Instagram Scams: How to Not Become a Victim

Scams are constantly being perpetrated on Instagram, despite the fact that it is an enormous social media network with over one billion active users. Scammers that use Instagram are always coming up with new strategies to defraud users and take their money.

But are these scammers on Instagram highly skilled hackers with advanced computer criminology knowledge? In point of fact, no.

These scam artists on social media platforms are frequently folks in dire straits financially who have no knowledge or experience in hacking computers. On the other hand, they are experts in lying to others and creating convincing illusions.

More than one billion people use Instagram each month, and many social media influencers rely heavily on the platform as a primary source of revenue for their businesses.

Any online gathering of this scale is bound to be a target for cybercriminals and con artists who are attempting to take advantage of unsuspecting members in order to earn a fast profit.

As a consequence of this, Instagram is frequently targeted by con artists who want to steal your identity by impersonating you and demanding that you transfer money or cryptocurrencies to them so that they may take control of your account.

Despite this, it is feasible to prevent the large majority of frauds on Instagram by having a little bit of information about what to be aware of and making a few short modifications to the settings of your account.

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How can you spot scams in Instagram?

Instagram Scams - Online scams

In a post that may be found on its website, Instagram provides information on the extensive variety of possible frauds.

Scammers have many goals in mind: either they want you to transfer them money or they want to gain access to your Instagram account so that it may be used in continuing and future frauds.

Scammers will try to mislead you into passing over personal information or money, or they will try to get you to click on links that will collect your login data. These scams frequently work in ways that are quite similar to one another.

It’s possible that a significant portion of fraudulent activity on Instagram will be aimed towards you through the use of direct messaging. Swindlers might trick you into visiting phishing websites by sending you messages or links that they want you to click on.

If an account slides into your direct messages (DMs) suggesting that you’ve won a competition, that you should check out a way to make money quickly, or that is providing some type of promotional partnership, then it is definitely too good to be true.

Scam messages frequently contain misspellings or a low level of English, and they may ask you to click on a link that would take you away from the app. They frequently originate from accounts that were only created not long ago.

Common Instagram Scams


Phishing is the one of the most prevalent types of fraudulent activity on Instagram. It’s possible that a phony profile may try to take over your Instagram account by sending you a phishing email or a false direct message.

These computer saboteurs are not among the most skilled. They make advantage of cloned login pages, which typically have a large number of typos and other design issues.

But if they catch you off guard or while you’re distracted at the time, you can fall for their trick.

Whenever you fall victim to this scam, you will most likely receive a direct message labeled “urgent” that convinces you to take quick action to authenticate your account before it is “suspended.”

There will be moments when they tell you that your account has been hacked. Alternately, they may inquire as to whether or not you can substantiate “strange behaviour.”

Their primary objective is to get visitors to “correct the issue” by clicking on a link that they provide for them to do so. Users who click on that link will be sent to a phony login page that has been designed to seem just like Instagram’s legitimate login page.

People will inadvertently type their login and password, giving identity thieves everything they need to take control of an account without the victim’s knowledge.

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Sponsorship scams

Instagram is one of the most popular platforms for social media influencers to utilize in order to promote businesses or services in exchange for a commission money. However, not everything that seems shiny is actually worth its weight in gold.

In a nutshell, these con artists pretend to be actual brand accounts and promise unique sponsorship arrangements while they deceive unsuspecting victims.

Scammers will approach you pretending to be from a major company and offer you a lucrative advertising contract under the guise of collaborating on a project if you have a sizable following.

They will tell you that they will take you to an interesting destination, put you up in a five-star hotel, and even supply you with a “itinerary” for your trip.

Then, they will require you to cover up-front expenditures like as travel expenses to see their staff before your “relationship” can officially commence.

They will ask you to pay for things like hotel accommodations and even expenditures related to photoshoots as part of the process.

After you have featured their goods in your Instagram posts, the con artists will make you a false promise that they would refund you for these costs.

They could even offer you something called a “sign-on bonus” if you take the job. And without a doubt, they will want information on your financial institution.

Fake influencers

Have you ever been sent a direct message on Instagram by one of those unidentified accounts that promotes financial services? It’s also possible that the account belongs to a stunning person who’s only pretending to be an adept investor.

You will receive a follow and maybe a direct message from an account that is considered “popular” but is really filled with phony followers and fake likes. It’s even possible that this is a real Instagram account that’s been hacked.

There is a good chance that the account will take the form of a beautiful lady and advertise various investment possibilities or financial services.

The information contained in the account is unrelated to money in any way. It’s just a beautiful woman trying to capture your attention by describing herself.

The account will inform you about fantastic “investment possibilities” in cryptocurrency, foreign exchange, or real estate in order to take advantage of your emotional vulnerability.

Fake merchandise

On Instagram, users and businesses alike are falling victim to a large fraud involving the sale of counterfeit items. This scam is pervasive across both user accounts and advertising on Instagram.

Con artists that act as legitimate brand accounts and promise special deals and discounts on luxury goods are a common target of this scam.

The greater the number of people who follow them, the greater the perception of their legitimacy. These followers are frequently fake accounts.

Scam accounts will upload photographs of items that have been edited in Photoshop to make them appear more appealing in the adverts. This will give the impression that the advertised products are of superior quality.

Customers can “put orders” for anything they want to purchase online, but they will never really get the goods.

Others are given merchandise of inferior quality or that is an exact imitation of the original.

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How can you avoid being scammed in Instagram?

Instagram Scams - Protecting yourself

It is possible to protect yourself from being hacked and from falling victim to the most malicious frauds by using a combination of certain security settings as well as making some little adjustments to your behavior. We may count ourselves fortunate that the procedure is not overly difficult, and that even little adjustments can have a significant impact.

If someone you know sends you a URL that seems out of character, or if an account that you don’t know personally sends you a link, you should avoid clicking on it. First, as was mentioned earlier, you should avoid clicking on links that are sent to you. This is especially important if the account sending the link is one that you don’t know personally.

You have the option to investigate the origins of a certain account if something about it doesn’t seem quite correct.

Second, you should make your Instagram account private. If your Instagram account public, anybody who uses Instagram may view your posts and message you. You may lessen your likelihood of falling victim to a con by restricting the people who are able to send you messages.

Setting up privacy properly on Instagram

Go to Settings, then Privacy, and make sure the toggle for your account is set to Private. This will make your profile invisible to the public.

When you are editing your privacy settings, you should also restrict the people who may send you messages.

You may prevent messages from being sent to you by accounts that do not follow you by going to Others on the Instagram menu and turning off the ability to receive direct messages from accounts that do not follow you in the Messages section of the app.

Combining the use of a one-of-a-kind, robust password that is saved in a password manager with the activation of multifactor authentication is perhaps the most effective method for preventing fraudsters from taking control of your account and utilizing it for their own malicious purposes.

When multifactor authentication is enabled, it forces anybody attempting to log in to your account to use a login code or click a notice in addition to using your password. This protects your account from being taken over by an unauthorized user.

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