Global Affiliate Zone Review – $2475 Upsells & Complaints

Hello and Welcome to my global affiliate zone review.

In this we are going to talk about the complaints that I read recently on google.Also does this $2475 upsells worth it or not.

O Gosh there are lots of noises of online courses now a days.

Everybody wants to sell you something.

Whether they have credibility or not.

Why you even buy something from so called gurus who just earned $1000.

\I think that now a days we have to get educated about this thing.

From which to buy and who have the credibility.

Because on my site I reviewed 100s of courses and this is the most common thing.

You have to know how credible is the person.

Is it worth the money if you spend money on him or not?

Having the right mentorship or even guidance from the right person means a lot in online feild.

Unfortunately global affiliate zone seems to be one of them.Yes I am going in-depth of this course.Let?s go in detail.

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Global Affiliate Zone Review

Global zone Affiliate was launched by two guys,julian and mathieu.They both are coaches in another course called AWOL.

AWOL was also a course on affiliate marketing.In this course they have upsells up to $15000.

The question is that is this course has value.Is it another online scam?Well global affiliate zone is not a scam.

But it lacks value.It seems the course is very much of basic levels and also these two gentlemen have not any kind of credibility behind them.

Like awol there are lots of complaints about this course too.

Lots of people are saying that it is just a waste of money and time.

Well,in my opinion,yes you can make money from it.But it is very basic level that there are many videos about it on google already.

If you just want to get basic knowledge of affiliate marketing,than rather buying these worthless courses,I will recommend you to go on youtube.

There are thousands of videos on youtube on this topic.

Some of them are in detail.I think that these two are not enough qualified to get education from.

I do not want you to go wandering after reading this article on google.

So,I will also recommend alternative of it.But before this we will talk about the pricing of this course.

In fact,I just want to throw light on this fact too.

That I reviewed big courses in affiliate marketing industry like affiliate marketing champ and many others like it.

They are the big gurus of affiliate marketing.And when I deep dived in these courses they are completely crap.

Sometimes when these kind of worthless course comes from big gurus hurts me.


Global Affiliate Zone Pricing

Let?s talk about the money guys.The price of basic level training of global affiliate zone is $99.But they shaped their course in a way that you will have to buy $2475 worth of course if you want to be successful.

If you want to be successful(According to them).

So this course is not for $99,it is for $2475.

The concept is to give you something upfront and after this sold you for $2475.

If you are new to this game than it is quite obvious that you will not know it.This is called online sales funnel.

First funnel your audience by giving them something in cheap and if they enters your funnel sell them your high ticket products.

It is just like that in global affiliate zone.Global affiliate zone first tries to get you inside their course and sell their low ticket product.

After you bought it than there is no way left for you to buy the high ticket product.

Because if you do not buy this high ticket product than your $99 is going o be in vain.Affiliate marketing works like that.

Been an affiliate marketer for more than three years I can tell you one thing that it do not worth the money.It is not worth $2475.

I even doubt the whole course worth $99 or not.WELL MAYBE.If you are reading this than I think that you will not enroll in this course.

There is not even a single success stories of their student.Even if there will be success stories than I recommend you to not believe them.

Because I reviewed course by ODI Production who was using fake testimonials.Hiring people fro freelance sites to do the reviews.

Is Affiliate Marketing Legit

Affiliate marketing is legit.It is the best way to make money online.Yes,it can change your life.

But it will take time.Building an affiliate marketing business takes time.This the part that a lot of people do not want to accept.

I stressed this thing on this website that building an online business in affiliate marketing takes time.

It is not a get rich quick scheme.

If you are coming from youtube videos where all these gurus  making it lot easier to make money online.

Than for your knowledge it is easier but you have to do a lot of hard work to build an asset.

An asset that will bring in money for you in your sleep.

Yes,they maybe making $100,000 in a day.But they seem to be totally neglecting the fact that how much hard work you have to do.

You will never see a video of these gurus saying that how much time they spent on education.Because in my opinion affiliate marketing is all about knowledge.

The education and skills that are going to make you rich.Skills that will help you to achieve $100,000 days.

Yes,it is possible even if you are beginner.Affiliate marketing is all about skills.How to test and tweak your offers.

How to run fb/google ads.Running an fb campaign that will give you positive return of investment.

Big question is where to get this education.


I mentioned earlier that these two guys do not have credibility.But if I tell you to learn from the guy who made $250 millions in affiliate marketing.

I bet that you will say yes in a blink of eye.

Yes,this is what you called credibility.If a person earned $250 millions in affiliate marketing,he is not going to spam you for $7.

Yes,it blows my mind that how much value he offers to us as an affiliate marketer.Affiliate marketing is the best business to start online.

But the hardest part is that a lot of people do not find the right place to learn.They have problems to find a right mentor.

There is the right mentor for you.I remember a person losing $20,000 in making money online schemes.Because I also bought few courses.

I can tell you from my personall experience that it is not an easy job to find mentor.Because everyone claims to be a millionaire.

Every other guru claims to make you successful.But rather than working with you they left you on the way.

After mbuying these crap courses I emailed my fake guru.Know what I got.NOTHING!!

They are all around they internet to make money.And for your information what is the easiest way to make money online.

The easiest way to make money online is to sell your course.So,if you are tired of these scams and worthless courses.

I recommend you to go with my number one recommendation.

I bet that you will not regret it.Spend $7 and change your life and get financial freedom.CHEERS!!!!!!

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