Hustlers University Review – Worth It or Not?

Today we will be reviewing a program called Hustlers University. Is Hustlers University worth it? Find out in this Hustlers University review.

Andrew Tate is a popular polarizing figure. I am sure that you have your own opinion about him. Either way, it seems like he is popular enough to have a huge following.

Because of this, he decided to cash in. And just like all the gurus we have talked about in this blog, he decided to become a guru.

If you are an avid reader of this blog, you probably already know my opinion about gurus. No matter who they are, my opinion of them is the same – I don’t think they are worth trusting.

Hustlers University is another program that promises to teach you all about making money through different means. We will be talking about those methods here in the review.

So, is Hustlers University worth it? Or is it just another scam and cash grab designed to con people out of their money?

Before you decide to sign up for this program, you should read this Hustlers University review first.

DISCLAIMER: This is a fully independent review. I’m not affiliated with Hustlers University in any shape or form whatsoever.

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Hustlers University Review: Quick Details

  • Name: Hustlers University
  • Founder: Andrew Tate
  • Website:
  • Socials: Twitter
  • Type: Discord community
  • Niche: Getting rich
  • Recommendation: Andrew Tate is someone I would not put my trust in. I suggest you sign up for my recommended program except of wasting $49.99 per month on this disjointed “training”.

What is Hustlers University?

Hustlers University Review - Logo

Hustlers University is a community hosted on Discord. If you do not know what Discord is, it is basically a program where you can make communities in order to connect with like-minded people.

Discord is the primary app used by gamers to communicate, share their strategies, and keep records of their gameplay and game notes. Since Discord is pretty flexible, non-gamer communities have started utilizing it.

Discord may be pretty useful, but its reputation has taken a hit. This is because a lot of communities that use Discord are questionable at best. From those which are questionable, overtly sexual, inappropriate, and even law-breaking, users have given Discord a bad name.

Hustlers University is definitely guilty of this, too. Not only is Andrew Tate misogynistic, but his so-called “business community” is just rife with scams.

According to its website, Hustlers University is a community where members can learn from experts in freelancing, crypto, investing, and business.

Hustlers University somewhat resembles Ecom Dave, Dave Zaleski’s FBA Academy, and The Cashflow Academy.

Who is Andrew Tate?

Hustlers University Review - Andrew Tate

Well, you are probably living in a rock if you have not heard of this guy yet. He seems like he is a cult leader who is admired by people who have nothing better to do, and decide to follow a guy who is against a lot of established rules just to look cool.

His persona seems to be pretty legitimate, which is quite disgusting and not worth talking about. Since he has done and said a lot of controversial stuff, I would rather not talk about him. Besides, he doesn’t deserve any exposure from anyone as it would just boost his already inflated ego,

Hustlers University Overview

Here is the curriculum of Hustlers University:

  • Fundamentals
  • Finance & Business
  • Investing & Real Estate
  • Freelancing & Copy
  • Amazon FBA & E-Com
  • Affiliate Marketing

If you ask me, I will not call that a ‘curriculum’. There are no specific lessons on any of these things in the Discord server. In fact, I found a lot of reviews online stating that Hustlers University does not really employ any ‘experts’, but just guys who label themselves as ‘millionaires’.

These guys seem to specialize in flexing and provide nothing of value. What they do is give some nonsense advice that is just basic knowledge that any functioning adult already knows. They pressure the other members to just follow what they do without having to decide what they want to do themselves.

The only thing of value these guys offer is that they tell you to do pushups everyday. Yep, that’s about it.

I think the main reason why Andrew Tate decided to offer this program of his on Discord is because this is the main community trusted by young, impressionable, and lost young men. After all, the more people who sign up means more money for him.

It also looks like his moderators are also some of the members paying for the course, handpicked by Tate himself. Imagine having to pay a fee every month to moderate a Discord server. No thanks.

Also, Discord isn’t the best place for a training program. Things can be disorganized, after all. And you wouldn’t find what you want to learn about easily, as like I said before, the channels are flooded with messages of men flexing their money on each other.

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Hustlers University costs $49.99 every month. That is $600 a year. $600 a year to belong in a community which will not even give you any useful information about how to build your own business and how to actually make money.

Also, in the website, they claim that they will be raising prices soon. I guess Tate wants more money for this nonsense to pay for his legal fees.

It is a lot better if you look online for resources that are free and can actually teach you skills instead of paying access to a disorganized Discord server run by one of the biggest pricks on the planet.

Andrew Tate claims that he is an expert entrepreneur, but if you ask me, his only expertise is how to make the worst takes ever and how to disrespect and objectify women.

Does Hustlers University Work?

Hustlers University Review - Andrew Tate arrest

No, I don’t think so. Like I said, there is nothing of substance in the program. All you get is access to a Discord server where majority of the members are pretending like they are experts and that you should listen to them, regardless of how basic their advice is.

What Andrew Tate is doing with his program is that he takes free information he found online, repackages it in order to suit his demographic of incels, then convince you that the world is conspiring against you and that only what he says matters. Kind of like a cult leader.

It also doesn’t help that from the reviews I found, no one was able to become a millionaire yet. I mean, what can you expect? You are basically paying money for advice that any adult can give to you for free just so you can flex that you are in the same server as “experts”.

You have better use of your money, like actually learning skills through legitimate courses and websites, as well as building your own business. You do not need this negativity in your life.

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Final Verdict – Hustles University Review

This “program” is nothing but utter rubbish. It is not worth sugarcoating my comment on it as it provides nothing of value, and paying $50 a month for it is a waste of money. All the people who joined Hustlers University have lined Andrew Tate’s pockets with money, and because of this, his ego has become too inflated.

There is nothing special about being a member of Hustlers University. You do not learn any skills that could actually help you make money. In fact, being a member is more of a detriment than a benefit. You’re basically paying money to get notified of the rubbish that Tate’s cult is spouting.

I guess you can be a member of this Discord server out of spite, but you shouldn’t do that unless you are financially stable enough to pay $50 a month. Then maybe you can start a blog or a YouTube channel of the bad takes that “experts” and Tate say on that server.

Regardless, I would bet that no one in that server is actually making money from the advice they get from it. Since they seem financially stable enough to afford the monthly access, then they all probably have good-paying jobs already.

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