Automatic Fortunes Review: Is Ian King’s Newsletter Legit?

Today, we’re going to talk about Ian King’s Automatic Fortunes newsletter. Is this service legit? Find out in this Automatic Fortunes review.

A common misconception for most people is that stock market trading is only for the rich. However, it’s not true at all. And even before, it never was.

Yes. In order to make the most profit out of stock trading, you’ll need to invest a hefty amount of capital. But there are also some platforms that allow you to invest in as little as a single dollar, yet can still yield profitable results.

This is the reason why most young adults are getting into investments trading today. Especially during this current pandemic situation, where people are using some of their stimulus benefits to invest in them.

Nevertheless, one should still be careful when investing in the stock market. One bad trade and you may incur a huge loss.

Ian King’s Automatic Fortunes is a newsletter service that claims to give you reliable investment advice with stocks. They claim that, by following their advice, you’ll be able to profit more with stock trading.

But should you subscribe to Automatic Fortunes? And how reliable this service is for financial advice?

Before you subscribe to this newsletter service, you should read this Automatic Fortunes review first. This is so you can judge for yourself if it’s something you need, or not.

As a disclaimer, this is an unbiased Automatic Fortunes review. And I’m not affiliated with Automatic Fortunes or Banyan Hill Publishing in any way or form.

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What Is Automatic Fortunes?

Automatic Fortunes is a newsletter subscription service that gives a report on specific events of the stock market in a given time frame. It also gives members some advice on what certain stocks that you should buy for huge gains later on.

Currently, it’s now being marketed under a different name, Strategic Fortunes.

Automatic Fortunes - Strategic Fortunes

As part of its trading strategy, Automatic Fortunes specifically suggests to members that they should avoid investing in household names like Google, Amazon, etc., for now. Because according to them, they are already too crowded, expensive, and they hardly grow at a sufficiently fast rate.

The newsletter also specifically avoids small-cap stocks as they’re far too volatile. So instead, Automatic Fortunes focuses on mid-cap stocks, those that have a market capitalization of between $2 billion to $10 billion.

Furthermore, Automatic Fortunes focuses on technological sectors that are known to be “the next big thing” in the future.

To be specific, the newsletter doesn’t tell you to invest in that technological innovation. Rather, it tells you to keep an eye on the companies that are, and will be, supporting that particular innovation.

The author of Automatic Fortunes claims that these companies are usually overlooked by Main Street and Wall Street alike. But this system will help investors find these lucrative opportunities just as they hit the tipping point of profitability.

The system claims that, by acting on the recommendations of the newsletter, you’ll easily gain consistent profits in the long run without much risk.

If you haven’t noticed it already, Automatic Fortunes shares a lot in common with another newsletter service that I reviewed earlier. Jeff Brown’s The Near Future Report.

Regardless, I’ll say this time and again. That relying on these newsletters is not a foolproof way that you’ll gain money via stock trading.

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The Man Behind Automatic Fortunes

Ian King is the primary author of Automatic Fortunes.

Automatic Fortunes - Ian King

According to his profile, Ian King is a former hedge fund manager with over two decades of experience trading and analyzing the financial markets.

Prior to working at the Banyan Hill Publishing company, he has worked with other companies in the financial sector. Among them are Salomon Brothers (when he was still 21 years old), Citigroup, and Peahi Capital (where he became a hedge fund manager).

His market insights have been featured on several publications like Fox Business News, Zero Hedge, Investopedia and Seeking Alpha. He’s also known as one of Investopedia’s top resourceful contributors.

His Automatic Fortunes (now known by its current name, Strategic Fortunes) newsletter is one of the chief products that are published by Banyan Hills publishing. In turn, Banyan Hills is part of a group of companies under the umbrella of  The Agora, Inc.

Yes, The Agora Inc. The very same company of which The Oxford Club is also a part of.

What Can You Get From Automatic Fortunes?

While Automatic Fortunes is primarily a newsletter-based service, you’ll also get several extras once you sign up for this.

Here’s a quick breakdown of what you’ll get.

Monthly Newsletters

The core feature of this program. Each month, you’ll be sent a newsletter that gives you a recommendation to a particular stock that the author thinks you should invest in. Each report contains eight pages, and gives full detail on the results of the research the author undertook about this stock recommendation, along with why you should invest in that particular stock.

Model Portfolio

You’ll also get to see Ian King’s personal stock portfolio. The portfolio includes every stock that’s on his “buy now” list. Ian King usually recommends 12 stocks to invest in each year. Viewing his portfolio may give you some ideas on what stock to buy, at what price to buy it, and when to sell.

Weekly Webinar

You’ll also have exclusive access to a webinar that Ian King hosts weekly, every Thursday. Here, he gives you detailed updates on the performance of the stocks that are on his model portfolio, as well as other relevant news to the stock market and its performance.

Trade Alerts

When the author received a stock recommendation that needs immediate attention and can’t wait for a month, he’ll send quick alerts to subscribers for it. These alerts can be sent on either your computer, or on mobile, and contain quick information about the said recommendation, like how much should you buy/sell it, specific instructions, etc.

Winning Investor Daily

Signing up for Automatic Fortunes will also give entitle you to a subscription for the Winning Investor Daily. It’s a daily e-letter that contains tips and insights about the stock market as a whole. These tips not only come from Ian King himself, but from the entire team.

Bonus Reports

Finally, you’ll also get various free special reports. These reports give a detailed insight into a particular stock trend or any kind of technological innovations that you should be aware of.

Some reports also give some details about a particular investment outside of the stock market. Examples are cryptocurrency, etc.

The bonus reports that are included with Automatic Fortunes are:

  • How to Make a Fintech Fortune.
  • Making $1 Million: How to Buy Your First Bitcoin.

The following bonus reports are only available on the Platinum subscription tier.

  • The Company Leading the $12 Trillion 5G Revolution.
  • 5 Toxic Stocks to Dump NOW! 
  • Buy This Millennial App Now. 

Automatic Fortunes: Pricing & Inclusions

Before you sign up for Automatic Fortunes, you have the option of choosing from three subscription tiers.

Here’s a quick breakdown of the different options:

  • Standard Subscription ($47) – Includes digital-only newsletter subscription, plus two free reports
  • Deluxe Subscription ($129) – Same as the Standard subscription. In addition, a printed copy of the newsletter is now going to be delivered to your location.
  • Platinum Subscription ($79 Promo Price) – The most complete subscription tier. Includes all of the features of the previous tiers, plus three more bonus reports.

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Things I Like About Automatic Fortunes

The suggestions of Automatic Fortunes are mid-cap stocks that are “under-the-radar”, but may have some profitability potential. And since it’s backed by thorough research, that profitability potential could be quite high.

It’s also a good way for experienced stock investors to expand their portfolios. Instead of doing their own painstaking research to find the right stock to invest in, Automatic Fortunes can do it for you. Of course, with some exceptions.

Also, you can’t really deny Ian King’s legitimacy as a stock market expert. After all, his work experience, credentials, and even his media appearances speak for themselves.

Finally, the newsletter gives you important and relevant news about the stock market, in its purest form. That means, you don’t have to settle for any kind of fluff from various news outlets. Especially when all you ever want is the stock market news, and anything that is relevant to it.

Things I Don’t Like About Automatic Fortunes

Basically, there’s nothing new or unique about this newsletter service. It feels like just a rehash of some of the other stock market newsletters out there, including The Oxford Club.

In fact, based on the product description and its features, it feels extremely similar to Jeff Brown’s The Near Future Report, or Chris Rowe’s Sector Focus. This means that if you already subscribed to any of these newsletters before, you don’t even need to switch to this one. Basically, almost all of them offer the same advice.

In fact, you may not even need to subscribe to any of these newsletters at all. When you’re a beginner, it’s highly recommended that you don’t rely on any of these at all. Unless you know how to manage your risk.

Beginner traders are quite prone to trading stocks within a heartbeat. Therefore, some Automatic Fortunes users might have the wrong idea that their stock market analyses are absolute, and that they must be followed.

Which is not always the case, especially if you don’t have your own trading style yet.

As a beginner trader, what you want to do is trade stocks that best fit your trading style. If you simply rely on stock alerts without knowing the real value of what you’re investing on, you might expose yourself to a serious financial risk should the stock in question suffers a highly volatile value change.

And My Verdict Is…

The Automatic Fortunes newsletter, to be honest, has a good number of both positive and negative points. And this may make it hard for most of you to determine if subscribing to this newsletter is worth it.

But one thing’s for sure. Automatic Fortunes and Ian King is definitely not a scam.

Personally, if you’re already an experienced stock market trader, and you need to expand your portfolio, then this newsletter is a must-have. You can expand your portfolio here with potentially profitable stocks, that are backed by comprehensive research by a legit expert.

However, if you’re simply looking for a way to make money, then you should steer clear of Automatic Fortunes. Or any other stock market newsletter for this matter.

Newsletters like this are only good for experienced stock traders who can manage their own risk. Blindly just following any of the trading suggestions from these newsletters will certainly be a recipe for a loss.

Which then brings us to the final point…

Automatic Fortunes Review: Final Thoughts

Closing off this Automatic Fortunes review, I would like to point out a few thoughts that might help…

Investing in the stock market is definitely a good idea, especially for passive income. However, you should still know how you can manage your risk when trading.

It’s indeed possible to start investing in the stock market with just a dollar. But in order to enjoy even higher profits from it, you invest a lot more capital in it.

This is the main reason why I strongly suggest that you just view the stock market as a long-term investment. And not as a side hustle to earn money from it.

Even with various systems like Automatic Fortunes, results can’t still be guaranteed. It’s not really the fault of the system. It’s just how the stock market works.

Therefore, before investing in the stock market, always keep in mind the golden rule of investing.

Invest only what you can afford to lose.

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