Ian Stanley Email Marketing Review: Scam Exposed?

Today we will be reviewing a guru named Ian Stanley, as well as his email marketing program. Is Ian Stanley legit? Find out in this Ian Stanley email marketing review.

At some time in your life, I’m sure you considered quitting your long-term career. Working for a corporation, after all, may be demanding. You may also be underpaid, which contributes to your burnout and general stress at work.

To tell you the truth, you’re quite fortunate to still have a job. Even if you want to stop working, it may be difficult to do so, especially if you have no savings to fall back on.

Those who choose to keep their employment suffer from unpaid overtime, as well as merciless pay cuts. That’s unjust, especially if you know you’re worth more.

This is why many people choose to get into side hustles. They aim to increase their earnings by working on the side.

Unfortunately, doing extra jobs is the only way to increase your income.

While seeking for methods to create money, you came on this newsletter. Is it worth your time to join? Is it possible to make this business opportunity work just by attending a class?

What brought you to this review is the prospect of making some money on the side. Luckily for you, I did my research, so I’ll be able to tell you whether this program can help you find your way to financial freedom.

Before you decide to commit to this platform, you should read this review first. You should check if it is worth your time before you pay for it.

DISCLAIMER: This is a fully independent review. I’m not affiliated with Ian Stanley in any shape or form whatsoever.

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Ian Stanley Email Marketing Review: Quick Details

  • Website: https://feedthewolf.com
  • Type: Training Courses
  • Niche: Email Marketing
  • Price: $197 (basic course), three payments of $197 (advanced course)
  • Recommended?: Yes and no. The courses are comprehensive enough to teach you about email marketing, but they are quite costly. There are better courses in the market that are cheaper, as well as free resources you can peruse.

What is Email Marketing?

Email marketing 3

Email marketing is one of the oldest methods when it comes to marketing tactics.

Many businesses, however, are hesitant to use it and pay for it because of its antiquity. After all, there are more updated methods now that are easier to utilize.

Instead, they want to focus on and invest in the next big thing in order to get customers to try out their brand.

Email marketing is one of your company’s most effective techniques and tools. Here’s when the email copy comes in handy.

While it’s necessary to send emails to potential and current customers, you also need to have a compelling message.

What good is it to open an email if you don’t have the motivation to read it? If your copy is bad, your marketing campaign will most likely fail.

Who is Ian Stanley?

Ian Stanley Email Marketing - Ian

Ian claims to be one of the top email copywriters in the world. He is an expert at email marketing.

Since debuting in 2014, he claims to have sold more than $100 million in items and services both online and offline, just from marketing them using his skills.

Ian also claims that his email marketing techniques earn him more than $83k per month.

Those who want to improve their email marketing abilities may take advantage of his training and tools. He has released a new book recently titled “Confessions of a Persuasion Hitman.”

He has also published a book titled “8020 Email Copy System”. It includes proven email structures and formulae, as well as 71 outstanding subject lines that have been proven to produce more money in any niche.

What’s Ian Stanley’s Opportunity About?

Email marketing is a skill that most businesses lack. That is where the opportunity lies. These businesses will pay you maybe $3,000 or more simply to compose some marketing emails for them.

Ian reiterates that businesses like gyms, pet groomers, online entrepreneurs, and even influencers could be your clients. In fact, you can use email marketing to help any prosperous firm generate more money.

There is no need for prior experience or technical knowledge to get started with email marketing.

Ian says that this opportunity to make some good money online is open to anyone who knows how to send emails. Looks like he is being  hyping up the opportunity so that people would be enticed with it.

Clients will gladly pay you since it implies they’ll make more money as well. In fact, Ian claimed that he once composed an email for a meager 6 minutes, and he earned $6,500 from it. Sounds nice, right?

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My Favorite Program

The 8020 Email Copy Crash Course

This course is all about writing the perfect copy, which is the main focus of your future career as an email marketer.

In a four-week email crash course, Ian has condensed a full 18 months of full-time learning to write the perfect copy.

Using his so-called 80/20 Rule, he narrowed down on only the types of emails that are classified as the most important ones. You won’t have to go through all the nonsense to see what works and what doesn’t.

He has already done all the legwork for you. Also, he knows what kind of emails generate revenue and how to compose them in only 10 to 20 minutes.

Whether you operate a company or work as a freelancer, writing sales-generating emails is perhaps the most lucrative talent you can have. Despite this, just a few individuals have mastered it.

They believe that emails should take hours to produce, have a complex narrative structure, and include a lot of “valuable material.”

The good news is that those beliefs are all complete nonsense. In under 25 minutes, Ian says that you can send emails that will generate you sales.

A few essential ideas are all you need to know. You would have to utilize those concepts to develop profit-pulling emails on demand while using proven money-making structures and formulas.

This basic course will cost you $197.

What can you learn from the course?

  • The best techniques to become an expert in email writing in a short amount of time.
  • Writing a subject line that generates more opens, clicks, and sales.
  • The best days to send marketing emails if you want to generate a lot of revenue.
  • How to get your “copywriting brain” inspired using music.
  • How to make an email ideas list so extensive that you’ll never run out of ideas.
  • Fighting writer’s block.
  • The two sorts of “initial sentences” that should be used to start an email.
  • How to drive your brain to write great copy by using the psychological concept of “state congruent memory.”
  • An great strategy for crafting a welcome email that clings to your consumers like glue.
  • Your autoresponder’s most crucial email and how to compose it in 15 minutes
  • How to make sure people read your full email by using punctuation.
  • The actual purpose of email marketing.
  • Acquiring an endless number of email ideas.
  • How to convert every life event into a money-making email.

8020 Email Copy Crash Course Advanced

In this advanced course, you’ll receive everything from The8020 Email Copy Crash Course, plus an one-on-one writing demo with Ian.

Additionally, you will also get access to four webinars with Derek Johanson and Ian Stanley, and instructions on how to design your own “Frankensequences” to double your sales conversions.

This advanced course and training will cost you three payments of $197.

How Profitable is Email Marketing?

Email marketing 2

You don’t have to be an experienced copywriter like him to be qualified for the opportunity. You can operate this business of yours in only a few hours every week.

Currently, there are an almost infinite amount of companies eager to pay you thousands of dollars every month to help them with their email marketing. All you’re putting at risk is your time, if you ask me.

You don’t need an large office space, assistants, an inventory of products, or much in the way of software or tools. Even yet, these simple emails may earn you a lot of money.

Email marketing can definitely yield some profitable income, if you do it right. The return on investment is quite high for something unexpectedly simple.

Ian says that email marketing yields more than SEO, banner ads, and mobile marketing. What makes it profitable is that you can do it in less than an hour every day, on any device with internet connection, anywhere in the globe.

By becoming an email marketing specialist, you can simply discover businesses that are already up and running, and work out win-win agreements with them.

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My Favorite Program

Is Ian Stanley Legit?

Ian seems to be pretty legit. Government authorities would reveal a fraudster if he or she wrote books and was interviewed by well-known people, like what he did.

Building a lucrative, successful email marketing company is totally achievable. However, email marketing is not the best side business to get into if you ask me.

Ian seems to know what he is doing, and it seems like he made a pretty good career out of email marketing. Like I mentioned before, a lot of companies seem to be employing more modern methods, in terms of marketing.

However, I think I would agree with some points that Ian has pointed out. Email marketing is still very effective, after all. The fact that people can now check their emails a lot more easily is an advantage.

Also, it isn’t that surprising that a lot of large and successful businesses still employ email marketing. It is quite convenient to be getting marketing emails for products that you might be interested in, and reminds you when products go on sale.

I definitely understand why Ian would earn that much just from composing marketing emails. After all, email lists are pretty easy to make, and people still subscribe to newsletters.

It wouldn’t be hard reaching people who would be interested in purchasing products. What you need to focus on is making a good copy that would make them tempted to read the product offers.

Alternatives to Email Marketing

Email marketing

Email marketing can be a lucrative side hustle once you get the hang of it. After all, who wouldn’t want to get paid thousands of dollars just by composing a single email? Once you are used to making a good copy that would bring customers in to your clients, it would be easy to make a decent income.

It is pretty convenient too, as you would be in charge of your hours. You can work for less than one hour a day, and make some good money once you have mastered the ins and outs of email marketing.

However, if you feel like email marketing is simply not for you, I know of some good alternatives. After all, there are countless opportunities online you can take advantage of.

You can start your own online store, invest in cryptocurrency, or even develop your skills to be a paid public speaker. It’s all up to you.

However, I believe that the opportunity I will be presenting to you in a later section would be the best choice. I suggest you keep reading.

Final Verdict – Ian Stanley Email Marketing

Before I end this Ian Stanley email marketing review, I would like to share a few more insights that could help you.

If you are thinking about a good side hustle which you can do in your free time, then email marketing may be a good choice. After all, a lot of businesses still rely on it, meaning that you can definitely find clients.

However, I think that it could take you some time to master writing the perfect copy. If you are already working a full-time job, it could be tough to learn a new skill.

After all, your life shouldn’t be focused only on work. You need to take some rest too if you don’t want to experience burnout and stress.

This is why I suggest choosing a side hustle that is easy to learn initially. I don’t think email marketing is easy, but I know of a good one that you can learn here today.

It is not that complicated, and will not require you to shell out thousands. More details are in the next section.

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