Healthy Commissions Review: Is This An Affiliate Marketing Scam?

Today, we’re going to talk about Healthy Commissions. Will this money-making system work for you? Find out in this Healthy Commissions review.

The current pandemic situation has been pretty hard for many of us. A number of industries started to close down, and this results in several people losing their jobs.

Indeed. Unemployment is so rampant today, that in response, the government has issued various aids aid, like stimulus checks for qualified people, etc.

But those aids are limited, and people will still need a sustainable source of income for their various needs. Furthermore, getting a job right now could prove to be a challenge, especially with the closure of several industries.

Thankfully, there’s still hope. Various opportunities for making money are always presented online. You may even encounter some of them as they’re being advertised on various social media platforms.

But of course, some of you may be hesitant to grab that chance immediately. Either the method presented may not work for you, or it could simply be a scam.

And this is why I made this Healthy Commissions review. In this review, we’re going to talk about the business model being presented by this online course, and determine if this is the right one for you.

So before you decide to join this online course, make sure to read this Healthy Commissions review first. So that you can make an educated judgment for yourself.

Note that I’m not affiliated with Healthy Commissions in any way.

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About Healthy Commissions

Healthy Commissions

Healthy Commissions is an online course about how you can make money online. It teaches users the business model of affiliate marketing.

As many of you may know already, affiliate marketing is one of, if not the, best methods one can use to earn online. Not only can someone gain high profit from the commissions earned from this, but it’s also accessible even for beginners or anyone with little technical knowledge.

Furthermore, it’s always in demand by business owners. Thus, the market for it is less likely to become saturated.

Heathy Commissions will train students here how to increase their chances of earning more profits using affiliate marketing. They’ll teach you everything so, as they say, you can “$1,000 or more in profits per day as an affiliate marketer.”

For this course, Healthy Commissions will focus on the health niche. That means this course will train you on how you make money by selling products and services related to health.

That means, if you prefer another niche because you’re more knowledgeable in it, then you may want to look at somewhere else.

Also, you should take note here that this online course trains you in the use of paid ads. While paid ads are an effective way to drive traffic to your websites, the potential costs associated with them may not be suitable for newcomers who usually start of with low capital.

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Who Created Healthy Commissions?

The Healthy Commissions online course is created by a team of digital entrepreneurs. They are Mark Ling, Rob Jones, and Gerry Cramer.

Mark Ling

Healthy Commissions - Mark Ling

Gerry Cramer and Rob Jones

Healthy Commissions - Gerry Cramer And Rob Jones

Each of them has made great success in the field of affiliate marketing. In fact, they, and several affiliates of theirs, are previously some of the top earners in ClickBank when it comes to generating sales on that platform.

Also, all of them have released several affiliate online marketing courses individually, prior to this.

Healthy Commissions: Course Breakdown

The Healthy Commissions online course is broken down into six modules, plus an introductory module that is meant to show you what the course is all about.

Each module is intended to be taken for a whole week. Therefore the entire course is expected to be taken for at least more than a month.

Aside from the main educational modules, you’ll also have access to additional bonuses meant to aid you in your affiliate marketing campaign. Some are free, while others need an additional purchase to access.


The pre-training “module” introduces the user to the Healthy Commissions online course. It gives a quick rundown on what this course is all about.

More importantly, it also states here the utmost importance of having the proper mindset when doing this business model. And indeed, this is very valuable, as ultimately, you yourself is going to determine if you’ll succeed in this, or any business opportunity, or not.

Things like the importance of hard work and never giving up are the two most important values to have here.

Finally, this part will also show you additional offers exclusive offers for this online course, which we’ll cover in a bit.

WEEK 1: Creating Your Million Dollar Advertising Images

In the first module, you’ll be focusing on how you can create a winning advertising image for your campaign. Even if you don’t have a background in graphic design, this online course will teach you how to do that.

Or if you really don’t have the time, the online course will also provide you with a resource wherein you can buy the needed ad images for your campaign.

WEEK 2: Craft Your Million Dollar Advertising Copies

An extension of the first module, the second module now teaches you how you can create your own advertising banner for your campaign.

Now that you already have the perfect images, as you learned in the first module, it’s time that you create a banner out of them. Here’s you’ll learn how you can add your personalized branding to your ad banners, and other important things like adding your affiliate links for your chosen products, etc.

As with the first module, if you don’t have the time, or you lack good ideas, you’ll also be offered resources wherein you can purchase some pre-made ad templates you can use for this. And all you need to do afterward is to customize them to your liking.

WEEK 3: Switching On Your Buyers Mode Instantly

In this module, you’ll learn about the “pre-sell page, and how you can create one. For this purpose, you’ll learn how you can build your websites using WordPress.

A “pre-selling” page is a part of your sales website that introduces the visitor to a subject that is relevant to the product you’re selling.

On this page, you don’t immediately pitch the product to your visitors. Instead, this preferably contains some valuable content that is relevant to the product you’re selling. It’s a part of the sales funnel, and serves to set up your visitors so that they’ll know even better the value of the product you’re going to sell.

Basically, you don’t even mention the product anywhere here. Rather, you should only place a banner or a link here that directs the visitor to the product you’re selling.

The purpose of a pre-selling page is to build up the notion that the visitor needs that product in order to make their lives better. By showing them content that’s relevant and informative.

WEEK 4: Launching Your Million Dollar Campaign

After you built up your sales website, it’s time to go live. And to do it properly. This module will focus on getting traffic and leads directly to your website.

One of the founders of this online course, Gerry Cramer, stated once that he doesn’t bother with organic traffic and SEO anymore. And I agree with this statement to a certain point. Since in a sense, SEO is like going to war.

Instead, he now specializes in using paid ads, such as Facebook Ads, to gain traffic to his websites. And this also extends to the things that will be taught in this module.

WEEK 5: Testing And Scaling Up Your Campaigns

At this point, now that your affiliate marketing campaign is up, you’re going to have to eventually “automate” and scale it up so you can truly make passive income with this.

This module will teach you how it’s done. You’ll also learn here how to use some analytics tools in order to determine if your campaign is working or now, and to apply the appropriate action when needed.

WEEK 6: Secrets Of The Titans

You’re getting the best-kept secret that deals with going over $1,000 PER day strategies, tricks, and technologies so you can go from 6 to 7 figures per month.

This is more or less an advanced tips and tricks section from the authors of this course. They’ll show you the strategies that they use in order to grow their affiliate marketing campaign, and earn more from it.


Aside from the online course itself, you’ll also get several bonuses when you join this course.

  • A page-building software to help you create your sales funnel websites, compete with templates ready for use.
  • Analytics and optimization full suite to keep track of everything in your back office.
  • Several 12-second videos detailing their so-called “new traffic method” using Facebook ads.
  • Templates for advertisement banners you can use.
  • Exclusive deals with vendors in the health niche.
  • Various case studies showing how this system works for them.

How Much Does The Healthy Commissions Course Cost?

The entire Healthy Commissions online course, including its bonuses, can be bought for a one-time payment of $2,497.

As an option, you can also purchase the course for three easy payments of $997 each.

If you’re going to go for this business idea, you need to prepare a little more than that, however. Since this course relies heavily on paid ads for this marketing campaign, you also need to consider the budget for your paid ads.

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Things I Like About Healthy Commissions

The online course itself is legitimate, and the business method is quite effective. Affiliate marketing has become one of the most effective online money-making methods out there, because of its demand by business owners.

The mentors who created this course are also very successful in the field of affiliate marketing. Therefore, you can expect that there’s some value in what they’re going to teach you here.

Aside from the education you’re getting here, you’ll also get a few done-for-you marketing materials (different templates) that will save you a lot of time and hassle on building one (though making your own is still better).

But the most interesting part of this online course is its choice of niche. As we all know, the health sector is one of the most valuable and in-demand sectors today.

The COVID-19 pandemic has only made more people even more health-conscious today. Thus, there will surely be an increase in the sales of health-related products and services.

By focusing on the health niche, and being an affiliate of products related to it, the potential earnings that you can achieve with Healthy Commissions can be greater than expected.

Things I Don’t Like About Healthy Commissions

First and foremost, it’s very expensive.

You not only have to deal with the high price of the online course itself. You also have to keep in mind the costs of running Facebook ads.

And for this scenario, a failing ad campaign can cost you a “healthy” (pun intended) sum of money. Even with the done-for-you materials provided, they’re not really the best idea (despite the course itself saying that these templates are effective).

And another thing that you should take note of, is that, the things that they teach here, aren’t exactly revolutionary at all.

It’s basically just a rehash of the previous online courses that’s made by the same people. So you only need to avail of one of those courses (including this), and you don’t really need the others.

And My Verdict Is…

Healthy Commissions is a good online money-making course that provides good value to its users. It doesn’t offer itself as a “get rich quick” scheme, and neither does it say that its methods will guarantee that you’ll get rich here.

If you’re a health buff, working in a health-related sector previously, or just someone who is very familiar or interested with this niche, then this course could work for you.

But you have to be prepared for the costly initial investment, especially with the Facebook ads. They may be quite effective at generating traffic, but you should be able to maintain them.

If you want a course that teaches organic traffic methods first, like SEO, then I suggest that you look somewhere else first.

Healthy Commission Review: Final Thoughts


To close off this Healthy Commissions review, I would like to give out some points regarding this course.

Whatever online business you want to set up, you would inevitably face some tough competition. Especially when a few marketers find out that the health niche is a lucrative one, most of them may specialize in this niche soon.

Therefore, what you need are some good educational materials first to give you the necessary knowledge, skills, and especially the proper mindset to hopefully succeed in any business venture.

And let me add that mindset is a very important factor when setting up any kind of business. As long as you don’t falter even in the toughest of challenges, you’ll be sure to succeed.

Moreover, you need to get your money’s worth with that online course. Seeing as it’s also going to be part of your investment.

Having said this…

Healthy Commissions is a good money-making online course, but is certainly not for everyone.Especially since it only focuses on a single niche, and even a single traffic method.

If you want an alternative for this, something that you might even like in the long run, yet still sustainable…

Then you may want to try my personal recommendation for learning how to make money online. This opportunity is a good one, and it’s guaranteed to give you great results.

Before you think it’s just another scam, why don’t you try it for yourself? I guarantee you. This really one really works.

If you want to know more about it, just click on the link after this Healthy Commissions review. And if you do…

I’ll see you on the other side.

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