How To Start Affiliate Marketing For Beginners

How to start affiliate marketing for beginners.This is the complete guide to make money through affiliate marketing.

If you are totally unemployed or do 9/5 than affiliate marketing is the best way to make money online.

This article will make you understand all the process to help you out understanding affiliate marketing.

First of all I will make you understand what is affiliate marketing.

After this I will tell you my personal experience and how to crush it with affiliate marketing.

I am affiliate marketer for more than three years that is why I think that I am applicable to write this review.

I am going to discuss all the things about affiliate marketing.This will include,affiliate marketing without website.

Affiliate marketing with having no audience and email list.How to start affiliate marketing on different social media apps.

Like instagram,facebook and other platforms.I am going to discuss about the paid traffic and free traffic methods to succeed in affiliate marketing.

If you have money to invest in affiliate marketing,this is the best place to learn where to invest.

Affiliate marketing is the most common and easy to understand business model out there.

If you do not have money to invest in affiliate marketing than I will tell you how to make big dollars in affiliate marketing.

This article is going to be the most interesting topic I have written so far.For this I would recommend you to sit back and read this whole post carefully.

How To Start Affiliate Marketing

How to start affiliate marketing is not an easy question to answer simply.I am going to tell you everything about every aspect about it.

You can start affiliate marketing from many ways.

You can start affiliate marketing with invest or free.But if you start affiliate marketing without money than it will take time.

Probably months and years to reach your income goal.

I like to tell my readers a quote which I usually use in my website.It is that,

?The only thing I see further than others is because I sit on the shoulders of masters.?

If you never do the things that the person who is in that industry did.This means that you are going to succeed in a long run.

Other than this you will also take steps on the proven strategies.So,after this the risk to fail in any business becomes as less as zero.It is not a rocket science.

In my affiliate marketing journey for more than three years now,I saw a lot of people failing in affiliate marketing.

There are many reasons for this.The main reason is that they are not investing in themselves.

Investing money is the best possible way to get big success in your journey.

I too invested heavily along my affiliate marketing journey.Bought a lot of courses that cost thousands of dollars.This includes dropshipping and amazon fba too.

Lost of money was wasted at that time.But I have not regret about it.

This is because I learned from these mistakes and helped me succeed with affiliate marketing.

What Is Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is the simple business model.But the only thing is that how to execute this business.

In affiliate marketing you promote products,software or service and made commission on it.

In affiliate marketing,hardest part is to bring traffic that want this product or whatever.

Different products have different commission criteria.

Some pays as high as 40%.Some pays commissions as low as 5%.So,definitely as an affiliate marketer you have to look for the bigger commissions product.

They will give you link and you have to copy and paste it to the person who wants it.Simple is that.

It is not as simple as it sounds.There are lots of reasons behind this.

The hardest part is to bring the person who wants this product.

There is an unethical way to promote your affiliate links.

You have to give value to the person who you are selling the product.It is not about spamming your links everywhere.

You have to build an audience and their email list.

If you do not made at least $10k/month with affiliate marketing.

Listen up.Don?t complicate things.Do no try to do two things at a time.

Do not jump here and there.

In my journey I have seen a lot of people jumping from here and there and after spending a decade they are do not reached their income goals.

So stop jumping around do these three things if you want to succeed in affiliate marketing.

Three Things To succeed With Affiliate Marketing

If you want success in affiliate marketing than do these three things instead.

Pick one product that you believe from heart will bring massive value to your audience.

It is not like promoting something just for commisssions.

It is about changing life along the way you are making money too.

If you have this mindset,it will help you in long term.Your audience will have complete trust on you.

So,the first step is to choose the product that you believe from heart will help your audience and will give them transition in life.

After this select a platform you want to promote the product.If you think you can write chose blogging.

Good at graphic designing chose instagram.If you think that you are very good in making videos slect youtube.

You can also select facebook or other platform.Select one platform and stick with it till you are making sales everyday.

Stick to the plan.People are making six figures in each platforms that I mentioned here.

Some people buy your product some people don?t.You have to get their email by simply giving something for value.

Every time you publish new content regularly send them email and direct them to your number one product.

It is as simple as that.Lot of people give up after two or three months.Patience is the key in this business model.

If you do three things right,nobody can stop you in this industry.

Ok,now I am going to talk about the platforms that you can promote affiliate products.

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Free Methods

First I am going to show you the free ways.After this we are going to talk about paid traffic.

If you want to make big dollars and fast success than do invest some bucks.But if you want to do it for free.

Than it will take months or one year to reach only $1k.But if you invest money in my recommendation I bet you can make $5k in first month.

Let?s discuss about this..


First one is SEO.SEO means search engine optimization.It is to get better rankings in google for a keyword or website.

This method will take at least six months to see any money but it is a long run play.

One thing you have to understand is that SEO takes time.That’s what Keiren told me.[]

You can choose any product out there and start writing reviews about it on your blog or website.

There are thousands of products out there which you can choose to promote.And there are thousands of keywords out there for a single product.

So,you can go with this method too.

Social Media For Promoting Affiliate Products

Other way is to go with social media.You can choose any social media for this.It can be facebook,instagram or linkedin.

Regularly put value content on that platform.Do follow your target audience on these platforms.

You can make big dollars with social media organic method.

One thing I forgot to tell you is that free method in affiliate marketing called organic methods.

So organic method will take a lot of time.But it can make you money too.

It takes time to build an audience that wants the product you want to promote.

Organic method can make you money too.But for this you have to build an audience that want the product or service.

This is called high quality traffic.But again it can make big dollars too.

My facebook friends who are credible and very well known in affiliate marketing did $15k in 12 days.

This only happens if you think about others.This is it.


If you are good at making videos select youtube.Consistently promote products in your videos.

For this you must not have to shy from the camera.

Consistently make videos for at least a month to see some success in it.

It is the easiest way to make money in my opinion.If you have mobile start doing youtube videos right now.

Now we are going to talk about paid methods.

It is called running ads for your product.It can be any advertising.Facebook,twitter,instagram,youtube and google.

Let?s talk about it.

Paid Traffic Method

In paid traffic method you have to promote ads.It can be any advertisement.

For this you have to learn how to write copy that sells.You have to learn the skills of running ads very quickly.

Basically the best ads to run for affiliate marketing is google and facebook.

It is the fastest way to achieve your affiliate income goals in affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing is very simple with ads.And the best place to learn about this is my number one recommendation.

If you go with my recommendation I believe that you can get access really quickly with affiliate marketing.

I bet that you can achieve your income goals in three months if you are dedicated and hard working.

Best Way To Make Money Online

I do not want to expand this article.I think it is very clear to you the best way to make money online.

Affiliate marketing is the best way to make money online at the moment.

There are a lot of ways to make money through affiliate marketing.But i would highly recommend my number one program to you.

The fastest way to make money in affiliate marketing is to go with paid ads.You do not have to go big.It can be a small investment as $7.

You have to skip two cup of coffee to start an online business right now.

You can also take free methods but it will take you years and lots of doubts along the journey to reach your income goals.

I would highly recommend you to go with my number one recommendation.

So,stop thinking and unlock your financial freedom right now.


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