Infinite Crypto Review: Is It A Systematized Scam?

Today, let’s take a look at Infinite Crypto, a crypto money-making system. In this Infinite Crypto review, we’ll see if this app is legitimate.

Investing in cryptocurrency has now become a popular trend for individuals who wish to make money online.

In fact, it has been a big help to middle-class people. Since arguably, they are one of the groups who suffered the economic and industrial impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic.

It’s thus no wonder that joining a crypto affiliate network and becoming a crypto-affiliate is a growing trend. And some others are establishing their own “cryptocurrency mining” business so that can “mine” cryptocurrencies for themselves.

Enter Infinite Crypto. It’s a software system that claims it can deploy an “autopilot crypto business” for you in just less than a minute. And it claims that you can earn money via this system on “autopilot”.

There’s no doubt that setting up your crypto-mining business right now is more profitable due to recent factors. But the questions that still remain are…

Is Infinite Crypto a legitimate software system for earning crypto? Is it a stable system to earn money online? Or is it just another fraud?

Before you go ahead and buy this software, make sure you read this Infinite Crypto review first. Then you can judge for yourself.

AN IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER: This is a fully independent Infinite Crypto review. I’m not affiliated with Infinite Crypto, or any other system, in any way.

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What Is Infinite Crypto?

Infinite Crypto - Mockup

Infinite Crypto is a software system that allows you to build your own crypto-mining platform. It includes several features such as…

  • An admin control panel to take care of the platform and all investments
  • A page builder to design the platform on your own.
  • An “automation system” to make the platform work on 100% autopilot.
  • A plan manager to create plans for platform customers.
  • Various payment methods to receive the investment.
  • Email setting tools for email marketing.

All of these features can be accessed with a point-and-click system so even if you don’t have technical knowledge, you can still use the software.

Who Created Infinite Crypto?

Infinite Crypto was created and sold by a three-man team of software developers.

Infinite Crypto - Creators

While not much is known about them, they’re known as one of the top sellers and promoters on the Warriorplus platform.

What’s Inside Infinite Crypto?

This is what Infinite Crypto’s dashboard should look like upon logging in your details.

Infinite Crypto - Dashboard

The dashboard gives you quick information about your created crypto-mining platform, These include the total number of membership sales you made, total sales amount, number of users registered, miners, etc.

Scrolling at the bottom reveals more information about your crypto-mining platform.

Infinite Crypto - Dashboard 2

This part keeps track of your transactions. Such as how much money have you deposited and withdrawn for cryptocurrency.

The dashboard also keeps track of the visitors of your crypto-site. They are grouped according to their browser and operating system used, and even their location.

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Infinite Crypto: Menu Items

Infinite Crypto - Menu Items
  • Miners – These allow you to create and manage any cryptocurrency miners that you want. Simply enter the name of your coin and its corresponding coin code (i.e. BTC = Bitcoin), and you can start from there.
  • Sales – You can check out the status of the membership sales that you made here.
  • Plans/Features – This is where you can create and manage the memberships plans that you can sell to visitors. These plans let customers mine cryptocurrency on the platform you own.
  • Deposits/Withdraws – In here, you can check out the status of the deposits and withdrawals that you made through this platform.
  • Payments – This is where you can add and manage the payment processors that you’re going to use as a mode of payment for your membership plans. Infinite Crypto supports several of the most-used processors, like PayPal, Stripe, etc.
  • Reports – Here, you can check the transaction logs of your crypto-website. Quite useful if you’re troubleshooting something and you need to find the error.
  • SEO – This is where you can manage the SEO settings for your website. The usual SEO terms are used here, such as keywords for your website, social titles, social descriptions, and thumbnails.
  • Support
  • Upgrades – You can view the list of OTOs that you can avail of for this product. For more information on the OTOs, as well as their pricing, see below.
  • Bonuses – In here, you can view all of the bonuses that are included in Infinite Crypto, as well as its OTOs.
  • Training – This menu will show you some training videos about Infinite Crypto, as well as all about cryptocurrency, etc.

For a more visual representation of what Infinite Crypto looks like on the inside, see this video below.

Infinite Crypto One-Time Offers

Infinite Crypto also gives you an option to upgrade your subscription, and add more features to your software system via these one-time offers.

  • Front-End: Infinite Crypto ($12 to $17) – The front-end app. Before you can avail of any of the upgrades listed below, you’ll need to buy this first.
  • OTO1: Infinite Crypto – Pro ($27, Downsell to $17) – Unlocks the full features of the system and removes all restrictions, allowing the creation of unlimited plans and others.
  • OTO2: Infinite Crypto – DFY Setup ($67, Downsell to $47) – Done-For-You setup for customers. They will set up all the platform settings for automated income, essentially removing all the work.
  • OTO3: Infinite Crypto – Agency ($37, Downsell to $17)
  • OTO4: Infinite Crypto – DFY Template ($97, Downsell to $67) – DFY Template for ICO Agencies and digital bitcoin & cryptocurrency investment.
  • OTO5:  Infinite Crypto – Golden Membership ($27, Downsell to $17)
  • OTO6: Infinite Crypto – Unlimited Traffic ($67, Downsell to $47)
  • OTO7: Infinite Crypto – Reseller ($37, Downsell to $17) This allows you to re-sell Infinite Crypto as if it’s your own product, keeping all the profits made for yourself.
  • OTO8: Infinite Crypto – 1K Per Day Training ($27, Downsell to $17)
  • OTO9: Infinite Crypto – White Label Rights ($297, Downsell to $197) – This removes the branding and all the images related to Infinite Crypto from the product. Essentially, this means you can add your own branding to this product. Combined with the Reseller License, you can sell an entirely new software system with this.

Would You Recommend Infinite Crypto?

After reading the sales page of Infinite Crypto and testing the software for myself…

I honestly can’t see the idea of anyone buying this software for them to make money online.

The system is just full of errors, and I’m going to list some of them right here.

The System Is Too Confusing

As a software system that claims one doesn’t need any technical knowledge to earn money from this…

Infinite Crypto is VERY CONFUSING to use.

Most of the menus presented here are almost unusable for the average user because it isn’t properly documented.

Even yours truly is extremely confused as to how to use this software system to do just about anything.

In fact, it’s not even clear how can you even earn any money by using this system.

No Training Available

This is made even worse, by the fact that there’s ABSOLUTELY NO TRAINING available for using this system.

While the “Training” menu does include some videos, they only give you the basics on cryptocurrency and nothing else. In fact, most of the videos included there are readily available on YouTube, for free.

Infinite Crypto only gives you videos about cryptocurrency. But it doesn’t have any instructional videos about how the software system works, AND how can you make money through it.

It’s like you just bought an appliance, only to find out that it doesn’t have an instruction manual.

If this software system can help you earn $326.46 a day in profits, then how can they do it when there’s no training?

No SEO For Your Website

The biggest disadvantage about the “free hosting” offered by this website, is that SEO is virtually nonexistent for this.

Despite the “SEO” menu being included, don’t expect your crypto platform to rank in search engines at all.

Many affiliate marketing newcomers may not know this. But your choice of web host also affects your website SEO rankings as well.

As Infinite Crypto’s web host isn’t really good for SEO, don’t even expect that you’ll get organic traffic to your crypto platform.

Here’s a short video that you may want to watch to give you an idea of how your web host of choice is also important for SEO.

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“Bait And Switch” Marketing Tactics

Infinite Crypto is but one of those many software systems that are usually engaged in “bait and switch” marketing.

As defined by the Merriam-Webster dictionary

Bait And Switch – A sales tactic in which a customer is attracted by the advertisement of a low-priced item but is then encouraged to buy a higher-priced one.

In this case, Infinite Crypto advertises that they’re going to help you earn a huge number of commissions by using this system. And they’re selling it at a very low price (or on some pages, the “price of a single slice of pizza”).

However, once you purchased the software, what you’ll get is usually just a website builder of some sort that doesn’t even come close to doing what was advertised.

And then, the system upsells you with certain “one-time offers” that claim to ACTUALLY do the benefits provided on the sales page. Which, usually, is priced more than the frontend itself.

Adding together, the entire Infinite Crypto system with all its upsells can easily cost you over a thousand dollars. Which is far more expensive than the original price.

And based on experience, it’s quite difficult to trust the words of a vendor who always engages in bait-and-switch tactics.

Infinite Crypto Review: Final Verdict

So my final verdict about this is…

Infinite Crypto is definitely a scam.

Scam Alert 2

Like CryptoCommissions and Crypto Profit App before it, Infinite Crypto is one of those cash-grabbing systems that take advantage of the cryptocurrency trend to fool most users.

They’ll think, since cryptocurrency is a profitable trend right now, you can make a lot of money with this software.

However, what you’ll get is a system that either doesn’t have anything to do with crypto at all, or simply doesn’t work.

There’s really no value in these kinds of systems at all. If you want an actually earn money online, you have to find something that gives value to you in the long run.

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