Hugh Print System Review – Hugh Jones Scam?

Today we will be reviewing a program named Hugh Print System. Is it legit? Find out in this Hugh Print System review.

Alright, so here we are today to review a book all about buying and managing apartments. Yeah, I am actually surprised that there is a book like this too. I thought that it learning how to buy and manage apartments can be learned along the way, but I guess there is a book for everything.

Investing in apartments is quite a jump from being able to just make money by working a job. Running a business like this requires knowledge and experience; if you ask me, if you are just curious and want to try it out, then there’s still time to back out.

With that said, let us look into this book about buying and managing apartments, the so-called tips and tricks that it can teach you, and figure out whether reading this book is actually worth your time or not.

Before you decide to sign up for this program, you should read this Hugh Print System review first.

DISCLAIMER: This is a fully independent review. I’m not affiliated with Hugh Print System in any shape or form whatsoever.

But before I start …

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Hugh Print System Overview: Quick Details

  • Name: Hugh Print System
  • Founder: Hugh Jones
  • Website:
  • Socials: Facebook
  • Type: Coaching program
  • Niche: Real estate investing
  • Recommendation: I do not think that Hugh Jones can help you out despite his claims, so I suggest that you do not keep your hopes up.

Who is Hugh Jones?

Hugh Print System Review - Hugh Jones

First off, let us get started with Hugh Jones, the author of My Apartment Blue Print System. Hugh has been in this type of business since 2008, and his specialty is buying mid-sized apartment buildings. He claims that he has managed to buy all of the apartments he’s managing with other people’s money. Well then, how did he come to acquire that cash?

Hugh boasts that he came from humble beginnings, as many of these gurus do. He mentions how hard his parents have to work, saying that his mom lived in a trailer park, and how his dad has to work in a factory. That sounds pretty hard, especially by how difficult it is to work at a factory and have to survive in a tiny box you have to call a home. Okay, maybe Hugh is getting into me by just a little.

In order to survive and feed himself, Hugh had to take jobs he hated, and work for up to 60 hours just for a paycheck. He hinted that the position he worked on has to be minimum wage, as he laments about even though how hard he worked, he is very replaceable. Dude’s really lived a hard life, and he wants a way out of it.

He reiterates time and time again how he came from nothing, and how that became his inspiration in working hard and being in survival mode all the time. Yeah man, we get it. You lived a hard life and now you’re rich. And now you want us to look up to you for inspiration. Blah, blah. Typical guru lingo over here.

My Apartment Blue Print System

Hugh Print System Review - Hugh Jones 2

Hugh boasts that this book is not your usual business book; in fact, he says outright that it is possibly the best you have ever read. I am starting to be annoyed by the ego of this guy at this point, but let us discuss what his book is all about.

His main claim is that his book is enough to change your life today, as his strategies can be easily replicated and done by the same day. If only that is the solution to poverty, then how come he is not offering this book for free?

All my sass aside, the book is 93-pages long, so it is quite a short read which you can possibly finish in one seating. Riddle me this, though. How am I supposed to believe that the way out of a poor life situation is just by purchasing Hugh’s 93-page book?

And oh, it gets better. The price tag for this book is $5.60. That sounds overly specific, but that price for a book that is said to change your life does not sound like a bad deal. No wonder why people eat up whatever this guy says about it.

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Why is it so cheap?

Hugh’s reasoning as to why he is selling this book for cheap is that he wants you to be able to afford it in order to get started with your new career path. He even admits to how he oversells it, and that is because he wants you to believe that he is your right partner in this career of yours down the line. Aha.

Well, it seems we have found the answers we need as to why he keeps reiterating time and time again how great his book is, and how he is an inspiration for everyone to look up to. Let us discuss this further.

Hugh’s “techniques”

Hugh Print System Review - Hugh Jones 3

Hugh’s so-called “techniques” is not properly mentioned in his website, but after poking around here and there, I finally figured out what the deal with this guy is really all about. He’s quite the self-centered, narcissist dude who prances around, thinking that his ways are worth replicating and investing in.

And that is what scares me.

Hugh Jones seems like an okay guy. I get his vibe. What I do not get is why he is overselling his talent like this and being too cryptic as to what he is really up to and what he wants from you. And I do not like that at all!

Judging from what he has written in his website and his socials, he seems like the type of guy who oversells his story, his techniques, and his abilities. When a guy like this starts talking to you, that’s when you should get suspicious of his motives.

So, do you want to learn what helped him afford the apartments without spending a dime?

Through loans, of course! Yikes.

Well, I would not recommend following in his footsteps. Getting started in a business and you will already be deep in debt? That does not sound like a good start at all.

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Oh boy. This is what I am dreading the most.

The first time I saw the $5.60 price tag on the book, I know that Hugh is up to something.

Turns out that this book does not contain anything substantial, and is mainly just about introducing Hugh, his business, and how you can do the same. Nothing groundbreaking. Nothing special.

And the main reason why he wants you to pay for it is to test you. This is all about being his so-called student. And once you embrace his “teachings”, that is when he will begin offering you upsells that is worth hundreds or even thousands of dollars just so you can work with him.

Now that does not sound good at all.

Is Hugh Print System Legit?

Hugh seems pretty legit, and he has proof to back up how successful he has become by utilizing this business model. His photos in his socials show him enjoying life and living a life that is now far from his difficult beginnings.

I have respect for him because he has proven himself an expert on the field. On the other hand though, I want to call him out because of all the crap he spouts about what an honor it would be to work with him. Blegh.

If I were you, I would not buy this book even though it is very cheap. You will not learn anything substantial from it. Just buy yourself a good meal and some refreshing coffee. That is a better use of your $5.60.

Final Verdict – Hugh Print System Review

This Hugh Print System review was able to show you the truth behind Hugh Jones, his narcissism, and the outrageous techniques he is willing to go through just to get a hold of your money.

His backstory is that of a typical guru, and I will not recommend working with him. Working with a self-centered guy like him would not be a pleasant experience, trust me.

Also, I know that real estate investing is expensive, and a good business to sign up for if you want to get rich. But you shouldn’t start by burying yourself deep in debt to get started. Why not take a few classes and decide from there?

Do not buy this book, do not trust a guru who gives you a sob story, and do not sign up for a business that you are not fully equipped for.

Before You Leave…

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