Infinii Review – Is This Dropshipping Course Worth It?

Today we will be reviewing a program known as Infinii. Is it legit? Find out in this Infinii review.

If you’re interested in learning more about retail arbitrage and drop-shipping, I guess you are right with checking out Infinii, a multi-level marketing (MLM) organization that offers training and instructional courses in those areas.

Being an MLM, Infinii’s main money-making potential lies not just in the company’s training or in the retail arbitrage and drop shipping it offers, but in recruiting others to join the network as well.

It’s more like a pyramid scheme than a legitimate networking platform because the main source of money is recruiting new members.

Before you decide to sign up for this program, you should read this Infinii review first.

DISCLAIMER: This is a fully independent review. I’m not affiliated with Infinii in any shape or form whatsoever.

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Infinii Review: Quick Details

  • Name: Infinii
  • Founder: N/A
  • Website: N/A
  • Socials: N/A
  • Type: Training program
  • Niche: Dropshipping
  • Recommendation: I think that this is not worth the money. The monthly fees are way too expensive. There are cheaper training programs available for this niche.

What is Infinii?

Infinii Review - Logo

If you’re interested in learning about retail arbitrage and drop-shipping, Infinii is a great resource for you.

Built on a multi-level marketing framework, it provides its users with a business opportunity and affiliate marketing support. They will be incentivized to bring in new members in the same manner as traditional multi-level marketing schemes.

While dropshipping and retail arbitrage have certain similarities, the former involves obtaining goods directly from producers while the latter involves purchasing from retailers at a discount.

In other words, the profit you make from the gap between the manufacturer’s pricing and the price you decide to charge the retailer or client will be more than the profit you make via retail arbitrage.

Thus, dropshipping is more lucrative than retail arbitrage, but how does this relate to Infinii? Hence, you might be able to use what you learn in the program to launch a successful retail arbitrage or dropshipping enterprise.

Despite this, Infinii has little relevance to the matter, as it appears that the Infinii software itself is what you’re primarily trying to sell here rather than the training and education.

Infinii Overview

Infinii provides training in retail arbitrage and dropshipping, as was previously noted. Although they are useful, the affiliate membership itself is what if is selling.

These are what they offer:

  • Prime $49.95/month
  • Surge $149.95/month
  • Excel $399.95/month

While both Prime and Surge cover the basics of starting a business, only Excel covers drop shipping.

As was previously said, retail arbitrage results in a smaller ROI than dropshipping. The course that focuses on dropshipping is the most expensive, but does that make it a better deal?

The retail arbitrage industry is quite competitive; if you do some research on eBay and other e-commerce sites, you’ll find that many businesses provide the same goods as the likes of Amazon and eBay, but at higher prices.

It’s true that Infiniti courses boast a superior ranking advantage, but how useful would it be if everyone already knew and used the identical techniques?

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My Favorite Program

Infinii Compensation Plan

There are 12 affiliate ranks in Infinii.

  • Builder
  • Manager
  • Regional Manager
  • National Manager
  • Director
  • Senior Director
  • Executive Director
  • Presidential Director
  • Ambassador
  • Diamond Ambassador
  • Crown Ambassador
  • Global Ambassador

Residual Commissions. This is a weekly binary payment system is used to pay members. Sales from the weaker binary side (the side with fewer volume) decide the affiliate’s commission, and the affiliate’s rank determines the amount of the commission:

  • Builder to National Manager – 10%
  • Director to Presidential Director – 15%
  • Ambassador to Global Ambassador – 20%

Matching Bonus. Rewards are calculated as a match percentage of the binary income of downline members, and this is monitored on a single level. The Matching Bonus begins at a 5% match on the binary earnings of affiliates personally recruited by the participant (level 1) and increases to 100% on all future levels.

Beginner Bonus Pool. Affiliates at the Builder, Manager, and Regional Manager levels can take advantage of this. The payout for this pool can be as much as 1.5 times an affiliate’s unilevel team sales volume.

Is Infinii Legit?

Now, we can’t say for sure that Infinii is a scam because it posed as a legitimate business opportunity that offered actual items.

Is the company still active, though, since the site is now unavailable and lacking in the most recent updates?

They are not a BBB-accredited business, but that doesn’t mean they’re dishonest. In fact, having a presence in this online database is a good sign, since it indicates the organization is operational.

Even while Infinii is not technically a pyramid scheme, it runs the risk of being misunderstood as one because of the way it recruits new members. You may be able to make some money from this, though.

They provide digital goods that you may put to use or sell. Nonetheless, it is true that your primary source of revenue will continue to be recruiting, and it is probable that the affiliate membership that Infinii offers is what you are promoting here rather than their products.

The program resembles Why Unified, Dropshipping Titans, and AMBSDR.

What I Don’t Like About Infinii

Mediocre training

To be honest, I think Infinii’s training courses are useful for newcomers who are interested in starting a retail arbitrage or dropshipping business.

On the other hand, much like in retail arbitrage, there is a great deal of rivalry, making it difficult to achieve top rankings.

And how can you beat the competition if they, too, have subscribed to Infinii and are employing the identical tactics you’ve learned from their courses?

I just feel like Infinii courses are oversold, and that its tactics won’t pan out until they’re offered to a very select group of students.

And if that’s the case, the training was completely pointless to begin with. My impression is that there is a plenty of free material available online regarding the fundamentals of these systems and methods.

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My Favorite Program

Recruitment is encouraged

While Infinii itself might serve as a teaching platform, the major money in this offer will come not from retail arbitrage or dropshipping but from the MLM program itself. Infinii’s business model is predicated on your ability to sign up as many individuals as possible as affiliates.

Here we go again on the recruiting bandwagon, as is the case with most MLMs.

Not for full-time income

Selling Infinii products and referring others to the affiliate program is a great way to make some extra cash on the side.

Yet it works just as well as a supplementary source of income. It will require a lot of hard work and perseverance to succeed in retail arbitrage and dropshipping. But what’s the point if they learn all this and yet can’t make a living?

Final Verdict – Infinii Review

Although Infinii serves as a pretty okay learning environment, especially for those just starting out in retail arbitrage and dropshipping, it will be challenging to maintain a successful company based on the platform now that so many individuals have access to it.

But hey, Infinii is not affiliated with any of those things; it’s merely a training ground. What it really promotes is affiliate membership. But what’s the point of signing up for something that may no longer function?

The combination of this and the other drawbacks I’ve listed above leads me to conclude that this is an option I cannot suggest to you.

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