Hustlers University Review – Andrew Tate Scam?

Today we will be reviewing a program known as Hustlers University. Is it legit? Find out in this Hustlers University review.

The War Room was another one of Tate’s membership programs prior to 2021 when Hustlers University was established as a separate entity.

He recruited people who were already part of that community and gave them teaching jobs in this one.

At its core, it is a group on the messaging platform Discord that makes the bold promise that it can show anybody how to start an internet company and earn money within just a few days of joining up by leveraging a variety of “passive income” methods.

Before you decide to sign up for this program, you should read this Hustlers University review first.

DISCLAIMER: This is a fully independent review. I’m not affiliated with Andrew Tate in any shape or form whatsoever.

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Hustlers University Review: Quick Details

  • Name: Hustlers University
  • Owner: Andrew Tate
  • Website:
  • Socials: Andrew Tate is banned from social media, but that is a whole different story.
  • Type: Training program
  • Niche: Marketing and sales
  • Recommended?: Andrew Tate is not someone you should trust, as he clearly embodies the qualities of a fake guru. You are better off with my top recommendation instead of giving your money to this misogynist.

What is Hustlers University?

Hustlers University Review - Logo

The marketing and sales website for Hustlers University makes the claim that it was designed for novices who are interested in making money online. This is a claim that I have encountered a thousand times in the past.

Although it is true that the vast majority of individuals might be able to pick up some kind of business model from inside, the question of whether or not it will be a reliable source of income over the long run is a separate one.

In a similar vein, the assertion that you will be able to start making money on day one is false. You will not be able to do so.

This program is pretty similar to 6 Figure Marketing Consultant, Legendary Marketer, and Matt’s Marketing Blueprint.

Who is Andrew Tate?

Hustlers University Review - Andrew Tate

He was born in the United States but relocated to the United Kingdom when he was a teenager. Andrew’s full name is “Emory Andrew Tate III.”

His father, Emory Tate, was a renowned kickboxer and chess player in the United States.

Despite the fact that Andrew said that kickboxing never brought him any financial success, he was able to follow in his father’s footsteps and win four world titles in the sport.

Andrew asserts that operating webcam enterprises, casinos, and crypto businesses were the primary contributors to his financial success.

Despite the fact that, based on my research, I haven’t been able to locate any of the 14 casinos in Romania that he claims to own, he has been able to achieve financial success through his webcam business, the proceeds of which were frequently invested in crypto, a market that has experienced meteoric growth in recent years.

Andrew’s career and notoriety

The kickboxing career of Andrew, his appearances on British reality TV shows, and the fact that he dates Jordan Peterson’s daughter have all contributed to his notoriety.

Mikhaila Peterson sitting still next to a blue wall as Andrew Tate holds your hand while you are dressed in black.

He has subsequently leveraged this platforming to increase his following with provocative views about the world and business that appeal with young, impressionable audiences mostly centered on TikTok, Twitch, and Discord.

This tremendous development, together with a large audience and a network of sponsors, provided him with the foundation he needed to create Hustlers University in the first place.

It is strange to see Andrew teaching business concepts and online money earning talents that he does not appear to have. This is because Andrew’s success in life and business does not necessarily have anything to do with the content that is contained in this course.

Tate is an intelligent individual, but he will not be your source of wealth creation. If you purchase his training and products, you will simply become another one of Tate’s customers.

Tate has been attempting to build a name for himself for a long time before the short form video algorithms pushed him down our throats, whether through mixed martial arts (MMA), garbage British reality TV series like Big Brother, or trolling podcasts with his sexist and anti-system rants.

Hustlers University Overview

Hustlers University 1.0

To begin, Hustlers University 1.0 was an online program that was a little bit different from the programs that are no longer available.

Not only did the course have several elementary blunders in money management, but it also relied heavily on self-serving marketing techniques to avoid really affiliating with any organizations.

There is a newer, more up-to-date edition of this course that makes the material in this one obsolete.

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Hustlers University 2.0

Tate’s audio quality is very poor throughout the entire course, so that’s the first thing to keep in mind.

There is zero business substance in the first 2.5 hours of Hustlers University 2.0. Like Tai Lopez and other gurus, this is filled with gibberish about how the system is against you, how you need to reprogram/deprogram yourself, and how to practice emotional mantras every day to call the beast inside.

Indeed, Tate claims as much in promotional films for the course. Basically, he says that you don’t need a logo or a website, you can earn money right now possibly from the knowledge or enthusiasm you already have for anything if you put in the work.

After you’ve finished the brief tutorial and logged onto the Discord server, you may explore the many channels available to you to get acquainted with the platform and engage in conversation with other users.

The instructors

The instructors HU2.0 are almost entirely from Andrew’s other course called The War Room, which has been around for a while and costs $5,000 to join.

The War Room, created by Andrew Tate, is a multi-channel Telegram group that is comparable to the Hustlers University Discord but prioritizes networking and costs about the same as a used vehicle.

The site is dominated by self-promotional posts from guys in their twenties who look up to Tate as a source of identity and aspiration but have no idea who they are or where they want their lives to go.

Similarly, when you look at most crypto and stock trades done by these self-proclaimed experts in their professions over the last few months, you see a lot of losses due to the present economic slowdown.

When your goal is to generate money online and create connections with other wealthy people over the long term, this is the last thing you should know.

What’s inside the Discord server?

This whole course, including all of the video lectures, is housed on a single Discord server.

As many others as have come and gone before it, this one follows in the footsteps of many others who have done the same thing before it.

Discord was created as a free conversation medium for gamers, which Tate professes to despise, thus it’s not the best place to post instructional stuff, learn from, or style your content.

The conversation becomes spammed and overrun rapidly, and no moderators from Tate’s staff are actively monitoring it. The only moderating was provided by channel supporters who had worked their way up to a volunteer moderator position but were still required to pay the channel’s membership fee.

Live streaming to a select group of individuals on Discord allows for a more personal and intimate experience for your paid audience.

In addition, the young men and boys who are Tate’s intended audience are more likely to be familiar with the platform and enthusiastic about joining and making contributions to a space they are already actively utilizing.

Since each channel has its own set of “professors” moderating, administrating, and controlling it, there are nested communities inside communities, and everyone’s egos are on full display for everyone to see.

Having training in so many different places, and by so many different people, makes the process extremely convoluted and all over the place. This is not to say that Discord is bad; it’s just that I can’t imagine anyone who wants to make an educational business/finance platform using it as the primary solution.

It would be preferable for students to begin their study elsewhere, as the server is currently a bit of a mess that only seems to be growing worse as more people join the course.


The actual price is $49.99/Month, which does not include taxes. Still, that’s a sizable sum of money, especially for young males trying to launch an internet company.

For the low, low price of $50 a month (or $600 a year), you can get everything you need to launch a legitimate internet company, including a domain name, hosting, and a few useful tools.

Most of the course knowledge can be obtained in free manuals that frequently cover the subject in much more depth, thus in my perspective, the value is more like $7 or $9 each month, at most.

It’s not a scam, but I also don’t believe it’s a good way to make money, and I don’t agree with many of the promises made both in the sales document and in the actual course.

And, sure, you will need capital to launch the vast majority of the enterprises described here.

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My Favorite Program

Is Hustlers University Worth It?

No, to put it briefly.

It’s very improbable that you’ll recoup your investment, and most of the proposed business concepts need months to implement and are based on inaccurate or outdated data.

Since this is a subscription service rather than a one-time purchase, the actual cost will likely be far higher than $50 over the course of a year.

There is a plethora of up-to-date, professional, and totally free guidance available from persons already engaged in these fields.

Moreover, nearly no one is generating money from the course’s models; rather, it is those who are aggressively pushing it to others that are seeing financial success.

Similarly, I haven’t seen any attempts made inside those channels to precede non-financial advise with the caveat that stock and cryptocurrency trading is extremely volatile and outright risky.

You can expect to be hustled more than anything else at this university.

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