Greg O’Gallagher Net Worth

Today, we are going to be talking about Greg O’Gallagher and his net worth.

Sometimes when I scroll through Instagram, I would sometimes get suggested a post of a random account. It usually has to do with the kind of posts that you like on the platform. I follow a few people I know and I sometimes like photos they took at the gym.

I guess that just leads to Instagram recommending accounts from fitness accounts that have decent follower counts. There are a lot of accounts on Instagram like that. You probably know the ones. Most of what’s on there feed, if we’re talking about men, are them showing off their toned physiques.

There is definitely an audience for that. It could either be people who want to learn how they do those exercises. Or those who enjoy the thirst trap nature of it. I mean, I’m not one to police what people enjoy. If they like looking at abs, good on them.

Because these accounts have gotten very huge following on social media, it often leads to them starting their own business. There is always a potential for people to earn money with running a social media account. YouTube has a monetization scheme. So does TikTok.

But aside from monetizing the content that they post on those platforms, a lot of these influencers start their own businesses. It could be a course on how to start a shop on Shopify. Or maybe it’s a fitness program. It really depends on what kind of niche they exist in.

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Greg O’Gallagher Net Worth

  • Full Name: Gregory O’Gallagher
  • Birthdate: September 22, 1991
  • Occupation: Fitness influencer, business owner
  • Estimated net worth: $10 million

Growing Pains

The story of how Greg O’Gallagher got into fitness training starts at six years old. It may seem weird for a six-year old kid in Canada to be into fitness. But there is some explanation for that.

A lot of kids around that age were super into collecting action figures. There were a lot of cartoons at the time that featured big muscular men fighting to save the universe or whatever. And Greg kind of got really into the idea of having a body like that.

It shouldn’t be a surprise that a lot of boys wanted to grow up big and strong. Being exposed to the kind of media that shows that guys have to be all muscular and physically strong in order to do well for themselves. I mean, it isn’t bad to think that. But it definitely set a weird expectation.

Greg didn’t really have any struggles when he was growing up, it seems. His father, Michael, founded a real estate company three years before he was born. And the company did really well. As far as money goes, they were living comfortably.

Greg got excited when his dad bought an adjustable dumbbell set when he was nine. It took a bit of begging for his dad to let him use the set. That was his first ever pump. And he was freaking thrilled about it. Even though the pump didn’t last long, he knew that this is what he wanted to do.

Unfortunately, his father passed away in 2002. It was sort of expect for Greg to inherit his father’s company when he grew up. I mean, a lot of companies would often choose a successor who is related to the founder. A lot of family-owned businesses do that. Greg lost the man who was integral to him doing what he loved.

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Greg O’Gallagher Bulks Up

When he reached puberty, that was when Greg started to work out. He asked his mom to buy him a couple of workout programs. When the programs came, Greg dug right on through it.

He continued to find ways to work out. He bought as many resources as he can to learn more about. Greg wanted to involve his brothers. But they weren’t really keen on the idea at that point.

So the most logical thing for him was starting a YouTube channel. I’m not really sure posting workout and progress videos when you are a 15-year old is a good idea. The channel did okay. But he could really handle the attention he was getting so he stopped posting for a while.

Like I said earlier, it seemed that Greg had to continue the family legacy that his dad had built. At that point in 2006, Brent Merrill had already purchased the company. But it seems that the door was still open to Greg if he wanted to work for MetCap.

He went to college to take up a degree in marketing management. But dropped out in his freshman year. He just didn’t really want to continue doing something he didn’t want to do.

The Start of Kinobody

So after dropping out, Greg tried his hand a becoming a personal trailer. He did that for a while. Eventually he moved to Los Angeles to see if he could make something of himself there.

That was when Greg started taking notice of the people who were running blogs about business. He was following a lot of those kinds of blogs. That was when he realized that he should be doing something like that.

It was during that time that he contacted one of the people whose blog he followed. He started talking to Rusty Moore about anything and everything that relates to fitness. At that point, Rusty was busy with the Fitness Black Book.

That was when Greg bought the domain for Kinobody. He started to write blog posts and make videos. He had gotten a deal with Rusty where Greg would earn affiliate commissions from Rusty’s program if somebody bought a subscription through Greg’s blog.

Like any online venture, it takes a while before you get consistent views on either your blog or your videos. You do have to put in the work before you can reap whatever benefits it gives.

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Let’s Go To Business

Soon after, Greg started to get an audience for his blog and YouTube channel. It seems that a lot of his audience wanted him to create a training program. And he did just that.

In 2012, he had release two workout programs, namely “Warrior Shredding” and the “Greek God Program.” Those programs did surprisingly well. He had earned millions from the sale of those programs.

He basically continue to writing programs and selling it to his audience. Aside from workout programs, he also wrote a cookbook for people who wanted to practice intermittent fasting.

Basically, within a few years, he had managed to scale Kinobody to a million dollar business within a few years. There is always an audience for fitness programs. Everybody wants to be their best selves physically. Who would have thought?

Greg has managed to leverage his following in social media to promote his business through testimonials from people who have tried the program. This method is pretty among a lot of fitness trainers on a platform like Instagram. Pics or it didn’t happen, as they say.

So What Is Greg O’Gallagher’s Net Worth?

Considering that Greg was sort of born into wealth, it would not be surprising to see him make a name for himself. But he mentions in an interview that he doesn’t receive an inheritance from MetCap until he reached 30. Somehow he has made a name for himself without relying too much on the legacy that his father built.

It’s amazing to see people finding the success in the fitness industry. It feels like that industry is already oversaturated at this point. Like, what can you even provide as a service that other people haven’t already done?

Still, Greg O’Gallagher has managed to turn Kinobody into a brand and a company that earns millions of dollars a year. It’s no wonder he has a net worth of $10 million. It’s all through hard work and all that.

It is interesting to see that Greg has plans to step down as the face of the Kinobody brand. He will still be involved with the brand. But it does seem that him doing YouTube videos in the near future would come to a close. I could understand why he wouldn’t want to continue doing fitness videos when he’s in forties.

I have really seen anybody choose to step down from the limelight like that. But he mentions in an interview he did that he doesn’t really want to repeat himself. And I get why. You are bound to run out of topics to talk about.

There are a lot of older people who are getting into the social media game. So it’s not like there isn’t an audience for them. You’ve never really too old to start doing something new.

Still, I do wonder when exactly Greg O’Gallagher is going to step down as the face of the brand that he built. But sometimes it’s good to set limits on what you are able to do. Not everyone does that sort of thing. It’s a rare occurrence.

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