HealthyYou Vending Review – Jeff Marsh Scam?

Today, we are going to talk about HealthyYou Vending. Is it legit? Find out more in this review.

I feel like at some point, we have all have bought something from a vending machine. It’s not that vending machines are bad. Far from it. Sometimes it’s the only way for people to buy snacks or a drink. And it’s great that you could find a decent vending machine in a public space.

I have seen enough videos on TikTok of people who operate a vending machine. They regularly earn hundreds of dollars just by placing it on a location that a lot of people go to. You don’t really have to do a lot except restock the vending machines and take out your earnings from it. There’s a reason why there’s at least one vending machine within a 10-meter radius. It’s that profitable.

Vending machines can have many different products inside of it. Obviously, there’s food and drinks. But sometimes you can buy toiletries from a vending machine inside of a public bathroom. I have seen vending machines that dispense shoes and other merch. There’s really a lot of things that you can sell through a vending machine.

But food and drinks are still the ones are on the lookout for. That’s why there are companies like HealthyYou Vending that cater to those who want to buy a healthier snacks. Sometimes people don’t want to buy a bag of Cheetos. But why wouldn’t you? Still, the healthier snacks are often foodstuffs like jerky or trail mix. It’s still the usual snacks you’d expect. But they might be a bit pricier than the normal ones.

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HealthyYou Vending Review: Quick Details

  • Name: HealthyYou Vending
  • Founders: Jeffrey Marsh and Mike Burnett
  • Website:
  • Socials: Instagram, YouTube
  • Type: Franchise
  • Niche: Food and drinks
  • Recommendation: It’s definitely one of the easier ways to earn money without putting in a lot of capital. But it still depends on where these vending machines are going to be located for it to be profitable. It also takes a bit of maintenance.

Who Are The Founders of HealthyYou Vending?

A screenshot featuring HealthyYou Vending co-founder Jeff Marsh in front of a vending machine

The founders of HealthyYou Vending are Jeffrey Marsh and Mike Burnett. There isn’t really a lot of information that you can find about either of them online. Sometimes that happens with certain companies. It doesn’t really matter in the grand scheme of things anyway. But there are people who want to learn about who they are as people.

There’s also not a lot of information about why Jeffrey and Mike chose to start the company. Based on a bunch of press releases about the company, it seems that Jeffrey and Mike both had some experience in the vending machine industry before they founded HealthyYou Vending.

I guess there was a hole in the market for vending machines that dispensed healthier snacks and drinks. There are people who want to eat a snack but are conscious of their health. And often, vending machines don’t really offer a lot of these types of foods. Since there was an opening, they decided start a business where they offer people the chance to own and operate their own vending machines.

It makes sense, right? There are places out there where you can set up a vending machine. And there’s good chance that somebody out there is going to buy a product from it.

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How Do You Exactly Get Into the Vending Machine Business?

There is a lot of planning involved when it comes to running your own vending machine business. It’s the same for any type of business venture. You really need to think of everything before you can actually start running a business.

The first question you need to answer is whether or not running a vending machine business is right for you. It makes sense. Before you even think about the logic, you need to ask yourself if you’re actually interested in running a business. Sure, I have mentioned earlier that vending machines don’t require a lot from you. But there’s a catch to that.

Running a vending machine costs a lot of money upfront. Even though it’s just a few machines, you’re still going to spend a few hundred dollars for each machine. Then there’s the cost of buying the products that you’re going to sell. I forgot to mention that you also need to get permission from proprietors so you could put those vending machines where you want them to.

There’s so much planning involved. I’m not trying to scare you off from starting a business like this. But just know that there is a lot of things you have to do at the start to make this business work for you.

What Makes HealthyYou Vending Different From Other Vending Machines?

The main difference is that most of the products inside the HealthYou Vending machines that you’re going to use are relatively healthier than what’s in a usual vending machine. They’re still your usual snacks and drinks. But they’re just healthier in some way. Usually, it’s just snacks that lower in fat, sugar or sodium. The manufacturers of those products are still the big corporations.

It seems that once you invest in a machine from them, you don’t really have to pay them anything else. They mention on their website that they don’t charge any franchise fees. Apparently, they also get you in contact with one of their partner suppliers.

There’s definitely a lot of positive aspects to the whole concept that is HealthyYou Vending. But it’s still up to you whether or not you choose to do business with them. You’ll still be the one making the decision if this is what you want to be doing.

Aside from snacks and drinks, the vending machines from HealthyYou Vending can also be equipped with dispensers for different kinds of toiletries and other products. The options are seemingly limitless. But people often default to snacks and drinks because that’s what a lot of people buy. Though, it still depends on the location.

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Final Verdict – HealthyYou Vending Review

It’s relatively easier to run a vending machine business compared to other businesses out there. For the most part, you don’t really need to hire a lot of employees just to handle a few machines. You could even stock those machines by yourself. There’s definitely a bit more freedom when it comes to running a vending machine business.

But the real question is whether or not HealthyYou Vending is the right kind of vending machine business for you. Well, it all depends on what you want to do. None of the products that you could potentially sell in those machines seem like they’re bad. But it depends on where you put those products. Most of the time, people are going for the classic snacks and drinks. And the only way for you to find out what works is when you’re restocking your machines.

Still, getting into the vending machine business costs a lot of money, especially with HealthyYou Vending. I’ve checked how much the minimum cost of investment you’d need for one of their machines. And it’s about $55,000. You’re sort of buying into the ecosystem that they have. And that includes a support line in case you need help with your machines. Aside from that, they’re helping you find the optimum location to put your machine in.

But that does not guarantee that you will be earning a lot of money early on. It depends on what the people buy from your machines. If your machine is next to other machines, you’re definitely fighting against stiff competition. But if not, it’s still not entirely sure that you’d be getting a lot of money out of it.

It’s still one of the easier ways to get into a business. But you need to plan how you want to approach it. There’s definitely people who buy from vending machines. Though, you need to get to where they are first before you start your business.

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