other make money courses.

Personally I invested $15000 in crap courses and the cost of genesis investment system is very much reasonable.


The one and only con of this system is that they will only teach you how to invest money.

Not the ways that you will make money.I mean that there is no guarantee that you will end up making money.

You will own your own after joining them.

Final Verdict

Yes,you can invest money to know better opportunities to make money.

But my question is this,why not you go and google this exact same question for free.

There are hundreds if not thousands of articles there to help you along the way to make money online.

Than why invest money if you can get it for free.

I know that $79 is not a big amount of money to spend but there is no guarantee that you will make money.

Moreover there are hundreds of complaints against the genesis investing system.People are complaining about their support system.

Some are saying that they never email back to your questions.That is not a good thing to do with your customers.

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See you inside..

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