I Don?t Want To Go To College – What’s Next?

I don’t want to got to college.Is my life ends here?

Is there anything else I can do.Can I still be a big name,if I leave my studies.Will I get respect from the society.

If this thing will not work for me.Can A single piece of paper will decide my future.

These are the question that you must be thinking to be answered.And you are lucky if you clicked this site.Because now we are going to talk about in detail about this topic.

I don’t want to go to college.What is my future.

So,do not worry if you are feeling this.A lot of students think about it and are forced to study.You listened a famous quote?


Yes,this is not just a quote.It is reality.

It is sad that our society is designed to keep us all poor.Our education system is outdated.

They designed your mind as if you have degree than you are going to be a big name in this world.And if not than your life will be screwed.But it is not like that.I am the living example of it.

I was just like you.Nobody was ready to listen to me when I was 18 years old.I was not a dull student but was not interested in education.

This thing I keep reminding to my mother but they all are not listening to me.

It was really sad for me at that time.And you know what,I think the exact thing that you might be thinking right now.

That if you do not study than you will not get a job or will not find a way in life.

But as I left study I discovered the whole new world.And that is the reality,totally different.

Our society and environment designed our mind to study.To go to colleges aNd school.

So,I listened to my heart and left studies at the age of 20.

Now,fast forward after one year I am earning $10K/MONTH at the age of 21.So,without wasting our time let’s jump into our todays topic.

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I don’t want to go to college

Ok,it is all OK if you do not want to go to college.There is nothing wrong with that.It’s your life and you have complete authority to take decision.

You might be thinking that I am just 18 or 20 years now,how I am going to take big decisions of life.

So,I want to tell you that you have to take decision on your own.

No one is going to think as a proxy of you.

You have to take full responsibility of your life.Miracles are not going to happen.It did not happened for me or anyone eLSE.

Overnight success is a myth.There is nothing like that.

You have to work hard for mit.

So,without any distraction talk about the people who left colleges.

You maybe seen a lot of facebook photos about Mark Zukerberg and a lot of people who left studies and now are billionaires.

Why go that far.I am the living example of it.I did not go to college.

This is because I hate studies.But after this I think my life mhas been changed.If I was studying at the moment.

I maybe working under someone else.But I am very happy with my decisions.I took the full responsibility of my life.

It’s your life and you have to change it.Nobody is going to do it for you.

It’s completely OK.You can still be successful in life.

Yes,yes yes you can and you will.I believe in you guys.

I am not kidding.

A single sheat of paper can not decide your future.

I can only help you to get a job and work for someone else and stay poor in entire life.

You want to be slave.I think not and that is the reason you do not want to go to college.I personally hate studies till date.

You can still be successful.One thing that I want to tell you is that take life as a challenge.

If you just want to sit back after leaving school,it will not work for you.

If you have big goals han work for them.

Don’t just sit and wait for the opportuniy.Go grab it.

Be hungry or success.Now,I am going to talk about what you will do next?

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What To Do Next?

Well there is not just a single answer of it.Sky is the limit.

You can pick any line in life and can be successful with it.But here we are going to talk about my number one recommendation for you.

I want to go full in affiliate marketing business full time.

You will make more out of it.You can make as much money in a month as a college 

graduate after working for whole year.

And the good thing is that you do not have to work like him.

This blows mind right.I is not a get rich quick scheme.

But I highly recommend it to you.Because the value it brings to the people is out of this world.

There is nothing like that.In fact overnight success is a myth.in affiliate marketing you have to be passionce.

You need to build a system that will feed you for a long time.It can take one or two months but you will not regret it.

Affiliate marketing is the best

business o answer your parents.Because parents ants their child to be successful right.

Than this business will take a complete failure to affiliate marketing ninja.

All you have to do is follow the guidance.A lot of people fail in affiliate marketing because they try to reinvent the wheel.

So,don?t do that.

In fact do the same things that  hundreds of peo-le did before you and achieved financial freedom.it is not easy.

If it was easy everybody would be doing it.In fact you have to build a system and

remain consistent with it.

One thing I want to tell you is that there is no risk of failure in affiliate marketing.

Because if a thing ios worked for people before you.That means that it will work for you too.Because affiliate marketing is solely based on proven marketing strategies.

Proven marketing strategies that worked for people over and over again.that is the beauty of this business.

I tried every business online but get success in affiliate marketing.Because there is no luck factor in this business.

I tried dropshipping,amazon fba and SMMA.

They all claim to provide life changing results.I am talking about the courses I took in my online journey.

So,I want to take part in the challenge to change your life.

More importantly prove yourself to other people.

Specially your parents.

Ok I think hat is it for today’s topic.

Join the challenge and change your life.

All the BEST!!!

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