Home Profit System – I Got “Scammed”?


Hey all! Hope all of you having a great day.Today I will do home profit system review.Is it really worth your time and money?We are going to talk about it.

First thing first,I am not associated with home profit system by any means and will not try to pitch it in this review.This means that this review is going to be completely unbiased and from a third party.

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What is Home profit System?

There are lots of programs which teach people to make money online.And by educating hem to make money online,they make money themselves.

Some are legit and some are scams like home profit system.

Yes,unfortunately home profit system is not legit.

So,in home profit system the owners of this site convince people to work with them.

The name of the owners are Mary Steadman,Kelly Nelson,Kelly richardson,Mary stevens.

You may be thinking four owners?

So the answer is that it’s hard for me to tell you who owns home profit system.Because the site is running in different urls.(Adresses)

Basically,home profit system is a link scheme.They provide you with the link of the products,and you have to spam those links on random places.


Let’s talk about it in detail?

Is Home Profit System Legit?

This money making platform is all about affiliate marketing.In affiliate marketing when you put your links here and there,It’s called link spamming.

By doing this,not only you are increasing your chances of being shut down by the affiliate program.But you are also hurting the image of that brand!

SO,I am saying that it is 100% scam and you will also agree with me after reading following RED FLAGS!


Main thing is that they say that you have to make templates and this way you will make backlinks.Not the right way!

If you want to do affiliate marketing and you want to bring traffic to your site,than you have to build backlinks.

You maybe thinking that what are backlinks.Backlinks are basically to show google the authority of your site.By doing this your chances to rank on google increase.

But wait!As far as I know backlinks,these kinds of backlinks in front of google are spam!

These are just crappy links which actually harm your site rather than benefiting it!

Fake Testimonials!

All the testimonials I saw on the site are not legit.

The people who are doing the testimonials are actually freelancers.They are paid to do that.I also saw them while reviewing these money making programs.

In these money making platforms,the scammers are also using paid freelancers to convince you!

The picture of the people working with them are also not legit.The picture they took are from bigstokes.


After reading this you somehow agreed to work with them,they will tell you to invest 2.97 dollars on their upsells.

But there is a catch,when your trial will expire and you do not want to work with them anymorethey sell you $140 product.

And bill you this amount from your card without taking your permission.This $140 also includes $45/month!


I am not saying this without proof.This scam happened to others too.

This is very unethical in my point of view.

BBB(better business bearue) should ban these scams!


As I told you earlier,that more than this they will scam you further.

By withdrawing funds from your account.

There are many online money making schemes who seems to be very legit.

But they are not.The reason is that people fall for these scams!


I advised you before joining any money making platform first think that is it realistic?

Can you make thousand dollars right away?

So my answer is no,not gonna happen for you that way.

It was not happened for me and anybody out there.The only thing that can make you succeed is hard work hard work and hard work!

I am talking on my behalf.Whenever I see get rich quick schemes,I straight away shout,SCAM!


You will find lots of complaints of the people on better business beareu site!

A lot of people scammed in home profit system that is why I reviewed this platform!


There are lots of red flags for you in this platform and you should stay away from these kind of get rich quick schemes.

Now a days not that difficult to avoid this.

Before joining these scams it’s my request to you that must check its reviews on google.

When you will go to their main site they also ask you for email.For selingl you their products over and over again in future.

I gave them my email to subscribe.They told me to verify it!


And when I checked it on my email account,it has spammy links.

I clicked on links and directed to some other sites.


Home profit system is a complete scam.


They will not help you to make money online and grab your all money from the card without taking permission from you.


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Let’s say that you generated a lead for a dentist and he closed that customer and made $1000 on it,he will be more then happy to pay you $100.

Now,if you can generate 100 leads for that same dentist,that’s $30k/month for you.

Simple,proven,legit and proven business model.

That’s it for today’s review.

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