Income Engine Review: Is This System Legit?

Today, let’s take a look at this money-making system called Income Engine. Is Income Engine legit? Let’s check it out in this Income Engine review.

The COVID-19 pandemic has certainly disrupted a lot of people’s lives drastically. Several industries have closed down completely and most employers have downsized their workforce in order to save various costs. As a result, the number of unemployed individuals has increased to an all-time high, and still continues to rise even as some health protocols have been loosened.

But whenever there’s a tragedy, there will always be an opportunity.

As the world is starting to adjust to the new normal, most individuals are also finding new and creative ways to earn income for a living. It’s for this very reason that several online money-making courses and systems are being released every day.

Income Engine is one of those money-making systems that claim to do just that. It claims that it can help you set up a website wherein you can immediately sell some top-selling products and earn a huge number of commissions from them. It also claims that it can drive free buyer traffic to said website so it ensures that you’ll continuously earn from this system.

Sounds good, right? But is Income Engine a legitimate money-making app? Before you go ahead and make the purchase, you should review this Income Engine review first.

AN IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER: This is a fully independent Income Engine review. I’m not affiliated with Income Engine, or any other product, in any way.

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What Is Income Engine?

Income Engine Product Mockup

Income Engine Is a money-making solution that claims to allow you to launch your own web store in “60 seconds”. It claims that you can also sell any kind of product in any niche via that web store. And finally, it claims that it can get you “unlimited buyer traffic from several visitors”.

All of these features can also be accessed from a single dashboard, which looks like this:

Income Engine Dashboard

It comes with several built-in features, including…

  • Done-For-You 3-in-1 Interactive Sales Engine
  • 15 Premium Templates
  • Several Trending Products
  • Built-in Hosting
  • “Free” Buyers’ Traffic
  • Email Autoresponder
  • Email Swipe
  • Inbuilt Payment Gateway
  • Free SSL.

Who Developed Income Engine?

Shawn Josiah is the chief author of Income Engine. An experienced affiliate marketer, Shawn is also the main author behind several money-making products in the past. Among them are the “Perpetual Income” software series, and more recently, Rapid Commission Sites.

Shawn Josiah

In addition, he’s also the founder of Email Profit Academy (formerly Digital Dollar Academy), an elite e-mail marketing training academy that grooms normal individuals into top internet affiliates to create a full-time income working less than 4 hours a week using nothing but emails. He also claims to have earned a total of six-figures in the past years.

For more information on him and the academy itself, watch the video below, or check out its official YouTube Channel of EPA :

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What’s Inside Income Engine?

Income Engine Product Box

The following information is all taken from the official sales page of Income Engine.

Benefits In Detail

  • Sell Anything You Want – Everything from eCom products, software, physical products, affiliate offers, ebooks, webinars, dropshipping, local services, and more!
  • Battle-Tested Hot Products To Sell – Complete with supplier’s link, marketing content, Facebook Ads creativity, video ads, product price markup, etc.
  • Flexible Page Editor – Fully edit any page to your liking with our top-of-the-line funnel builder.
  • Income Engine lets you get paid directly by Stripe & PayPal. Just press a few buttons to hook up your account and start receiving payments!
  • Free Built-In Blazing Fast Hosting. This feature by itself will save you hundreds of dollars every single year.
  • Income Engine gets your link in front of thousands of hungry buyers interested in the product you’re selling thanks to its built-in smart automation.
  • Sale-Boosting Elements – Increase your revenue with the help of countdown timers, exit popups, and banners.
  • Connect your autoresponder to Income Engine and start collecting emails to build a monster-sized list.
  • Your Income Engine sites are protected by SSL encryption and make sure your buyers feel secure.
  • Done-For-You E-Mail Swipes – Abandon cart, new products alert, and upsell swipes. Simply copy and paste into your autoresponder.

How To Use Income Engine?

All of Income Engine’s features can be used in just four steps:

  • Choose DFY Products – Select the done for you products that you want to have on your site. They all claim to be top-sellers and are used by the authors themselves to make six figures per product.
  • Publish Your Online Store – Press the “Continue” button to publish & save your online store. Income Engine will take care of the domain and the site hosting for you.
  • Connect Your Paypal – Link your PayPal to your website here. So you can start getting paid for commissions.
  • Activate The Built-In Traffic – Activate Income Engine’s several “traffic” features to start getting traffic and would-be buyers from several different sources to your website.

Here’s a full demo of Income Engine if you want to see what it does visually:

What’s In The Funnel? Income Engine One-Time Upgrades

As with similar products, Income Engine also offers some options to upgrade your subscription. Each upgrade level carries its own set of features added to Income Engine.

Frontend: Income Engine ($17)

This is the frontend app for Income Engine. You need to avail of this first before purchasing any of the upgrades.

Upgrade 1: Income Engine Unlimited ($67)

This upgrade lets you remove all the limits in the Frontend, unlock additional features to dominate, run unlimited Income Engines, and supercharge results up to 100 times.

  • Commercial License
  • Create unlimited Income Engine 3-in1 sales engine
  • Access 15 Income Engine premium templates
  • Get upgraded to their ultra-fast Income Engine hosting server
  • Add unlimited 1-Click order bump
  • Unlimited fast-selling products
  • Cart Abandoned Order Recovery
  • Add Facebook pixel to unlimited Income Engine pages
  • HOT email swipe
  • Connect your e-mail autoresponder
  • Put Income Engine on steroids
  • Pro video training
  • 24/7 support

Upgrade 2: Income Engine DFY ($97)

Stay on top of the game. Get 10 fresh, untapped 100% Done-For-You products added to your Income Engine account monthly & up to 120 new products yearly.

(With Product Description, Price Analysis, Supplier’s Ad Images, Ad Video, Ad Target, Ad Copy).

  • Ready-to-go HOT products & ad creatives you can deploy instantly
  • Create Income Engine 3-in-1 for the products & start selling instantly

Upgrade 3: Income Engine High Ticket Maximizer ($47)

This upgrade equips customers with the “how-to’s” to get high ticket commissions. Simply plug and play the pre-selected high ticket items to make $1k commissions per sale.

  • Hand-picked high ticket programs, chosen for you.
  • Simply ‘plug & play’ them into your back-end funnel.
  • Training and access to these private pages provided for members only.
  • Let the funnel do the selling, you sit back and enjoy the cheques!

Upgrade 4: Income Engine Drive ($67)

Store & host all your Income Engine pages, sites, videos, products, and images, on the cloud server & have 100% control.

  • Unlimited Storage (Up to 100 GB storage)
  • Unlimited Bandwidth + Ultra-Fast File Delivery
  • Encrypted Storage
  • Inbuilt Video Player (includes playback speed control, Chromecast support, and audio visualization)
  • Global sharing files & folders option
  • Multi-file uploader with progress. (5GB+ file share)
  • File Preview
  • Drag & Drop File Management
  • Trash Recovery
  • Email Notification once file/folder is uploaded
  • Built-in URL shortener
  • Watermarks
  • Download an entire folder as a zip file
  • File sorting by filename, file size, date uploaded, last access, total downloads
  • Detailed file statistics
  • Multiple file servers
  • Social media sharing & unique URL generation
  • Files & Folder Password Protection

Upgrade 5: Passive Income Masterclass ($47)

This upgrade equips members with the skills to generate passive income through our 7 specially selected multiple streams of income masterclass.

Upgrade 6: Multiple Streams of Income Masterclass ($47)

This upgrade equips members with the skills to generate more than one stream of income through our 7 specially selected multiple streams of income masterclass.

Upgrade 7:  Income Engine Traffic Booster ($67)

This upgrade allows customers to ride on the authors’ traffic sources and insights to get more traffic from the internet!

  • They place customers’ pixels to the back end of our sales pages.
  • Customers get high-quality data from the authors for retargeting or highly targeted buyer data.
  • Customers can retarget or create look-alike audiences based on their done-for-you traffic data and make tons of targeted high EPCs commissions.
  • Plug-And-Play data provided

Upgrade 8: Income Engine Reseller License ($127)

This upgrade grants members the license to sell Income Engine as their own and keep 100% of the profits for themselves, without the need to create any landing pages, write any copies or create any content.

Is Income Engine Worth The Investment?

At first glance at this Income Engine review, it may seem like it’s a workable system for those people looking for ways to earn income online. Yes. It does assist you in building webpages with a few clicks so you can start your affiliate marketing venture and sell some products.

However, that’s all that it does. This system has plenty of red flags that one should be wary of before they buy this or any other similar software.

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False Claims

Most of these money-making software systems claim that their method is very effective at earning over a thousand dollars or more, with just a few clicks. And that they’re going to sell it to you for a really cheap price.

But before you grab their bait, step back and think for a bit.

If their method is very easy and effective at getting good results, then why are they selling it to you for an almost steal price? If it’s true that they’re earning over a thousand dollars or more in using that software, then the first thing they’re going to usually do is to keep it for themselves. You may say that they’re just being generous and that they’re just sharing their opportunities for more people.

But in the real world, no one is like that. There’s usually a drawback for something that’s really cheap yet effective, especially when it comes to making money. And most of the time, it’s only because the system only works for those who already have built a good number of followers or subscribers. They usually market these systems are being “beginner-friendly” yet effective, but most of those claims are completely false.

False Testimonials & Reviews

Most of the sales pages from these kinds of software also post testimonials from a number of people who claim that their system works. However, all of them are technically fake.

If you notice, there are two types of people that are usually featured on these testimonials:

  • From people who don’t really exist
  • Sponsored testimonials coming from fellow product vendors

The first type of testimonials is rather easy to spot. You just right-click on the picture of the person, and do a Google Image search with it. If the image search results in the picture coming from a free picture gallery, and not from a real person, then obviously, it’s a fake one.

Also, if you search for these money-making systems on Google, most of the reviews for these products all come from affiliated or sponsored blogs. You should always make sure that the reviews for these kinds of money-making systems are fully unbiased and independent (like this Income Engine review right here) which can give you a really good idea on what this system ACTUALLY do.

Shiny Object Syndrome

Finally, these authors are already known to release around 2 to 3 money-making product opportunities, almost every month. And each of them always promises a “new and revolutionary method on making money online”.

However, think about it very carefully. If the system that they’re selling you is “revolutionary and highly effective”, then why are they selling ANOTHER money-making product with the same claim? If it was indeed successful at what it does, then why create a new one? Shouldn’t it be better to refine an existing money-making system to mastery than just release a new one?

These products are a good example of something exploiting our “Shiny Object Syndrome“. They claim that they’re a new and revolutionary trend, and most people may tend to lose their focus and ride on the new trend. And usually, they end up being disappointed because it only delays, or worse, hinder their goals.

Income Engine Review: Final Verdict

So to close this Income Engine review, let me answer a few questions.

Is Income Engine a scam? Not quite. At the very least, the basic features still works, especially the site builder.

But is Income Engine worth the investment? ABSOLUTELY NOT!

This, as well as similar systems like ProfitPrime and ReZolved, all promise that the user who avails of their system would get rich quick and without much work. But in reality, most of them simply doesn’t work in the way that they market themselves on their sales pages.

Because making money online still requires quite a bit of work. If you try to go the easy way out, you’ll only end up losing everything that you’re working for. And you have to start from scratch all over again.

However, there is still good news…

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