HeartCore Leadership Review – Scam or Legit?

Today, we’ll look into the HeartCore Leadership program that is included in Shanda’s HeartCore Business training company. Is it legit or a scam? Find out on my HeartCore Leadership Review.

Everyone has struggles in their daily lives and we tend to have different coping mechanisms just to survive a day.

But sometimes, there are still some people who will break down and just stop functioning. Well, we can’t blame them if they’ve had enough of their lives.

It just shows that they’re already at their wits end and the situations have piled up against them that they don’t know what to do anymore.

HeartCore Leadership is all about stretching your limits, enhancing your personal vision and it promises transformative changes in all facets of their student’s life.

They’re all-in in giving you education and support on how to tackle each and every obstacle and eventually conquer all of them with a peaceful mind, and the most important of all, they want you to love yourself first.

Accepting yourself, your flaws, literally everything is a huge step to becoming a successful individual in the future.

Is it worth a try engaging in these types of programs? Or will it just be a waste of money without getting the value of what you’ve paid for?

Just wanted to add a disclaimer that this is a fully independent review. I am in no particular way affiliated with the program whatsoever. All opinions are unbiased and other information came directly from their website.

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Name: HeartCore Leadership

Owner: Shanda Sumpter

Website: https://heartcoreleadership.com/

Socials: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram

Type: Training/Coaching Program

Niche: Self-Help


It is not that common to hear about these kinds of niche which are most often that not, are scams. Why did I say that?

The said “leaders” will instill knowledge and practices into your system, which is more likely to not affect the outcome of some circumstances. 

They may be experienced people that have the formulas to help you with your problems, may it be financially, spiritually, mentally, physically, socially. But in reality, it doesn’t work for everyone.

They’re sometimes called “brainwashing” in a sense. They’ll make you believe that you should be doing this and that in order for you to gain more freedom in everything you do.

Well, it’s not like I’m saying that everything is a scam. I don’t want to disregard those people who really got help from self-help seminars and workshops.


The HeartCore Leadership Program, one of the programs available in HeartCore Business, brought to you by Shanda Sumpter, is a self-help program that promises to transform you to be a better version of yourself.

Sumpter claims that everyone from entrepreneurs, musicians, may it be anything that you do, you’ll be able to gain something from this program.

She believes that blocking success happens when we are trying to do everything on our own. We eventually slow the process down.

Fear is the most discussed topic in every meeting. It is the thing that will tell you where to stop, but eventually you need to push forward and run right into it.

Every fear has a solution, and finding a good mentor will help you identify blind spots and keep you on track with your desired outcome. 

It really is a good experience and a joyful outcome to overcome your fear. Destroying those blocks that obstruct you to push forward will give you a different kind of satisfaction once you get past it.

And she believes she is that mentor that can help you with all of that.

“It’s my mission and passion to ensure entrepreneurs have the help they need to get their powerful messages out there and create financial freedom while they do it!”, says Shanda Sumpter.

The program is divided into three different stages.

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The goal is to remove from your system the idea of “that’s all I can do with this and that” stuff. Stop procrastinating yourself. You need to hit a reset on your life and release what’s been holding you back in doing what you love most.

Believe in yourself and give all the energy that you have. Give utmost commitment to carry on with the goals you’ve set to achieve.

It is a three-day introduction to a four month curriculum which is said to have new tools to address difficult circumstances that may be keeping their students from achieving success, may it be in work or in relationships.


This is the stage where you’ll leave everything that’s detrimental to you behind and focus on what the future holds.

Redefine how you will show up to the world where you chose to be part of and discover how to operate with countless of possibilities.

Leave the past firmly, without regrets and start your new path to becoming a powerful leader.

It is a four-day training that comes with a new set of tools and training designed to address both external and internal aspects of successful habits.


Lastly, practice what you’ve learned from the first two stages. Develop your authoritative voice to influence change in others and yourself.

You must have the goal to emerge as a confident leader that can take charge of your team, business, family and most importantly, your own life.

You’ll be setting a big 90-day goal for yourself. They will always be there along the way to assist and support you in every step until you reach success.

With more than thousands of people that participated in the HCL program, they are proud to claim that 95% of their students reached their goals.



As I’ve done further research, HeartCore Business might be the limelight that Shanda has operated on, but it is not the first.

She’s been on the internet in the past, and listed below are some of the programs that are similar to HeartCore Business,

  • 7-Day Revenue
  • 14-Day Revenue
  • Retire Me Shanda

All training programs talk about the same thing, which is to follow the formula that Shanda has created to find your calling in life and build a profitable business that suits you. But how?

The other three programs have the same sales page, with the same student testimonials in it. How do they differ? Just by the time when you’ll gain results.

7 days, 14 days and 60 days to be exact. And as I stated earlier, HCL is a 4-month curriculum. Do the formulas differ? If the 60-day program is good enough, why didn’t she make use of that for her HCL program?


Each can only be taken as a grain of salt but I will include it anyways for you to have more idea on what the HeartCore Leadership program is all about.

A participant says that Shanda is better off as a shaman than a businesswoman. Why? The reviewer said that she is better at speaking metaphysical issues than practical business practices.

She also deals with your spirituality. You can’t argue with that if Shanda herself said that “I believe that you’re not here by accident. God told me to find you.”


They have a 100% money-back guarantee within 30 days but there are issues that people find it hard to get a refund.

You always tend to pay in advance before the start of the class/curriculum in these types of scenarios right? 

Everything is not available through their website but I’ve read that you can get a refund when you decide not to join the class anymore (prior to class not yet started).

It must be an easy transaction since the class hasn’t started yet, but certain people are having a hard time getting a refund.

The participant is also at fault for joining then eventually wanting to back out.

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First off, if you’re not determined to see through the ending of any program that you wanted to try, just don’t get involved with it.

You’ll just earn more hassle and headaches through going your ways to get a refund.

The cost of this HCL program is $5,000 or a three-month installment of $1,700 a month.

That’s a big amount of money if you ask me.

And if you really have that amount of money, why not just seek a professional? A psychiatrist or a counselor who have dedicated their entire lives to their profession.

I’m not saying that the likes of Shanda ain’t professional, but that’s not what they do in the first place, right? It’s just a spur of the moment/an opportunity to be where they are now.


Thank you for reading this Shanda Sumpter’s HeartCore Leadership review.

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See you on the other side.

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