High Impact Coaching Review – Zander Fryer Scam?

Today, we are going to talk about High Impact Coaching. Is it legit? Find out more in this review.

You would be surprised that there are places that teach you how to become a professional motivational coach. All coaching is, in some ways, “motivational.” You need to have some skills in public speaking in order to reach through to your audience. I had just assumed that people like this pop up out of nowhere. Like, how are there so many of them? But it turns out that they often have taken some kind of course that teaches how to become a motivational coach.

If you think about it, a lot of the motivational coaches whose clips are everywhere on social media usually learn how to become one either through an in-person event or through a book. It is pretty much an industry at this point. All of the big names are offering their own programs that costs thousands of dollars. And people are willing to pay for that sort of thing. Because, the chance of earning income from it are pretty decent.

As somebody who has been writing reviews like this one, I have still yet to see the entirety of this industry. There are still some names that I have probably not heard of yet. But there is a chance that that time will come at some point. Though our current focus is on Zander Fryer and his High Impact Coaching program.

With so many different coaching programs out there, what exactly makes Zander’s High Impact Coaching program the better choice? Like, surely, there is something that you wouldn’t get elsewhere if you choose Zander’s course over the others. But maybe it might be just you’re run of the mill coaching program. Well, hopefully, we are going to answer those questions in this review. There’s probably a lot that we’ll discover throughout this journey.

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High Impact Coaching Review: Quick Details

  • Name: High Impact Coaching
  • Founder/Creator: Zander Fryer
  • Website: https://zanderfryer.com/
  • Socials: Facebook, Instagram, YouTube
  • Type: Training program
  • Niche: Motivational coaching
  • Recommendation: While there is a potential to use everything you’ve learned in order to earn a decent income, it does not guarantee that you will have immediate success in it. It takes a decent amount of work in order to find success in running your own coaching business.

Who is Zander Fryer?

High Impact Coaching creator Zander Fryer

There is not a lot that there is to know about Zander Fryer. From an interview that he did for a podcast, he mentioned that when he was still in high school, he was fairly good at STEM subjects. Zander kind of felt that he had to use his smarts in science and math. So that’s why he decided on getting an engineering degree from UCLA. He mentions in that same podcast that he had gotten a scholarship from the Air Force ROTC in order to pay for his tuition. And because he had gotten a scholarship from them, he had to participate in the ROTC.

That was kind of where the seeds were planted with regards to Zander’s current career as a motivational coach. Zander was actually going to pursue a career as a fighter pilot in the Air Force once he had graduated. But unfortunately, during his senior year, Zander had gotten a DUI. That lead him to get booted out from what was going to be his career. You could pretty much say that Zander settled on going through the corporate route instead of what he wanted to do.

Once he graduated, Zander went on to work for Cisco as a systems engineer. He was earning a pretty decent salary. There was a lot of perks to the job that he had. Some of the clients that he was working with are pretty well-known. Despite all of that, he didn’t really feel a sense of fulfillment from his career. Sure, he was getting raises and promotions. But the joy that he felt from those moments were only temporary. Zander felt that he had something else worth doing. This wasn’t the thing that he wanted to do for the rest of his life.

In the last two years of his career at that job of his, Zander was trying to find ways to make his career worthwhile. He kind of felt that maybe that there was a role in the company that might give him a sense of fulfillment. It was one of his mentors that kind of lead him to realize that maybe he could pursue something else. I should mention that that mentor of his was a motivational speaker themselves.

It was the Monday after he had talked to that mentor of his when Zander decided to put a few weeks notice that he was going to leave his job. Despite having the courage to pursue what he wanted after that, Zander still valued the people that he worked with. He decided to continue working for a month so that his team wouldn’t be left in the dark by him leaving.

Once that was done, Zander pursued to make this whole thing work. And he did.

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What is High Impact Coaching?

High Impact Coaching is a course that Zander Fryer created that teaches you how to start your own coaching business. It’s as simple as that. There are two versions of the High Impact Coaching course to choose from.

The first is the High Impact Coaching Launch course. This particular course is meant for those that are just starting out on their journey as a coach. The course promises that you will be able to start being a coach within 90 days. Most online courses are easily learnable for less than time. But it would realistically take you about a few weeks in order to successfully do whatever it is that they teach you.

In order to learn about pricing for the High Impact Coaching Launch course, you will have to book a call with Zander’s team. This particular method isn’t really new. A lot of the courses that I have reviewed previously only do business through a call instead of just selling the course upfront. This is meant to weed out those that are only interested but aren’t really going to pursue it. It is pretty much just a form of lead generation.

High Impact Coaching creator Zander Fryer

The second version of the course is the High Impact Coaching Accelerator course. This course is pretty much targeted towards those that are already earning six-figures a year but want to scale up towards earning at least $40,000 a month. Compared to the Launch course, the Accelerator course takes a lot longer to do. It’s a 12-month course. This particular course is focused making your brand and messaging work for you in the space that you work in, as well as using funnel pages to generate leads for your coaching business. You will also learn exactly how to scale your business so that you have a team that will handle a lot of the operations of your coaching business.

Similar to the Launch course, you will need to fill up a form in order to schedule a call with Zander and his team. Considering that the target audience for this particular course is those already earning six-digit figures a year, the cost is probably at least $25,000 or so.

Unsurprisingly, Zander also offers a free ebook that you can read once you’ve input your name and email address. The link to download it will be sent to your email address almost immediately after you’ve input your contact details. Be wary that you are going to get a lot of emails after that asking if you want to actually take one of their courses. It is pretty much par for the course.

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Final Verdict – High Impact Coaching Review

There is nothing particularly wrong about the any of the High Impact Coaching courses that Zander Fryer offers. It’s just that it’s not really for everyone. Considering how much training programs like this cost, it’s not really affordable to a lot of people. You’re going to spend a few hundred to thousands of dollars in order to become a coach. But it doesn’t really guarantee that you will be able start earning money from it immediately.

Becoming a coach requires you to have an idea on who your audience is. You’re probably going to learn everything about how you could reach that audience through that course. But you can’t be too sure that you will immediately get those people to patronize your services. It takes a bit of work in order to get them to do so. And it might take you days or weeks to do it.

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That’s it for my review of High Impact Coaching. I hope you enjoyed reading it.

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