Global Publishing Review – Scam Or Legit?

Today we will be reviewing a course platform named Global Publishing. Is it legit? Find out in this Global Publishing review.

Succeeding in real estate is no easy feat. If you want to be able to start making money, it can be quite tough, especially if you are someone who is yet to learn about how to do real estate investing from scratch.

Remember that all successful real estate investors also started as a beginner, so there is always hope for you to learn about it. You need not stress, as there are courses as well as coaches ready to help you out in this new journey.

One of the programs that are available at your disposal is called Global Publishing. So, is this course legit or not? Let us find out.

Before you decide to sign up for this program, you should read this Global Publishing review first.

DISCLAIMER: This is a fully independent review. I’m not affiliated with Global Publishing in any shape or form whatsoever.

But before I start …

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Global Publishing Overview: Quick Details

  • Name: Global Publishing
  • Founder: Ron LeGrand
  • Website:
  • Socials: Facebook
  • Type: Online course
  • Niche: Real estate investing
  • Recommendation: If you ask me, real estate investing is not the best business you can get into if you are just starting out as an entrepreneur.

What is Global Publishing?

Global Publishing Review - Logo

Global Publishing is Ron LeGrand’s platform focused on programs that offer knowledge in real estate investing. From what I have observed, his main offering is the free webinar. This free webinar is all about teaching you how to be a real estate investor, but from what I see, I think it only discusses the basics.

Being able to figure out the basics is indeed a good first step. I mean, who wouldn’t say no to a free webinar that will teach you the basics of real estate investing? I wouldn’t discourage you for signing up for this, but I wouldn’t encourage it either.

Signing up for random webinars online often require an email address from you, so if you are uncomfortable with sharing your personal email address to internet gurus, I suggest you make another email account.

So, what does the free webinar have in store for you?

Ron’s webinar

Global Publishing Review - Ron LeGrand

In Ron LeGrand’s free webinar, participants gain insights into various aspects of real estate success. The session explores who can thrive in the real estate realm, debunking common misconceptions that may hinder progress. Attendees learn strategies for conducting transactions without relying on personal finances or jeopardizing credit scores, offering a pathway to financial freedom.

The webinar delves into the distinctions between “Ugly Houses” and “Pretty Houses,” outlining the advantages of each and identifying the quicker and more accessible option. Participants discover the significance of the mantra “No Terms, No Deal” and delve into the nuances of different terms deals, exploring how each can yield benefits.

Ron LeGrand shares his expertise on minimizing tax liabilities, providing strategies to optimize financial outcomes. Through detailed case studies, attendees gain a comprehensive understanding of property transactions, including financial breakdowns for deeper comprehension.

Moreover, participants receive invaluable resources, such as Ron’s prepared scripts, to streamline the purchase and sale processes. Key questions to ask potential sellers are also elucidated, empowering individuals to assess the viability of prospective deals effectively. With Ron LeGrand’s webinar, aspiring real estate entrepreneurs are promised to gain practical knowledge and tools to navigate the intricacies of the industry and achieve success.

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How to Be A Quick Turn Real Estate Entrepreneur In Any Economy

Now, that is a mouthful of a book title.

That aside, this book is written and published by Ron LeGrand himself. This is another free offering of his. I could not find any information about this book except for the title, sadly.

This book is available for free in different formats. This is available as an eBook and an audiobook. It looks like it is also available as a physical book which you can buy online.

I think this book is more of a supplementary to the webinar, so you aren’t really missing out if you skip on this offering. It is available for free though, so maybe it is worth giving it a shot.

Free planning session

This is another offering by Ron LeGrand, which is actually one of their best deals you can take advantage of.

This so-called planning session is a 30-minute free consultation with one of the members of Ron LeGrand’s team. Basically, they will be discussing with you the next steps you should take in your real estate investing journey. Nothing more, nothing less.

If you ask me though, this looks like a demo to Ron LeGrand’s one-on-one coaching program. That is why you are given this consultation session for free; they are gauging whether or not you plan to be a paying student.

However, take note that this free session will only answer your basic questions. I figure that they only have programmed answers, and if you want to ask a loaded question, you will probably be told to sign up for Ron’s coaching program instead.

Global Publishing Home Study Courses

Fast Track To Wealth

Fast Track to Wealth presents a comprehensive recording of our intensive 1-day training session, featuring live deal structuring sessions conducted by renowned real estate expert Ron LeGrand. Throughout this immersive experience, you can discover how to swiftly embark on a lucrative real estate journey, even without prior experience or licensing.

You can also learn invaluable strategies to initiate their ventures immediately, without the need for credit checks, loans, renovations, realtors, contractors, or capital. Ron LeGrand showcases real-life deal structuring examples brought in by students during the live event, offering practical insights and actionable techniques.

Additionally, you will gain access to 10 bonus video trainings curated by Ron LeGrand, essential resources designed to bolster their journey towards real estate success.

Access to this will cost you $99.

Pretty House “Terms”

In this course offering, you are promised to learn the quickest and most straightforward methods to generate income in today’s real estate market without relying on your own funds or credit, and establish a substantial monthly passive income stream through the Pretty House “Terms” Cash Flow System.

This comprehensive system equips beginners with a step-by-step startup plan tailored for those who have never ventured into property ownership. With proven scripts and techniques, participants learn to identify lucrative deals and secure ownership of attractive homes in desirable neighborhoods.

Key components include strategies for setting up immediate income, monthly cash flow, and final paydays from single transactions. Additionally, the system provides insights into free and low-cost marketing approaches to attract motivated sellers, along with guidance on handling common seller objections and building credibility from day one.

You can learn the five critical steps to success in real estate and other ventures, along with tactics for profiting from properties without the need for repairs, renovations, or tenant management. Importantly, these methods require no personal funds, credit history, prior experience, or licensing, making them accessible to aspiring entrepreneurs seeking financial freedom in the real estate arena.

This costs $1,197 for access.

Rehabbing Ron’s Way

In this course, individuals can expect to gain a comprehensive understanding of the house rehabbing business, surpassing the knowledge acquired through years of trial and error. Ron LeGrand boasts extensive experience in the field, having conducted numerous successful rehab projects.

You are promised to benefit from his wealth of expertise, learning insider tips and strategies to streamline the rehabbing process and maximize profitability. With guidance from seasoned professionals, learners can avoid common pitfalls and achieve success in the competitive real estate market.

This course costs $1,497.

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Flipping Ugly Houses Fast (Wholesaling)

When individuals inquire about quick-start methods for rapid earnings, the recommendation consistently centers on wholesaling or house flipping. This approach facilitates deal sourcing and repair estimation from the comfort of one’s home, along with swift market value assessments at a workstation.

Ron brands this as a refined formula tailored to current market dynamics guides offer determination, ensuring alignment with present realities. Moreover, strategies for engaging realtors who undertake substantial legwork at no cost, securing optimal deals, are unveiled. You can learn how to expedite buyer list expansion through online avenues, simplifying the sales process significantly.

Drawing from Ron LeGrand’s 42 years of wholesaling experience and 37 years of instructional tenure, vital trade secrets are shared, enhancing comprehension and efficacy.

This course costs $599.

Ron’s Complete Cash Flow System

This is a course bundle consisting of Pretty House “Terms”, Rehabbing Ron’s Way, and Flipping Ugly Houses Fast (Wholesaling).

The bundle is being offered at a discounted price of $1,997.

Is Global Publishing Legit?

I am confident to say that Ron LeGrand’s course platform is not a scam. However, what I am concerned about are the prices for the courses. They are quite expensive, so you better research for yourself which courses you can actually use so you can avoid wasting money.

There are no clear refund policies in place for Global Publishing, so I think they might give you the runaround if ever you want a refund. Make sure you only spend money on courses which can offer value to you.

Final Verdict – Global Publishing Review

After meticulously reviewing Global Publishing, it’s evident that Ron LeGrand’s offerings are not fraudulent. However, the exorbitant prices for the courses raise skepticism. Potential participants must carefully assess which courses align with their needs to avoid squandering funds.

Unfortunately, the absence of transparent refund policies is concerning. Without clear guidelines, seeking reimbursement may prove challenging, potentially leading to frustrating experiences. As such, individuals should exercise caution and ensure they invest in courses that genuinely offer value.

While Ron LeGrand’s platform may provide valuable insights into real estate, the hefty price tags and ambiguous refund policies warrant careful consideration. Ultimately, prospective participants must weigh the potential benefits against the risks before committing to any course offerings.

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