Insurance Advertising Masters Review – Helping Insurance Agents?

Today, we are going to talk about Insurance Advertising Masters. Is it legit? Find out more in this review.

Advertising is fundamental for any kind of business. Without people knowing about your business, how could you earn money? You need to put a substantial amount of money in promoting it. It’s good to have word of mouth as a supplement to that. But it’s only going to get you so far.

In the age where people mostly buy stuff through the internet, it’s hard to market your business. You need to maintain a social media page, a listing on Yelp or Google Maps. There’s also advertisement. Not a lot of people have the time or personnel to handle all of this. So they usually outsource it to an boutique agency.

A lot of these agencies have been popping up. There’s still a market for digital advertising services. Especially for smaller businesses. Corporations already partner with bigger firms. So there’s not much of a competition at the bottom. Subsequently, a lot of training programs from agencies like the Insurance Advertising Masters have shown up.

I have seen a lot of these programs before. But this is the first time that I have heard about Justin Thomas and Josh Lustig. With so many of these companies and programs existing, it’s hard to keep track of it sometimes. Some just fall through the cracks.

But I’m aware of why you’re here. You’re eager to learn more about the program that Justin and Josh are promoting. I’ve got you. All you have to do is sit back and read along.

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Insurance Advertising Masters Review: Quick Details

  • Name: Insurance Advertising Masters
  • Founders: Justin Thomas and Josh Lustig
  • Website:
  • Socials: Facebook; YouTube
  • Type: Training program
  • Niche: Internet marketing
  • Recommendation: While you may get something out of paying them hundreds of dollars to learn how to advertise properly, it doesn’t guarantee that you’ll get the same results as they purportedly have.

Who Are Justin Thomas and Josh Lustig?

Justin Thomas and Josh Lustig co-founded Insurance Advertisting Masters. That’s the short of their story. Both of them had some experience in either advertising and insurance policies. How exactly they met each other is a mystery. But their commonality when it comes to insurance advertising definitely came in handy.

Justin Thomas graduated from college with a degree in business management and marketing. He did a short stint at a planning and insurance company. There was a two year gap where he mostly did freelance work. But in August 2018, he decided to start a small advertising agency called  JK Media. He co-founded the agency with his then-fiancee Kelsi.

A lot of the clients that he worked with mostly came from the insurance agency. He had mastered how to use social media platforms to promote his client’s services. Then there came this one client where he gave him carte blanche to do whatever. Justin pretty much found his niche. Eventually, he decided to establish Insurance Advertising Masters.

But What About Josh?

Josh Lustig started becoming an insurance agent at the age of 19. With a lot of hard work, he manage to make a six-figure income by the age of 21. At that point, he had already established his own insurance agency. He has managed to sustain the level of work. And he somehow decided that he could teach other insurance agents what he knows. So he decided to partner up with Josh to establish Insurance Advertising Masters.

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So What Exactly Is Insurance Advertising Masters?

Insurance Advertising Masters is a company that focuses mainly on creating training programs to help insurance agents to reach the level of success that Justin and Josh have had.

It’s definitely one of the more specific types of internet marketing agencies out there. A lot of the other agencies that I have seen have a broader customer base compared to this one. But I guess when you have a specific niche that you’re good at, it’s better to focus on that.

There are two training programs that Justin and Josh provide through Insurance Advertising Masters. The first one is Advertising Mastery. And the second one is Lead Gen Fast Track. Advertising Mastery sort of feeds into Lead Gen Fast Track. Allow me to explain.

Advertising Mastery

Like any internet marketing training program, you are often directed towards a sales funnel page. A sales funnel is related to how you get potential customers for your business. There are a lot of steps that is involved in that process. And we will be talking about it later on.

When you get to the first page of this part of the I.A.M website, you are often required to input your personal details in order to access the next page. This happens a lot with these landing pages. They don’t really disclose a lot of information up top. You are required to input your e-mail address. This is pretty much the first or second step in the sales funnel.

Once you’ve gotten access, you will then have to watch a 32-minute pitch from Justin. It’s hard to sit through the entire video. But apparently, the button to the next page is time-sensitive. You have to watch for a certain amount of time in order to go to the next page.

Justin mentions the phrase “Master’s Edge Dual Funnel System” a lot in the video. It’s basically just putting a funnel on top of another funnel. You get as many people to click on the link that leads them to a specific landing page. That’s the first funnel. The volume funnel, as Justin refers to it. Once you’ve gotten a lot of prospective customers, you then have to filter out those that actually want to do business with you. That’s the workhorse funnel.

There are quite few programs I reviewed about insurance agents which are as follows:

Justin Spills Some Secrets That Aren’t Really A Secret

As you go through the video, Justin mentions that the webpage that you are on utilizes the dual funnel system. All that the training program really is is how to use Facebook and YouTube ads in order to lead them towards a similar landing page. Justin Thomas might make it seem like it isn’t the same as other courses. But it definitely seems like it.

A screenshot of an Insurance Agency Masters video showing the process of getting leads.

Justin is pretty much selling a lead generation process that most other internet marketing agencies have. This is not a particularly novel process. Everybody does this. Some people use Google AdSense for this type of stuff. (Well, Google AdSense is used on YouTube.) But this is pretty much the standard way of getting leads.

This actually feeds into what Lead Gen Fast Track is about.

Lead Gen Fast Track

This specific training program is more focused on the first funnel introduced in Advertising Mastery. The volume funnel, as it were. Justin premises the program by mentioning that a lot of the leads that people get from vendors is often trash and very expensive. The program that Justin and Insurance Agency Masters provide teaches you how to do better at creating your own ads to get higher quality leads.

There are three chapters to the program. The first chapter has to do with setting up a Facebook Ads account. It ends with you running your first ad through the platform. The second chapter has to do with generating leads. And the third chapter is optimizing your ads so you’re spending the right amount of money for a certain amount of ad click-throughs.

Compared to Advertising Mastery which is free—though, the caveat to that is that you’re already an accredited agent—Lead Gen Fast Track costs an initial $200 upfront then a $100 monthly subscription or $1997 for lifetime access to the course. I couldn’t really say that an almost $2000 price tag for lifetime access is cheaper. It depends on how long you want to keep accessing the program. But you’re only going to pay $100 after that initial $200.

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Final Verdict – Insurance Advertising Masters Review

Nothing about what Insurance Advertising Masters is providing is particularly new. A lot of the internet marketing programs that I have seen are about lead generation. There’s nothing different that Justin and Josh are doing differently. They’re just a lot more focused towards people that are on Facebook and YouTube.

I can’t really imagine that there are people still out there that don’t have insurance. Considering that Josh’s insurance agency is geared more towards health insurance, it doesn’t seem that people don’t already have one right now. There are still other insurance plans out there. But there’s so many agents already going door to door asking people about that. All that Justin and Josh and are teaching you is how to use Facebook and Google’s marketing tools to reach a lot of people.

The thing about lead generation is that it’s hard to get people interested in your product or service. Especially with insurance policies. People will give you a reason for not wanting to get new plans. And most of the time it’s because they already have one.

Advertising on the internet, as is it anywhere, costs a lot of money. And so does creating a landing page. There are so many costs involved in the entire process. And I don’t think a lot of people who have just started their careers in insurance are willing to spend that much money.

When everybody is using the same strategies, you’re just fragmenting the market. You probably wouldn’t achieve the same numbers if you’re using the same technique as everybody else. There’s bound to some overlap.

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