Insurance Return Checks Review – Scam Exposed!

So you are looking for insurance return checks review?I am reviewing a lot of program who claims to give monthly checks to USA citizens.

I recently reviewed freedom checks,cash for patriots,trump bonus checks and federal rent checks.

They were scams.

People selling their own products in the name of checks and using rumours to sell their products.

We will talk about it later.These scammers were using these checks as upsells to market their products.

This is just a marketing gimmick.Nothing more than that.We will talk about insurance return checks and take a look whether it is a legit investment or not.

But before this I want to take a second to appreciate you to checks this review.

A lot of people that scammed by these scammers,the main reason is that they bought it without checking it?s reviews.

A person scammed and lost his $35,000.This was in cash for patriots.

This is insane amount of money.One thing is guaranteed that he got a lifetime lesson from this.

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Insurance Return Checks Review

Before starting this review I want to tell you one thing.You maybe seeing a lot of positive reviews about insurance return checks.

This is because they are promoting insurance return checks and will get commissions on every sale.

Well,I am not doing that and this review is going to be totally honest.I am not promoting this scam.

If you go to their website,Robert Baillieul sales video will be there.The sales page looks very awesome.

There will be an excellent copy by his friends LOMBARDI FINANCIAL.In this copy they tried everything to sell you their product.

All you have to do is one thing.Just signup with them and see these checks rolling in.Nothing more than that.

This seems to be very similar to other scams like federal rent checks and trump bonus checks.These scammers make you feel like you have to do nothing.Just to do one thing,SIGNUP!.

How Insurance Return Checks Works

First you have to understand that there is nothing like insurance return checks.

This has to do nothing with health or anything like that.

You will not get any money or checks in return after enrolling in the program.

Like other scams it is just a sales pitch by Robert Baillieul.This is a marketing gimmick.

They will say you that you have to enroll in insurance return checks in order to have these checks.

The price of insurance return checks is $49 for 6 months trial.They will bill you $297 after six months for the next six months.

You have other option is throw your money at once for yearly subscription.It is of $549.

It is just as simple as it sounds.You have to just go to their website and enroll with them and see yourself get scammed.

This is exactly like trump bonus checks and other scams.The scams I reviewed like exactly thi are..

They all were taking advantages of the rumours in the market that Trump is giving checks.

They all used it as a sales pitch and selling their product to scam people.

You may be seen this so called insurance return checks.This is because they are mainly promoting this scam by email marketing.

If you opened it than there is more likely that you will be hit by another email by them.This is known as retargeting emails in email marketing.

Ok let?s look at the red flags in this marketing gimmick called insurance return checks.

Dirty Sales Tactics

As I said earlier that this is just a sales tactics by these scammers.

Their main goal is to get people like you excited about the opportunity that you are going to get big dollars after enrolling with them.

Same goes to insurance return checks.They used fake testimonial in their website.It includes all the videos and pictures.

They are all fake.The pictures they used in their website are stoke photos.And the videos are fake testimonials done by the fiver actors.

There will be a lot of examples of the people before you getting the checks without doing nothing.

These people who are in the sales video saying that they are receiving checks up to $35,000.

And the most important thing is that they did nothing for that.

Lisa Lawyer:Her IRC?s are bringing yearly revenue of $37,376.

This means that she is getting monthly up to 4000 bucks from insurance return checks.

Martin:Martin is an insurance officer and claims that his IRC?s bringing him up to $6000 a month.

Insane RIGHT?

Elizabeth:Elizabeth claims that he is receiving checks up to 20 grands a month.

A lot of fake testimonial like these will be thrown on you not get more sales.

I said earlier that it was shocking for me too that a guy lost his $35,000 in these scams.

Reality of Insurance Rent Checks

The reality of insurance rent checks is that they do not even exist.This is a sales funnel to sell you robert?s own product.

Nothing more than that.If you are going to invest in this I would not stop you.

But one thing is that it will be your worst investment and will give you lifetime lesson.

They target retired people

While promoting this scam they only focus on the retired men and women.

They only want to scam them.This is because maybe it is easy to scam them at this age.

The main reason maybe that they focus on investing after retirement.And the insurance return checks wants to take advantage of this.

Is Insurance Rent Checks A Scam?

I think that now it is more clear for you that whether it is a scam or legit.There is no such thing like IRC.

They are scamming people by taking advantages of the rumours in the industry.

This remember me of cash for patriots and freedom checks.They also using these scams to sell their products.

A lot of people get scammed in these programs.

Other thing is that when you get their subscription,they will guide you to how to invest your money.

There will be some serious bad advices there.Robert will recommend 5 big companies from 600 to invest in.But he did not tell the whole story behind it.

The whole story behind it is that after spending $1000 you will only make ten dollars after one year.

This means that you are investing in something that has negative ROI.

Other than this here are a lot of risks involved in it.

You have to hope for the best that the company you are investing in performs well.

There is nothing ike proven investing strategies that will work for you.I will explain this in this paragraph in detail.


The thing that I want you to understand is that there is nothing like proven marketing strategies in this.

You have to invest and hope to get the maximum ROI.The maximum ROI in these cases are up to 5 to 10%.

This means the ROI is negative too.If you invest in the companies than you have to pray for them that they perform well.

Nothing more than that.That is the reason why I am recommending you affiliate marketing.

These are the strategies that helped everybody make $10,000 a month.It is not a done for you method.

You have to work hard to get sales.But it will give you passive income.

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