iCoinPro Review – Scam Or Legit?

Today, we are going to talk about iCoinPro. Is it legit? Find out more in this review.

I had trouble trying to think of a way to start this introduction. It has been a struggle to find a different way of talking about something that you have written a lot about. I’m not talking about this particular program. But more so the niche that it exists in.

Nothing about cryptocurrency interests me in any way if I’m being honest. There is nothing about the whole enterprise that would make me want to get into it. Sure, I am amazed a bit at how people use the blockchain as a way of transfer data and all that. But it isn’t enough for me to be excited about. Cryptocurrency doesn’t excite me at all. You couldn’t pay me to even try to fake enthusiasm for it.

Considering how much news has been happening in the world of crypto lately, I’m still surprised that there are still people who are not budging. Like, I sort of commend them for standing their ground. Even though, it might be to their detriment if they keep continuing down this path. But they’re the ones willing to take risks so who am I to judge?

You’d be surprised as well as how many crypto-related training programs are still operating at this point. There are still people who are somehow gaining interest for it, for some reason. So there are those individuals who are creating and running their own crypto-related training program. Because there is somehow interest for those kinds of programs. So when I heard about iCoinPro and their Micro Profit System program, I was kind of expecting the same kind of crypto-related training program. But this was a little bit different than what I am used to reviewing.

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iCoinPro Review: Quick Details

  • Name: iCoinPro
  • Founders: Justin Clark and Paul De Sousa
  • Website: https://www.icoinpro.com/
  • Socials: YouTube
  • Type: Affiliate program and training program
  • Niche: Cryptocurrency
  • Recommendation: There is nothing about the services being offered by iCoinPro that is worth even trying. At this point, crypto doesn’t really seem like a viable way for somebody to earn money from. How their program is structured isn’t really that great. While you might be able to learn about the basics of cryptocurrency and crypto trading, you’re better off trying something else. Nothing about this is worth the time and money that you might spend.

Who Are Justin Clark and Paul De Sousa?

iCoinPro co-founder and Micro Profit System creator Justin Clark

Justin Clark and Paul De Sousa are the co-founders of iCoinPro, a platform where you can learn about cryptocurrency and crypto trading. Paul De Sousa also serves as the CEO and “Director of Cryptocurrency Education” for the company. While Justin Clark is also know as the founder of the Micro Profit System program that iCoinPro provides.

There isn’t really that much that you should know about Justin and Paul. What is interesting is that both of them worked in affiliate marketing industry before they went into crypto. Based on an interview that Justin did, he mentions that Paul was the person that got him into cryptocurrency. At the time, both of them were still working within the affiliate marketing niche. But, Paul was sort of all in on cryptocurrency at that point. From what I could find, Paul worked in the tech industry for about two decades before he shifted to affiliate marketing. So he kind of had an interest in new and emerging technology.

It wasn’t surprising that Justin wasn’t that interested in cryptocurrency early on. Paul was using crypto as a mode of payment when he was running his boutique marketing agency in the U.K. Paul kind of pestered Justin about it in the years since. It wasn’t really until one of Justin’s other friends got into Bitcoin that Justin started to take it a bit more seriously.

Slowly, the ball started rolling. Justin still had his reservations. It was still uncharted territory for him. Paul was mulling the idea of starting a training platform that was focused on cryptocurrency. The idea slowly formed into what is now iCoinPro. By 2017, they had launched the company together.

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What is iCoinPro?

iCoinPro is a platform where you can learn how to make a profit on cryptocurrency. That’s the entire gist of what the company is about. If you look around the website, there’s not really much else that you can find there. It just kind of exists as a place where you can get access to their Micro Profit System. For a company that has existed since 2017, you kind of expected that they would at least expand their offerings a bit. But there’s nothing really notable that you could see from their website.

The only product that they offer is their Micro Profit System program, which Justin Clark created. When you check the information for that program on their website, you will be welcomed by a single block of text and a disclaimer. For a flagship program, I was expecting them to be similar to a lot of the other training programs that I have reviewed. But no, they just went with a “straight-forward” page.

It seems that the Micro Profit System is pretty much just a course where you can learn about the basics of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies and how to trade them. That’s the extent of what you’re going to learn from the course. It does feel that it’s just going to be your run-of-the-mill course that has a bunch of videos and stuff. Even the bonuses that you get with the program are roughly the same with what you can get elsewhere. They apparently have exclusive software that you can use to trade crypto. But they don’t really give you any indication of what it looks like.

Now Comes The Weird Part

iCoinPro co-founder and CEO Paul De Sousa

When you try to check more details about Micro System Profit program, it redirects you to a page asking you to input the name of the person who referred them to you. A lot of the training programs that I have reviewed have done something like this. Most of them just have their own affiliate links for the funnel page of the training program that they’re promoting. But I’ve never seen them try to restrict access to more information unless you give them a name.

And this has really only happened whenever I have reviewed multi-level marketing programs. But even then, some multi-level marketing programs don’t require you to input any kind of reference just to buy the product or service that they offer.

Then I decided to click the link on the header that says “Become an Affiliate” and that’s where it all started to fall into place. Somehow, the affiliate program for iCoinPro has a more detailed breakdown than the actual training program that they offer. The more that I read the details of their affiliate program, the more that I realize that the way that iCoinPro operates is through a multi-level marketing scheme.

In case you didn’t know, a multi-level marketing scheme is a method wherein you earn commissions for every person you enroll through the program. That’s pretty much one of the methods that you earn money from it. Sure, some multi-level marketing schemes actual offer physical products. But a lot of them just uses a potential way to earn income as their selling point.

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Final Verdict – iCoinPro Review

There is nothing about iCoinPro and the Micro Profit System that is worth recommending. If it was just a normal training program, it would have been fine. Though, I still wouldn’t have recommend cryptocurrency trading to anyone, especially in this day and age. But the way that the Micro Profit System operates is not really worth all of the trouble.

Because it works like how any other multi-level marketing scheme, you have to continually get people to enroll into the program for you to earn any money from it. And the people you recruit also have to recruit other people on their own. It’s pretty much never ending. Sure, you get commissions from the people that get recruited by those that you recruited. But at some point, you’re going to run out of people.

I guess that’s why iCoinPro never really created a different program. Because the Micro Profit System seemingly still works. But, why would anybody get into a crypto-based multi-level marketing scheme? Both of those don’t seem like a good idea.

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