High Ticket University First 100k Formula Review – Scam or Not?

Today we will be reviewing a program known as High Ticket University First 100k Formula. Is it legit? Find out in this High Ticket University First 100k Formula review.

Being able to market your business can be tough, especially if you are not yet sure of your target market. This is a lot of companies utilize the use of advertising in order to promote their products. This can help hasten the growth process too.

Advertising can be quite costly though, so I suggest you tread on this lightly. Sometimes you might overspend on ads and still not attract customers to make a purchase.

This course claims that they can help you learn some advertising secrets that can help your business. So, is this legit or not?

Before you decide to sign up for this program, you should read this High Ticket University First 100k Formula review first.

DISCLAIMER: This is a fully independent review. I’m not affiliated with High Ticket University First 100k Formula in any shape or form whatsoever.

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High Ticket University First 100k Formula Review: Quick Details

  • Name: High Ticket University First 100k Formula
  • Founder: Maxim Trubitski
  • Website: N/A
  • Socials: Instagram, Twitter
  • Type: Training course
  • Niche: eCommerce
  • Recommendation: If you do not have a business that is fully operational, then you would have no use for this course.

What is High Ticket University First 100k Formula?

Maxim Trubitski’s High Ticket University First 100k Formula course is an in-depth guide on creating and managing a Shopify store, with a particular focus on the promotion of your eCommerce offerings through paid advertising strategies.

In this course, Maxim meticulously guides learners through each stage, beginning with the selection of suitable products and culminating in generating traffic for your online store. What distinguishes this program from other dropshipping courses is its emphasis on dealing with high-ticket items.

Maxim’s strategy revolves around the concept that higher profits, sometimes exceeding $300 per sale, are achievable with pricier products, in contrast to the minimal $5 profit margin per item in standard practices.

However, this approach does involve certain risks. One significant concern is the potential complications that may arise during shipping. High-ticket items, due to their value, pose a greater risk in scenarios of damage or loss during transit. As the store owner, such losses fall squarely on your shoulders.

Additionally, customers purchasing premium products tend to have higher expectations, leading to an increased likelihood of refunds or chargebacks. This heightened level of customer demand and the associated financial risks are crucial considerations when embarking on this high-ticket sales journey.

High Ticket University First 100k Formula Overview

The High Ticket University First 100k Formula course offers a comprehensive curriculum, encompassing a variety of subjects critical to eCommerce success:

  1. Introduction Module – This serves as the foundational segment, laying the groundwork for the course.
  2. Mindset for Success Module – Focuses on cultivating a mindset conducive to achieving significant entrepreneurial achievements.
  3. Proven Product Research Guide Module – Provides insights and methodologies for identifying products with high market potential.
  4. Website Development and Branding Module – This section delves into creating a compelling online presence and developing a strong brand identity.
  5. Influencer Academy Module – Teaches strategies for leveraging influencer partnerships to boost product visibility and sales.
  6. Facebook Ads Module – Introduces techniques for utilizing Facebook advertising to drive traffic and sales.
  7. A Week of Backend Shopify Module – Offers an in-depth exploration of managing the backend operations of a Shopify store.
  8. Google Ads Bootcamp Course – An additional course focusing on mastering Google Ads for e-commerce.
  9. 4 Bonus Income Doubling Training Modules – These bonus modules aim to provide strategies to potentially double revenue streams.

It’s important to note that the initial two modules, while foundational, may not deliver practical skills directly applicable to eCommerce. They are more oriented towards setting a theoretical base.

Regarding the Facebook ads training provided by Maxim Trubitski, it appears to be lacking in comprehensiveness.

Although this module is critical, given the importance of Facebook ads in eCommerce marketing, it seems to fall short in covering several vital aspects of Facebook advertising, which could be crucial for effective marketing and driving sales in a competitive digital landscape.

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The High Ticket University First 100k Formula comes with a significant price tag, set at an eye-watering $997. This raises a pertinent question about the value proposition, especially considering the vast availability of similar information at no cost on the internet.

In an interesting twist, Maxim Yrubitski, the architect of this course, embarked on his own dropshipping venture without investing in any paid courses. It’s quite remarkable to think that he accumulated his knowledge and expertise entirely from complimentary resources available online, particularly free video content.

This fact adds a layer of irony to the situation, as he now offers his course for a substantial fee of $997.

This pricing strategy could be seen as surprising or even perplexing to some, given the contrast between his own journey of self-education through freely accessible materials and the high financial barrier for accessing his compiled knowledge and experience in this course.

It raises questions about the course’s unique value and whether it justifies the substantial investment, especially when much of the information might be obtainable through diligent research at no cost.

Is High Ticket University First 100k Formula a Scam?

While I wouldn’t outright label Maxim Trubitski as fraudulent, I have reservations about endorsing his course, and here are my reasons:

To start, Trubitski’s tenure in the dropshipping arena spans just a few years, which, in my view, isn’t sufficient to attain a deep mastery of this complex field.

Potential enrollees in his course should be aware that their mentor is relatively inexperienced, still navigating and learning the intricacies of the dropshipping landscape himself.

Additionally, there’s a lack of concrete evidence substantiating Trubitski’s success in generating significant revenue from dropshipping. This observation raises questions about his motivation for shifting focus towards creating and selling online courses.

One could speculate that his primary income stream might stem more from course sales than from the dropshipping business itself. Such a pivot, especially done hastily, can be indicative of where the real financial gains lie for him.

Given these points, for individuals earnestly seeking to delve into and succeed in the online money-making world, particularly through dropshipping, I would be hesitant to suggest Trubitski’s course as a go-to resource.

Dropshipping, often misunderstood as straightforward, actually demands a comprehensive understanding and skill set to navigate its challenges successfully. Therefore, it’s crucial to seek guidance and learning from sources that offer substantial, proven expertise and insights into the industry.

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Final Verdict – High Ticket University First 100k Formula Review

In conclusion, after thoroughly examining High Ticket University First 100k Formula, I find myself unable to endorse this course wholeheartedly. My reservations are personal and stem from several observations and experiences throughout the review process.

The core of my hesitation lies in the course’s hefty price tag of $997. In an era where a plethora of educational resources on eCommerce and dropshipping are available for free or at a much lower cost, the justification for such a high investment is not compelling.

This is especially poignant when considering the course creator, Maxim Yrubitski, himself relied on freely available online resources to build his knowledge base in dropshipping. This irony is hard to overlook and questions the unique value the course promises against its cost.

Moreover, Maxim’s relatively brief tenure in the dropshipping domain, spanning only a few years, raises concerns about the depth and breadth of his expertise. For learners seeking to master a complex and ever-evolving field like dropshipping, guidance from a more seasoned professional might be more beneficial.

The lack of verifiable success from Maxim in the dropshipping arena further adds to the skepticism, suggesting that his shift to selling educational courses might be more financially motivated than genuinely educational.

The course’s content, while comprehensive in scope, seems to lack practical depth in critical areas such as Facebook advertising, a pivotal component of eCommerce success. These gaps in the curriculum could leave students underprepared for the realities of the competitive digital marketplace.

In light of these factors, for those earnestly seeking to venture into and excel in the online business world, particularly through dropshipping, I advise approaching this course with caution. It’s crucial to consider alternative educational resources that may offer more substantial, proven expertise at a fraction of the cost.

Dropshipping, often underestimated in its complexity, requires thorough understanding and skill, which should ideally be nurtured under the mentorship of well-established professionals in the field.

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