Him500 Review: Is Marcus Barney’s Recession Proof Xtreme A Scam?

Today, we’re going to check out Him500 AKA Marcus Barney, and his Recession Proof Xtreme. Read this Him500 review to know if he’s legitimate.

The hardest part about our current pandemic situation today, is the rampant unemployment. Because quarantine protocols have severely limited, or even halted, the functions of several industries, several companies and businesses under it have closed their doors.

This, in turn, leads to massive employee lay-offs.

To somehow alleviate the situation, the government has provided some monetary aid to qualified individuals by means of stimulus checks and the like. Furthermore, those who were able to save up well on their insurance benefits may be able to get through by relying on them for a while.

However, keep in mind that all of this financial aid is only temporary. If you don’t know how you can manage your money well, all of it will just be for nothing.

Marcus Barney, AKA Him500, claims to provide an online course that can help you with it. He claims that his course, the Recession Proof Xtreme, is designed for people who want to learn how to manage their money and live their lives on their own terms.

Before you enroll in any of his online courses, it’s better if you read this Him500 review first. So you can determine for yourself if this is worth spending your time on, or not.

Note that this is a fully independent Him500 review. I’m not affiliated with Recession Proof Xtreme, or Marcus Barney, in any form whatsoever.

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Who Is Him500?

Him500 is just another name for Marcus Barney. Marcus Barney is a so-called “financial strategist”, and a seemingly successful entrepreneur.

Him500 Marcus Barney

Ever since he was 18 years old, Marcus has been in the world of business.

His first business venture was with real estate. However, during the housing crisis in 2008, his business collapsed.

The next business venture that he undertook focused on selling mobile phones. He even opened his first mobile phone store when he was 23 years of age.

Again, he had to close down his mobile phone business, but this time, he claimed that the blame was on him this time.

He said he didn’t know the importance of managing his finance and using his credit well. And so with that experience, he started to study all about the finance and credit world.

Today, he now runs a successful real estate investment and credit repair business. And thanks to all his finance training, he also started selling finance education courses for others.

And his well-known financial education course online is the Recession Proof Xtreme.

What Is Recession Proof Xtreme?


It’s not how much money you earn, it’s how you use it.

It’s a common quote that we may hear regularly. But in finances, we should always keep this in mind.

And that’s the aim of Him500’s Recession Proof Xtreme online course. It’s an online course that aims to teach their students about proper financial management, essentially making them “recession-proof” (hence, the name).

In here, you’ll learn how to raise and repair your credit score, so you can secure a loan to fund your needs (usually, when you’re starting a business.) You’ll also learn here how to save plenty of money on other things, like when you want to travel around, or when you’re getting your own car.

I’ve reviewed a few financial literacy online courses like this in the past, and my thoughts on them are always the same. If you want to see more of it, you can check out my review of YFS Academy here.

Recession Proof Xtreme is an online course that may need if you want to learn financial literacy. It’s something you may want to take if you want to learn how to handle your finances, whether it’s personal or for business, well.

But if you have a trusted financial advisor that you can call on, it might be worth more if you just go to them instead. After all, the advice that they can give you would be more personal and will be fit for your lifestyle.

And while this course may teach you a couple of side hustles, they’re not going to be as reliable as the others. Especially when compared to my #1 recommendation.

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What’s Inside Recession Proof Xtreme?

The Recession Proof Xtreme online course is broken down into 4 sections. You’ll also get plenty of extra bonuses that are freely included with this course.

Here’s a quick overview of what each section contains.

Financial Literacy

In this section, you’ll be taught everything on how you can fix your own credit score, without resorting to a credit repair service. In fact, this section also teaches you on how you can set up your own credit repair business, if you wish.

This section covers the following:

  • Clean up your credit report in under 60 days
  • Get your credit to over 750
  • Starting a credit repair business
  • How to automate your credit repair business

Tradeline Business

The second section will cover everything about tradeline selling with your credit card.

Tradeline selling is when you allow a complete stranger authorized access to your own credit card, for a cost. The main goal for this kind of service is to allow others who have little to no credit history to build up their own credit score, without them applying for their own credit card.

Here you’ll learn:

  • Which credit cards are best for a tradeline business
  • How to prevent fraud from taking place
  • Risk management for tradeline businesses
  • How to scale your tradeline business

An Additional Note: While tradeline selling may seem to be a rather lucrative side hustle at first glance, it’s also quite risky. While small, there’s still a chance that you’ll be affected by possible data breaches, or, even worse, a reduction of your own credit score.

Personal And Business Funding

This section is about securing credit and getting low-interest rates for your personal and business loans.

This section covers the following:

  • How to create and market a funding company
  • A secret on how to obtain 12 credit card formulas with only 4 inquiries.
  • How to obtain up to $250,000 with personal credit
  • Building and establishing business credit, with and without a PG (Personal Grantor)
  • How to obtain up to $250,000 in business credit interest-free for 12-18 months.

Strategies And Luxury Car Hacks

In a nutshell, this section covers how you can travel to your dream locations and lease luxury cars, all without spending too much. And as you can see, you won’t find anything business-related in this section.

This section covers the following:

  • How to manufacture spend $100,000 in a day.
  • How to travel for free and get 60%-70% off on hotel
  • A way to obtain any vehicle for 6-12 months and only pay pennies
  • How to leverage credit to not pay for groceries, toiletries, clothes, or utility bills
  • How to hide credit card utilization
  • Credit 2 Close: How to use a credit card for your downpayment on your home.
  • How to purchase investment properties with 25,000 in equity for zero dollars out of your pocket
  • How not to pay a mortgage

Other Bonuses

In addition to the core training provided by the Recession Proof Xtreme course, you’ll also get additional training materials and bonuses on other related subjects.

Here’s what you can get from these:

  • Do-It-Yourself Credit Repair Ebook Sales & Setup (Basically, you’re going to sell your own ebook about credit repair)
  • Plugin System To Sell Your Ebook
  • Morning Accountability Calls (Every Monday-Friday At 8:00 A.M.)
  • Weekly Coaching Calls
  • Free access to private “Recession Proof” events
  • Facebook Ads Training
  • Social Media Marketing Masterclass
  • Previous Amplifier Calls

How Much Does The Recession Proof Xtreme Course Cost?

To enroll in the Recession Proof Xtreme online course, you need to pay at least $3,497 as a one-time payment.

Needless to say, for an online course of this quality, this is way too expensive. In my own opinion, the educational value that this gives for financial literacy is not worth the cost.

Again, as I said before, it’s a much better idea to either just consult your trusted financial advisor for similar advice. Besides, some of the educational materials that can be found here, are already available for free around the internet.

Remember that the best way to improve your credit score, is to simply earn enough money to pay your bills on time. Therefore, the amount of money that Recession Proof Xtreme charges you for this course, is better spent on investing in something that gives you a legit business opportunity to make money.

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Is The Recession Proof Xtreme Course Worth It?

As I’ve been saying before, I really don’t think this course isn’t worth the effort.

The price is just too expensive for a course that basically teaches something that’s commonly found anywhere.

Your personally trusted financial advisor may probably do an equal, if not better, job on teaching you about almost everything that contains in this course. And not only that, but it’s more tailored to your lifestyle, so it’s easier to follow.

While this course teaches you some ways to make money as a side hustle, there are other online courses that do a much better job of teaching mostly everything that this course teaches.

Plus, the side hustles being taught here, especially tradeline selling, are rather risky.

But the biggest kicker here, is the legitimacy of the course creator himself, Marcus Barney AKA Him500.

Is Him500/Marcus Barney A Scam?

Marcus Barney isn’t a scam, for sure. As you can get some value from the courses that he offers, and he doesn’t run with your money.

However, that’s not to say, his financial advice can’t be fully trusted.

Because this is the same guy who’s teaching his social media followers a form of bank fraud. To be precise, by just twisting the truth a little bit in order to get a $100,000 amount worth of the loan.

Any accountant will instantly recognize it as bank fraud, regardless of the circumstances. Here’s an example.

And according to the experts in finance, doing so can certainly land you in prison, once proven guilty.

To be fair, Marcus Barney himself has responded to those claims in defense of his method. But if a financial guru is teaching something that can be considered as “lowkey rule-breaking”, then how can you trust the other things that they teach you?

Besides, most financial gurus out there, in truth, only become successful and rich by selling their online courses instead of practice the business and financial methods that they teach in their courses. Marcus Barney may or may not be an exception, but given this record, it’s very likely.

Him500 Review: Final Verdict

So to close off this Him500 review, I would like to say some final thoughts.

Ultimately, to be able for loan eligibility, it all comes down to paying your own bills without delay, and don’t go into too much debt.

While I make it sound so simple, in reality, it’s not. You should always take note that there will be times that you’ll need to get a loan for emergency purposes, especially with this current pandemic situation.

The Recession Proof Xtreme course by Marcus Barney/Him500 is a useful online course if you want to learn about financial literacy. But personally, I could most likely get the same amount of training that this course brings from a financial advisor who is clearly closer to home.

The money that we could invest for this course, is better spent on a course that offers a legitimate business opportunity. Besides, it’s pretty overpriced, and the course mentor is a little unreliable.

Overall, while financial education is very important, it’s not something that you should pay a lot for. It’s much better if you learn or invest in a new business opportunity so you can earn a lot of money, instead of paying for these courses.

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