Home Invest Review – Nate Armstrong Scam?

Today, we are going to talk about Home Invest. Is this legit? Find out more in this review.

I have written a bit about real estate investing for some of my previous reviews. There’s just a lot of different training programs and courses about it. Sometimes, there are also firms that let you buy a franchise from them. You can get into real estate investing in a number of ways.

There’s still so many different programs and companies that I have never really heard of before. I guess it’s because I really had no interest in real estate investing prior to all of this. It just doesn’t appeal to me, personally. But I get why people choose this as a career.

You can earn a lot of money through real estate. But you often need to have the knowledge in order to do well in the industry. You can’t just waltz into a new industry without knowing what you’re getting. That’s just a recipe for disaster.

But with so many of these companies existing, what makes something like Home Invest different from the rest? Do they have something that the other companies do not? Are they good at their particular niche? Those are just some of the questions that I had going into this review. And I am hoping that I could find answers to those questions. You’re now in this for the ride.

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Home Invest Review: Quick Details

  • Name: Home Invest
  • Founder: Nate Armstrong
  • Website: https://www.homeinvest.com/
  • Socials: Facebook, Instagram
  • Type: Training program
  • Niche: Real estate investing
  • Recommendation: I don’t really recommend the program that they are offering. There’s nothing in Nate’s Home Invest School that’s different from other REI-related training programs.

Who Is Nate Armstrong?

A screenshot featuring Home Invest founder Nate Armstrong

There isn’t really a lot that I could find about Nate Armstrong. It happens a lot with certain people who have programs related to real estate investing. Sometimes they’re not really that keen on writing a biography for themselves. Or at least getting somebody to write it for them.

But I was able to find his profile in LinkedIn. Most of the people who own smaller companies often have profiles on LinkedIn. That’s just a thing that they do.

Based on what’s on his profile, one of Nate’s first ever jobs was as a facility operations leader for Target. The title for his job seems kind of self-explanatory. He lead a bunch of people in one of Target’s corporate facilities. That meant that he made sure that the workplace was in order. He made sure that every single part of the facility is well-maintained.

After almost three years at Target, he decided to get into real estate investing. He started working for an established first in Minnesota. Then he decided to become a mentor when it comes to real estate. That period in his professional life was integral when he started to establish his own firm.

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The Home Invest Process

In 2015, Nate Armstrong established Home Invest. There’s pretty much no difference to any of the other real estate investment firms out there. Like, it just seems like a run of the mill real estate firm. I recently went to their website to check out more about the company. When you got to their website, you’re welcomed by a video of Nate and three choices. Nate goes over those three choices that’s either on the side of or below the video.

Despite the video, there’s really no other explanation for what those three choices are. It’s assumed that the reason that you’re on the Home Invest website is that you know what the company is and what it does. They’re just making sure that you came to the right place. You do want to invest in real estate with their help.

They also apparently have their own non-profit organization called Home Invest Kids. It’s somehow more focused on helping out boys in poverty more than anything else. There’s also no further details about that particular non-profit of theirs outside of the video. I couldn’t find any other page on their website besides the homepage. There’s literally no other links that you can click.

The last option is for their consultancy services. Apparently they also do marketing for other real estate investors? But as I have mentioned before, there are no other details about it on their website. When you click on any of the three choices, you’re asked to provide your name, your e-mail address and your telephone number. The Home Invest website is more of a sales funnel that it is an actual website for their company.

What Happens When You Give Them The Information?

When you do provide some of your contact information, you get another video from Nate. They make it seem like the video was somehow in real time but it’s obviously not. The only way that you can find out more about their services, you will need to schedule a call with them. There’s a link that will lead you to a scheduling service that they use.

For some reason, that’s really the only major way that you can contact Nate or the Home Invest. None of their other social media pages are active. But you shouldn’t contact them through social media, though.

The Social Media Blueprint

A graphic featuring Home Invest sister company Social Media Blueprint

Speaking of social media, Nate Armstrong founded The Social Media Blueprint. It’s mostly an extension of what they do for Home Invest, marketing-wise. The Social Media Blueprint is pretty much about using social media to find leads to your real estate business. It’s a fairly common thing that other industries like health and life insurance use to get more clients. Most marketing often involves lead generation.

Leads are basically people who have yet to become paying customers for your business. The way to get leads is to market your business. That’s pretty much it. When a lead becomes aware of your business, there’s a good likelihood that they could become customers. But before they become customers, you have to convince them to patronize your products and/or services. And the way to do that, on the internet at least, is through sales funnel websites.

The Home Invest website is a sales funnel websites. That’s what it all boils down to. There’s a lot more text to other sales funnel pages compared to the entire Home Invest website. But it pretty much involves the same aspects. You have your pitch in the form of a video. Then there’s some prompt that unlocks a different page if you insert contact information. It’s your standard sales funnel.

Nate Gets Into Podcasting

There comes a point in somebody’s career where they get into podcasting. A lot of podcasts have been made by different real estate investor types. And in 2020, Nate Armstrong decided to create a podcast under the Social Media Blueprint brand. The podcast only last about a year. Sometimes, it’s hard to sustain a podcast if there’s not enough listeners.

Aside from that, Nate Armstrong started the Home Invest School. It’s basically a 3-day program where Nate will teach you how to start your career in real estate investing. It was only through the Home Invest School website that I found out that Home Invest Kids is a non-profit organization against child sex trafficking.

The 3-day even costs $47 for a ticket. Or $97 if you decide to use their buy now pay later scheme. Like a lot of these training programs, it’s online.

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Final Verdict – Home Invest Review

I don’t really see anything that Home Invest does that’s worth recommending. Like I mentioned earlier, it’s mostly the same as other real estate firms. There doesn’t really seem like there’s something that makes Home Invest the better choice. The website doesn’t even say anything about their strategies.

The lack of any information on their website or even their social media pages is really concerning. Sure. Nate’s YouTube channel has a few recent livestreams from the Home Invest School podcast. But even then, at the time of writing this, the most recent episode was from a month ago. And that episode didn’t even have Nate as the host. They did include two guests who joined the Home Invest School program.

But generally, I don’t recommend either Home Invest or any other real estate investing programs out there. Real estate is one of the harder industries to get into for a beginner. Sure, you can read up on real estate books so you have some level of knowledge in the field. But real estate investing takes up a lot of time and money. And I don’t think a lot of beginners have the latter of the two.

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That’s it for my review of Home Invest. I hope you enjoyed reading it.

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