Is iMarketslive Scam Or Pyramid Scheme?Christopher Terry Review

iMarketslive Was launched in 2013 by christopher terry.It is a software about forex trading where they provide education about forex.It claims to take you from a complete newbie to a pro and will help you to build an income online.

The owner claims that imarketslive is a¬† multi level marketing company.But what’s the truth?

Christopher Terry is the man behind this product.

Imarketslive is basically based on the idea that when the experts inside the system trade,you will get the opportunity to see their every move,LIVE.

The experts have more than 20 years of experience in this field.

From the early 2017,this software is getting so much hype.Every single day people search for imarketslive to see whether it is legit or scam.

This is why I am writing this review.In this article we will discuss every single aspect of imarketslive.

Whether you should invest in it or not?

First thing first,by any means I am not associated with Imarketslive and will not try to pitch you in this article.This means that this article is completely unbiased and from a third party.

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iMarketslive Review

The model and the structure of imarketslive is also hidden in the name.It means whenever experts will trade,you will see it live.

It is a financial trading software which helps people to make right decisions before doing trade.

There is a trading room inside imarketslive,In this live room you will get classes from monday to friday.

In these live classes you will learn from trading master,Christopher Terry.

We will be discussing him later in the review.You will also get the fx trading signal inside imarketslive.

It means,they will give you this every time an expert will be going to trade.

There will be also another good thing inside the software.

You maybe aware of harmonic scanner?Because of this you will be able to find the changes in forex trading.

This will help you make the best choices about investing in trading.iMarketslive includes a lot of videos,coaching webinars and training inside.

Overall the idea seems to be pretty impressive by christopher terry.

But the question is,can you make money with iMarketslive or not?

Will it be a good option to invest money?Who is christopher terry?

I am going to cover everything in this post.

Christopher Terry

Christopher Terry is 48 years old and he is also known as master trader.He is also the owner of insider trading.

Net worth of christopher Terry is $2.6million,these are the stats from may 2019.

Christopher terry has 18 portfolio of customer trading services.The biggest one is trading insider.

Success Rate At iMarketslive

Before talking about the imarketslive compensation plan,let me tell you this.

You may be saying,no it’s not a pyramid scheme,it’s an mlm.

I have something interesting for you.In multi level marketing companies and pyramid schemes,studies have shown that success rate is very low.

Yes,73 to 99% of people that join companies like iMarketslive,end up losing their hard earned money.

That is why I no longer recommend companies like iMarketslive.Why so?Why is the failure rate so high?

The reason behind is simple and straight forward.Most of the people that join schemes like imarketslive do not have an existing audience.

Rather then growing their audience and learning marketing,they join these kinds of schemes.At the end,they end up selling to friends and family.

How much the software costs?

If you want it to take it as a real business than you had to buy the platinum package.It is for $195 and monthly fees is $145.

You have to buy this If you want to go further in this business.

You can buy the basic ibo,it will cost $15 and the monthly fees will be $15 too.

In it you can share the product with other traders for commissions.

The platinum version will unlock multi level earning potential.

iMarketslive compensation plan

There are four levels in iMarketslive compensation plan.The compensation plan is as

  • First level:30%
  • Second level:10%
  • Third level:5%
  • Fourth level:5%

In it,there are also bonuses in this compensation plan.If you sell platinum package to anyone,you will get 5 – 10% commission.

The chairman infinity bonuses are very high.

In this,you will have to be very high on the rankings which seems to be impossible.

But,yes you can get 1000 – 4000 dollars on these sales.

The overall structure of this compensation plan is very good.

I am saying this comparing to other educational platforms.

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Is iMarketslive Pyramid Scheme?

If you want to know whether it is a pyramid scheme or a scam,my answer will be no.

It is not a pyramid,but it can be an outright pyramid scheme.

Can you make good money with it?My answer will be no.I do not want to recommend it to you.

It seems that they are providing good education,but it is very hard to earn even 1000 bucks a month with this.

There is so much competition in it.

More than this,it is a pyramid scheme in disguise.

This means that the company is focusing more on recruiting then retail sales.

Imarketslive is all about recruiting,they designed their compensation plan like this.They are forcing their affiliates to recruit others into the company.

Now,why it can be a pyramid scheme and what is the difference between a pyramid scheme and mlms?

Difference is very clear,in multi level marketing companies you can make money by selling physical products,while pyramid schemes are just about recruitng.

Pyramid schemes are illegal in United States Of America,and most of the time it is headed by scammers.

Whenever noticed,FTC bans them.

Is iMarketslive worth it?

No,it does not worth the money.

The business model is good but you do not expect to earn enough money to escape from 9 to 5.I am no longer a fan of trading,infact I highly doubt that it can be a pyramid scheme.

I have reviewed another trading pyramid scheme,Fx trading which was banned by FTC.

I too invested so much money in trading and end up loosing my hard earned money.

This is because trading has high risks..No one can say and guarentee you that you will end up making money after investing in it.

Now,let’s talk about the things which I liked and disliked in Imarketslive..

Things I Did Not Liked I Imarketslive

There are many things which I did not liked in Imarketslive which are as follows.

Ponzi Scheme!

It is almost a ponzi scheme.The only way that you can make money from imarketslive is to recruit other into this.

They do not have physical products to offer.I have recently reviewed mlm company called fx trading corp which was absolutely like imarketslive.

They both forex trading platforms looks like a ponzi scheme and I am not a fan of it.

Many companies all over the world warned them and here are the screenshot.FSMA in belgium issued a warning..

AMF In france issued a warning against them and here is the screenshot.

FCA in UK warned them also.

And finally SAC in USA warned them.

Also there are many complaints related to their products too,here is a screenshot for you.

I am not saying that imarketslive is a scam,but I personally want to promote something which I think will give my customers transictions.

Transiction can be financial freedom,quiting 9 to 5 or maybe learning some solid skill to build an online business.

Making money is important,but making money and along the way changing people’s life is also important.I do not push ponzi,pyramid schemes or mlms to my readers.

I have experience and know that they are going nowhere with them.

Instead I recommend them something that will help them building solid online business,following a proven 3 step formula.

Business which will be scalable and you do not have to recruit anybody.

I am not going to explain this,let’s move forward.

Things I Liked In Imarketslive

To be honest,I did not liked anything about this mlm,or I can say ponzi scheme.

The only way that you are going to make money from imarketslive is to recruit others into this mlm.

Without giving them anything in return.It’s not my bag of money!

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10 Shocking MLM Statistics That You Need To Know!

  • Almost 99% participants of all multi level marketing companies lose money,According to the FTC.
  • There are 38% more chances of you profiting from your own any kind of small business¬† than joining these mlms.
  • Success Rate of online business,which will give you financial and time freedom,is 20% more than joining mlms for making money.
  • The odds of you winning a lottery worth $10k among 10,000 people is 300 times higher than actually making money from mlms.
  • According to the AARP foundation,47% distributors of all mlms lose their money,apart from this 27% do not make a single penny.
  • Remaining 26% that actually make money,53% of them make less than $5000/year.
  • 39% among those 53%,who are making $5000/year quit because recruiting and selling crappy products to friends and family members jeopardized their relationships.
  • Forget about building a long term business with mlm,because 50% of all mlms participants quit within one year.
  • 75% people that join mlms say that they will never ever join any kind of mlm.
  • A poll was conducted in 2018 among 1050 mlms distributors and it was found that most of them makes 70 cents an hour and 20% of them did not make a sale.60% of them makes less than $500 in sales over the past 5 years and 32% of them acquired credit card debt to finance their mlms involvements.


Is Imarketslive A Scam?

No,I will not say Imarketslive a scam,niether I can say that it is not a scam.

In fact you can actually make money from it.

Most of the people when hear about mlm companies,without a second thought they connects it with scam or pyramid schemes.

But,you have to do proper research before giving it a final verdict.

I have a question for you,why join mlm companies/pyramid schemes/ponzi companies when there are better business models out there?Well,with imarketslive,you are going nowhere.

Yes,you can make few dollars here and there but it is not a long term business model.Morever,I am not fond of mlms.

Mlms are destined for failures,Mlms = Waste of money and time

Beend there done that,wasted lots of cash,went in debt just to oxygen my mlm business.

You know what?The only person who makes money in mlm is it’s owner.

You are company’s best customer,whenever you lose money,company will make money.

Mlm business is not long term,scalable and suatainable,here is a better business model.

Lead generation,I and more then 6000+ students are making money online by this business model.

In this business,you have to generate leads for business owners,and when they make money,you will also make money.

Let’s say that you have generated a lead for a lawyer and he closed that customer and made $1000.He will be more then happy to pay you $100 for that single lead.

Now,we will teach you how to generate 100 leads for that lawyer,every single day.

That will be $30k/month for you,potential of this business is wider then sky.

Most of our students are making $100k/month and thousands are making $10k/month.

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That’s it for today’s review.


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