Infinite Income Review – Scam Or Legit?


Hello and welcome to my infinite income review.Now,if you are new to beastpreneur I want to welcome you here!

Today’s topic is going to be very interesting, so stay tuned.

We will be discussing that whether infinite income is legit newsletter by Mike Burnick or not.Let’s dive into the topic.

I have been reviewing many stoke investing and trading courses lately like fast fortune club,ted bauman letter and profits unlimited.

I want to clear one thing.By any means I am not associated with infinite income or it’s owners and will not provide you my link to join this company.

What this means is that it is a completely unbiased and third party review.

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Infinite Income Review

What basically infinite income is?Is it legit or a scam?Can you really safe your future after paying them $199?

These are the questions that will be in your mind right now.

So,infinite income is a newsletter which Is kind of an educational platform.The main goal of infinite income is to help people invest in better opportunities.

This means that they will teach you how to invest in business like stokes,trade or anything else.

Their main goal is to provide people with the latest trends and investment opportunities in the industry.

I have also reviewed another investing in stokes trading platform which was fast fortune club.Which is also legit but I did not recommended it because of high risks.

In infinite income, they educate people who are retired or getting close to it,to save their future.To invest in the best opportunities out there and make a passive income out of it.

Is it possible?Yes.Because investment is the only way to make passive income out there.But the question is can you make dollars with infinite income?Or can it help to pay your bills?

My answer will be NO.

Let’s discuss it..

Is Infinite Income Legit?

Yes,infinite income is completely legit.But I will not recommend it to you because there is no chance to make money in it.

Yes,it is necessary to get advise where to invest,but you are most likely to go with the proven strategies that worked for the people before you.

Strategies that will help you make money online.

It’s like a business advisor who can guide you throughout the process.

The risk of investment loss is low in infinite income but I personally do not recommend it to my readers.

Let’s talk other facts of this newsletter coming from seven figure publishing.



The owner of this company is MIKE BURNICK.If you don’t know him,Mike Burnick is an investment advisor of weiss research.He also got thirty years of experience in financial field and working as a manager in weiss.

So,yes he is the most qualified person for this program!!!

But,here is the most interesting thing for you.

He is also owner of the fake scheme and platform called trump bonus checks.

Yes,you heard me right.Unfortunately this was a gimmick I reviewed earlier.In it ,Mike Burnick scammed hundreds and thousands of people.

In that scheme, he tells lie to people all the way and says that DONALD TRUMP giving checks for free.

Now,I will tell you that what you will be getting inside it.

What you will get for $199?

So,what are you exactly getting for subcription?The subscription price is $199.Is it worth it,YES.

It’s the bare minimum price I think to get this kind of service.So,the owner MIKE BURNICK done pretty well here.

The things which you are going to get in the system are basically not a rocket science.Anyways let’s talk about it.

According to the main site of infinite income which is seven figure publishing,the things and value they are providing inside infinite income center is as follows,


         Inside the infinite income center,whenever a new thing,means a new report is published.You will have free access to it.


You will get access to the private members area inside the infinite income which is a very good step by mike burnick.I give it extra marks because there will be a time when it comes to trust development.

And having a like minded people community definitely going to help the brand and you in person.I think it was a good step.


  You will get access to the program inside it called infinite Income portfolio.They only give this access to the members inside the infinite income system


After joning the system you will get all the bonuses inside the system.             

Which includes the product of mike burnick and these are,wealth watch,five minute forecast and rundown.

You can get access to it after joining the program.


You will get access to all updates in the portfolio happening in the market.

And also the members inside the private group help you updated with it.

  • Action Alerts!

They will tell you when it is necessary for you to take action in stokes.

This is also a good point.

  • Infinite Income issues!

They will highlight the main things occurring in the system and industry.

Tells you where it is best to invest and where not.

These kind of things will help you a lot.


 I think that infinite income is not a scam and it is legit.But I do not recommend it to you.

At any age ,no matter whether you are old or young and just getting serious about your future.I want to you to shake hands with someone who can guide you step by step.

As a begginner, I do not think that you would like to have advises.

You will like to now some practical things.Not theortical like in infinite income.And other than this you want proven strategies that worked for everybody.For me and for other and will work for you too.

Having zero percent risks in any business means you already won!

No matter whether you end up making a passive income or not.


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That’s it for this infinite income review.

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